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flood-damage-companyNot all restoration contractors are built the same.  But when it comes to your property, you need confidence you’ve chosen the best.  We believe we fit that bill, and we would appreciate the chance to help you restore your property and get your life returned to normal.  Whether it’s water damage from an overflowing sink or busted pipe or you have sewage water in your basement from a backed-up sewer line, our promise to you is the same: we’ll provide the highest level of emergency water restoration service possible and you will be 100% satisfied when we’re done.


How to choose an Akron OH restoration contractor…


When a flood or fire event occurs, getting reliable help fast is the number one priority.  Sadly, it’s never a guarantee.  Choose the wrong water damage company and you could end up paying for it dearly.  It’s why we want to help you make sure that you make an educated decision and that you’ve asked all of the right questions before making a big decision.  So here’s some things to consider…


Do they calculate restoration estimates using Xactimate?


Free_EstimatesYou always want to make sure that you are getting a fair price, and if insurance will be paying the bill for any mitigation and repair work, you want to make sure they aren’t going to balk at the charges.  So how do know if that’s the case?  With RestorationEze, it’s simple…all of our flood restoration contractors use the same estimating software that your insurance company adjuster will use when they assess the loss.

Our free estimates don’t come from our own price-book or from numbers pulled out of our head.  They’re calculated by Xactimate, the leading 3rd party software for insurance repair estimates!

Watch this video to learn more:


Do they screen, drug test, certify & insure their techs?


cautionThe inconvenient fact about water mitigation services is that it requires strangers to be in your home.  What if those strangers were convicted felons?  What if they weren’t insured or were on drugs?  And what if they really didn’t know what they were doing?  These questions might seem absurd, but sadly they’re necessary.  There are some Akron emergency restoration companies that simply don’t do what is necessary to make sure their employees are safe to be in your home and qualified to do the work.

At RestorationEze, we only work with water mitigation contractors that perform a background screen on their employees, drug test them randomly, make sure they’re current on their certifications and that they have the proper insurance!


Do they offer insurance billing on insurance-covered losses?


costs of restorationMost water damage events fall within insurance policy coverage.  If it’s the case you have basement flooding damage and you want to file a claim, you’ll want some help in that department.  A reputable water damage restoration company in Akron, OH will be able to advocate on your behalf and work directly with your adjuster to speed along the claim’s process.  Sadly, some contractors won’t help at all and will leave you to your own devices to navigate the claim.

At RestorationEze, not only can we guide you through the insurance claim process, but assuming the claim is accepted by your insurer, we don’t stick you with the bill.  Instead, we send it to the insurance company and seek payment directly from them!


Do they guarantee all mitigation & restoration services?


satisfaction-guaranteeWe don’t think you should ever accept anything less than your complete satisfaction.  If the work hasn’t been done right, or you’re not happy with how things look, we don’t think the Akron water restoration contractor has done his job well.  But that could happen if you make the wrong call.  At RestorationEze, our partners offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on any and all water & fire damage restoration services they offer!

Emergency water restoration services should be fast, as un-intrusive as possible, and ultimately return your property to its pre-loss condition. But how do we do that? Watch the video below to find out!


Why is your water damage an emergency?


Sometimes people make the mistake of assuming that if they run some fans and open some windows they can just wait around and the problem will fix itself. Sadly, those people are putting their safety at risk. There are 3 primary concerns anytime you have a flood damaged home:


The water can make you sick in some cases.

If the loss is a result of rain water or any water that has passed over the ground and ended up in your home or even a sewage backup, it’s considered a black water category loss meaning it’s highly contaminated and can make you sick. Raw sewage can contain a plethora of infectious diseases and ground water can carry pesticides, oil and other harmful chemicals.


Black mold damage will occur if you wait.

black-mold-2When a water loss of any kind happens, it sends extra moisture into your home creating the perfect environment for black mold spores to thrive. If you think having to cleanup flooding is bad, wait until you have black mold. We make sure to get rid of the moisture quickly and thoroughly so that mold never has a chance! If you wait even 2 days, you could already have a bigger problem on your hands.


Your structure’s integrity weakens.

If you have a wet floor that isn’t dried out quickly, the floor could collapse. Structures are designed to withstand a certain amount of weight, and can do so for a very long time, but when they get wet, they lose their ability to support that much weight. That’s why it’s not unusual to have ceiling collapse and floors cave if they aren’t dried out properly.


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