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Tulsa OK Water Extraction Services

Needing an emergency water removal company is never a good spot to be in…we know how stressed you probably are and that you’ve got a lot more questions than answers. But we hope you’ll give us a chance to take that weight off your shoulders and allow us to perform any water extraction services you require. We are certified, licensed & insured, always offer free estimates, and always stand behind our work…so please give us a call for a rapid response!

Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Tulsa area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

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What does it take to be the #1 Tulsa water removal company?


We believe it takes a singular focus on providing the best possible service at a fair and affordable rate.  In order to provide great service, we believe we exceed your expectations throughout the entire process, from start to finish.  As such, we’re committed to:


Being the fastest in town!

We have to get there quick or it will end up creating an even bigger mess than you are already dealing with.  By arriving on the scene quickly, our patented equipment can get to work saving items and water saturated areas you probably thought were toast.  So we’ll get there within 60 minutes no matter when you call for help!


Offering affordable service!

When you find yourself in need of a Tulsa water extraction company, there’s a lot of questions on your mind…and high on that list is the cost.  That’s why our crews come to your house, so that they can provide you with a written estimate and explain how the process works and answer any of your questions so that you feel comfortable with us and the level of service you’ll receive!


Helping with your homeowners insurance claim!

Our job isn’t just to cleanup water damage from your property, it’s also to help deal with all of the other stuff that comes along with the loss.  And that includes help with your insurance claim.  We can either work with your insurer to settle your claim or we can even bill them directly, whichever makes the most sense for you!


Choose a Tulsa water cleanup company that stands behind its work!


We get calls from people all of the time that bring in a company to extract water and cleanup their home, only to start noticing problems a couple of weeks or a month later.  Predictably, that company drops off the map or says it isn’t their problem, at which point the customer is left holding the bag on whatever other work needs to be done to fix the mess the first company created.

If you choose us as your Tulsa water removal company, you not only get the service possible, you get peace of mind!  Why?  We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and even honor a full year’s worth of warranty on any service we perform.  So if something were to go wrong (which it won’t!) we’ll come back and fix it up for you without asking any questions!


When it comes to our employees and the equipment we use to remove water from your property, there are no shortcuts!


In order to be the best Tulsa water extraction service available, we know it takes having the right people and equipping them with the right tools.  So we invest a lot of our energy in hiring and training the best people around, and also constantly making sure we’re using the best water extraction equipment.  Our field, like so many others, is changing rapidly as new technologies are developed and new techniques are perfected.  We make sure we are always one step ahead of the curve so that our customers know that the technicians that come to their home are the best in the business!

Professional Tulsa water extraction services are just a phone call away!  Our water damage cleanup crews are available anytime to help get standing water out of your home flood and provide complete water extraction & dryout services.  Our Tulsa flood damage restoration crews have experienced it all…from small residential jobs to massive commercial water losses.

We have the experience and training to handle your water removal needs, whether the issue is raw sewage back-up or standing water from a hot water heater system that leaked.  It doesn’t matter what time you call, you’ll always speak to a person that can be at your property quickly to help assess your situation and lay out a comprehensive remediation plan.  All trucks are fully equipped with the necessary drying and extraction equipment, meaning we can get you dry in no time.

From the first time you call one of our Tulsa water removal companies you’ll experience a level of service that you can’t imagine.  Our job is to ensure your water cleaning & drying needs are handle quickly.  We’re happy to walk you through the entire process, from start to finish, so that you feel comfortable that your home or office restoration needs are being handled with the utmost care!  So if you need help, call us today for a free estimate and an emergency response!

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