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Allentown Water Damage Restoration & Repair

flood-damage-companyIf your home or business has suffered water damage, it’s important you allow a professional, certified water restoration company to mitigate the loss.  While some people try tackling the emergency on their own, they only end up costing themselves in the long run.  We have years of experience, fully trained technicians, and the best equipment available…it all means you’ll get great service guaranteed to be done correctly!  So call now for a free quote for any water damage cleaning work you might need done!


When water damage happens, we come to the rescue!


It can be a very harrowing experience, made all the worse by the feeling of helplessness you have watching your home get damaged.  But it’s important to know that certified help is just a call away.  We fix bad situations on a daily basis, so don’t worry…just give us a call and we’ll work quickly to get your life back to normal!


One call & we’re on-site within 30-60 minutes!


24-7-emergency-serviceCall another restoration company in Allentown and you may end up on a wait list.  Don’t be fooled…you can’t wait.  It will cause more water damage and ultimately mean more time and money spent mitigating the loss.  We know the damage water can cause, it’s why we always respond immediately to your phone call!

Need help now?  One call and we’re there!


Upfront & free water damage estimates!


photo_free_estimatesGetting an honest price upfront shouldn’t be difficult and we make sure that’s the case.  Call us now and a field technician will arrive at your water damaged property to perform a complete walk-through and assess the extent of damage as well as lay out our mitigation plan.  We can then provide you with an upfront quote!

Don’t get charged an inflated rate – call us now for a free estimate!

The quote is always fair when you call us! Why? Because we use the same Xactimate estimating software are your adjuster will use to quote the loss. The video below helps explain what to expect from our estimator and explains how we guarantee a price that is fair, honest and transparent, and that won’t be rejected by your insurer!


Don’t worry – we can bill insurance!


bill-directMany people are pleasantly surprised to find out that most flood cleanup services are covered by insurance companies, especially if the cause of the water damage was from within the property walls.  If you think your loss is covered, then just call us and let our insurance specialists work to settle your claim fast!

We offer start-to-finish insurance help!


Don’t get tripped up when it comes to filing a water damage claim

The claims process can be clumsy, especially if you’re not used to dealing with adjusters. Despite their TV ads, they aren’t always looking out for your best interests, but rather their bottom line. If you assume that your adjuster is going to fulfill their obligation voluntarily, you may be in for a shock when the claim is settled. Here’s some things to keep in mind when it comes to an insurance claim as it relates to water damage repair services.

insurance-claim-form() Adjusters want to limit the amount of the loss as much as possible. If your plan is to call out your adjuster, have them assess the loss, then cut you a check for what they think it will cost to repair it, you’re going to be in shock when you call out a water damage company and they inform you that check won’t come close to covering the cost of the loss. The reality is this, adjusters aren’t restoration professionals, and despite their experience in assessing losses, they don’t know what it will ultimately take to fully restore your property. Only a water mitigation company can do that, and assuming that company is using the right estimating and work fulfillment software, the cost will sort itself out.

() Waiting for a claim number isn’t necessary. If you wait for your adjuster to do something, it just means you lose valuable time. Water damage needs to be addressed immediately so that it doesn’t become a black mold problem.The claim can be filed and dealt with in due time. The most important thing is for the damage to be contained and the water extraction and drying process to take place as soon after the loss as possible.

() If your adjuster refers you to a certain restoration company, beware. What used to be common practice in our industry is now typically frowned upon, and here is why. Adjusters and restoration companies have handshake agreements that look like this: the adjuster agrees to send business to the water restoration company and in exchange the provider will discount as much as 50% off their services and/or cap the full amount of the loss. In other words, for a very important service which you don’t have to pay for, you’ve just chosen the cheapest guy in town that feels you aren’t the customer, your adjuster is. They make sure the adjuster is happy by charging less, meanwhile they cut corners and couldn’t care less whether or not you’re happy with the work they’ve done.


Never settle for service that doesn’t meet your expectations!


satisfaction-guaranteeYou simply can’t afford to settle when it comes to water damage cleanup services.  The results can be disastrous, with many restoration services actually causing secondary damage that leaves your home in worse shape than when they arrived.  We perform services in such a way that you’ll be completely satisfied!

Our work is guaranteed – you’ll always be satisfied!


Don’t let shady technicians into your property!


checklistSome water removal companies don’t screen their employees.  Think about it…you could have someone walk into your home and amongst your family that has an extensive criminal record or a drug habit.  Not us.  All techs are screened before hiring and undergo drug tests randomly so you can trust they’re reputable.

We’re serious about your safety!


How does the water damage cleanup process work?


Most people, when they call us, are dealing with a water loss for the first time. They usually have a lot of misconceptions about what the process looks like and what we actually do. When it comes to drying out a property, the process varies based on the conditions we’re presented with, along with the effectiveness of the initial drying process. In other words, much of what our technicians must do is reacting to the situation at hand and implementing the best possible strategy that will produce the best outcomes quickly.

To get a sense for what you can expect, generally speaking, when it comes to professional water restoration services, watch the video below:


What happens if the work isn’t done right? Black mold!


basement-moldWe stress it throughout our interactions with customers because we see firsthand the havoc caused by black mold. Whether it’s a homeowner that waited too long to get the work performed, or even worse they hired a sketchy contractor to do the work and they didn’t remove all of the moisture, it’s a bad situation. Mold is present in every home, but it goes crazy once excess moisture is present. Getting out all of the excess moisture without causing additional water damage elsewhere in the home is the only way to avoid a mold problem. And because most of our technicians are also certified as mold remediation experts, we understand the nature of mold and the impact our drying services have on its ability to thrive in your home!

mold-free-guaranteeWe guarantee a mold-safe environment once we’ve completed our water restoration services. Making sure your home is safe is what we do. And a home can not be safe if there is high levels of black mold spores in the air. So we guarantee that won’t be the case. You can hire any independent indoor air quality hygienist and we guarantee your home will pass a 3rd party mold test.


Do you need a restoration company in Allentown that you can trust?  Our Allentown restoration companies are fully insured, licensed & certified to get your Allentown water damage issue fixed for good!  Call us now for an immediate response in Allentown and a free estimate for any work performed!

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration services in Allentown aren’t as simple as getting out water and replacing a few pieces of drywall.  Proper Allentown water damage service means ensuring your property is completely dried out and that there is no danger of future issues.


Water Damage Repair

If you need Allentown water damage repair services, chances are you’re dealing with an emergency.  We have been repairing water damage throughout Allentown for years, and have the ability to get your Allentown home or office fully restored quickly!

Water Damage Cleanup

If you need Allentown water damage cleanup services, we can help.  From the first call, our Allentown water damage cleaning crews will work quickly and effectively to get your property restored and your life back to normal!



Here’s some recent projects we’ve successfully completed:


Mike B. in Allentown, PA – Water damage clean-up services due to roof leak
Contractors were working on a flat roof and did not properly cover the roof during a storm. Storm water poured into the apartment and damaged every room of the unit, including drywall, ceiling, light fixtures, flooring, soaked the insulation, as well as damage to the garage located on the ground level.


Jerome in Northhampton, PA – Basement water damage

The customer’s sump pump failed causing water damage to the new carpets and basements.

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