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Philadelphia Mold Removal

mold-inspectionEven the slightest amount of water damage or elevated moisture levels in your property can cause mold to grow.  And you’d be surprised at just how quickly it can take over and become a serious health issue.  If you have more than 10 square feet of black mold, whether it’s in a residential property or commercial building, we can help.  We provide completely Philadelphia black mold removal services guaranteed to remove harmful levels of mold spores!

Affordable mold damage cleanup services in Eastern PA!


Professional Philadelphia mold remediation services you can trust!


mold-sicknessBlack mold has certainly become a more fiercely debated topic over the last several years.  While it occurs naturally, and small levels are normal in any environment, elevated levels can be a problem.  We’re still learning about the effect of black mold on humans, but what we already know is that is can be a serious health issue.


Toxic black mold contains mycotoxins, which when ingested by humans, can create skin irritations and rashes, result in respiratory complications, vomiting, dizziness and fainting, and suppress the immune system and make people susceptible to virtually any illness.


We remove toxic mold and make sure it doesn’t return!


A dirty little secret in our industry is that there are mold cleanup companies that don’t really address the problem.  That means they get rid of the mold, but they never tackle the underlying issues that resulted in mold in the first place.  See, mold needs high levels of moisture to grow.  If you have experienced flood damage or or some other moisture-related issue that has gone untreated, chances are you’ve got black mold.

We use moisture detection equipment to figure out where your home or business is susceptible to further mold problems.  What most people don’t realize is that not all moisture can be felt or seen by the human eye.  We can employ thermal imaging systems that help us get a more complete picture of what’s going on in your property and why you’re experiencing mold.


And because we’re a certified Philadelphia restoration company, we can not only remediate your mold problem but we can address the moisture issues as well.  If you pick a company that doesn’t do that, ultimately you’ve just addressed the symptoms without solving the real problem.  And that’s going to be an expensive mistake to make!


How will you know your property is safe from toxic mold?


microbial-labYour property will have a clean bill of health once we are done.  There are 2 ways to determine whether or not the mold remediation process has been successful.  One is a visual inspection.  Unfortunately this isn’t the most dependable way for a number of reasons.

The best way to know your property is safe from toxic mold is by having an environmental hygienist perform a test.  They can take air and surface samples which will be sent to a lab.  The results will conclusively confirm that you’re safe from black mold!


All mold cleanup services come with a satisfaction guarantee!


satisfaction-guaranteeAs Eastern PA’s trusted source for professional mold remediation services, we have an obligation to provide our customers with a level of service that others have come to expect.  That means hiring the right people, training them, and focusing on our customers’ satisfaction at every interaction.  It’s something we take seriously, and something that we value.

It’s why all of our Philadelphia mold removal services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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