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Providence RI Basement Flood Damage Restoration

flood-damage-companyWe are a full service flood mitigation company offering emergency services for any residential, commercial or industrial water emergency.  Whether it’s from a busted pipe, rain, or a malfunctioning refrigerator or water heating system, we can respond quickly to your call & are happy to provide you with a free, no hassle estimate for any flooding cleanup services that might be required.


Getting fast, affordable flooding restoration services is simple…


What does it take to get your property fully restored?  Just a phone call.  We can not only cleanup flooding damage and dry out your property, we can also help with your claim and any additional assistance you might need.  Here’s just some of the benefits our customers enjoy when they choose us as their Providence flood damage company!


We always guarantee a fair price & offer free estimates!


Free_EstimatesGetting great service starts with getting a fair price.  In our industry, that means the costs of the flood damage repair services are in line with the rates your insurance company will reimburse.  To ensure that happens, we make sure our contractors use the same estimating software that your adjuster does.  It guarantees a fair rate, and it gives you peace of mind knowing that the price we present after our comprehensive assessment is fair and competitive.

Watch this video if you would like to learn more about how we calculate costs for any flood cleaning services that your property might require:


You receive certified basement flood damage services!


When trying to make a quick decision as to which flood damage contractor in Providence you are going to use, there’s a couple of things we think are important:


Do they drug test & screen their employees?

checklistWe realize that when you call upon a flooding damage company, you’re trusting strangers into your home.  So our stance is simple: if we wouldn’t want them in our home, they won’t be in yours.  And to ensure that’s the case, our contractors must perform complete background screens before hiring employees and they must drug test those they do hire. And that’s just two of the things we do to make sure we are hiring the type of people that we would let into our own homes!


Do they have the proper certifications?

CertificateIconIn the restoration industry, the main certifying entity is called the IICRC.  They’re responsible for setting the guidelines and procedures within the space, and they’re responsible for training technicians in the field.  So don’t you want to choose a restoration company that is certified as a water damage restoration provider?  Of course you do, and it’s something we make sure of.  Don’t get bad service from shoddy contractors..call us!


We help with your insurance claim & bill them, not you!


bill-directDo you need help with your insurance claim?  If you are like most of our customers whose flooding is covered under insurance, the answer is most definitely yes.  So we have people that can help!  Our insurance specialists work on behalf of you to make sure your claim is filed quickly and settled successfully.  We do the grunt work that your insurance will require and we make sure they have what they need to do complete the claim quickly.

And to top off, when we’ve finished cleaning up flood damage and drying out your property, we send them the bill directly!


What does competent flood mitigation service look like?


We think customers deserve to know what’s going with their property and encourage them to ask questions along the way.  When you have a flooded basement in Rhode Island there are lots of things going through your head and lots of questions. We want to answer those questions and keep you informed. If you would like to see how we cleanup flooding damage and dry out properties, watch the video below:


Do you have a sewage backup in your basement?


If there is one thing we want to stress, it’s that you should never try to cleanup sewage backups. The substances found in raw sewage can be extremely dangerous and the process of safely cleaning it up can only be done by certified water damage restoration companies.

Watch this video to learn more about the dangers of raw sewage cleanup:


Are you in Providence and dealing with a flood damage emergency? If so, please call our Providence flood repair company now for an immediate response and a free estimate. If you’re happy with the quote, we can begin the Providence flood restoration work immediately so that your property is back to normal fast!


Flood Damage Restoration

Comprehensive flood restoration services are our forte. We work tirelessly to make sure your flood damage restoration needs are met quickly and effectively. If you are in need of emergency help, please call us now and speak with a Providence flooding damage contractor for an immediate response!


Flood Repair

Are you in Providence and in need of professional flood repair services? Our flood damage repair experts are available when you need them to handle any flood damaged property. Please call us now for a free estimate and rapid response throughout the Providence area.


Flood Damage Cleanup

Disasters occur that require rapid flood cleaning services. When they do, you can count on our Providence flood cleanup crews to get your home or office fully dry and restored fast. We offer a free, no obligation Providence cleanup flood estimate as well as a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.


Flooding Safety Tips


home-floodMake no mistake, flooding is an extremely dangerous situation. In fact, more people die during flash flooding than any other natural disaster each year in the US. During the event, the dangers are the greatest, but there are still very real dangers that persist after the water has receded.


During a flood…

During a flood, you’re safest option is to seek high ground. If you’re in your home and have an upstairs, move up there. If you’re able to kill the power to your house safely, do so. If there are items such as couches, dressers, beds, or anything else of value that is dry but in danger of getting wet, try placing them out of reach of the rising water. The Red Cross has a mobile flood app to help you stay informed and get the help you need during a flood, so if you have a smart phone, download the app in case you ever need it!


After a flood…

Much of the efforts after flooding is getting your life back to normal. That means making sure your home is repaired and that any items that were lost are replaced. This can be a very confusing time for most people, but there are resources out there to help you. Whether it’s financial assistance for disasters such as flooding, or simply information on the steps you need to take, we encourage you to lean on those resources in your time of need.

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