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flood-damage-companyShould a water & fire emergency cause damage to your property, it’s important to know that reputable help is available.  While some El Paso restoration contractors are simply out to collect checks on insurance claims, our restoration services are designed with you, the property owner, in mind.  Our goal is not just to provide great emergency restoration service but to also provide great customer service.  We invite you to give us a call to learn more about what has made us the #1 choice for El Paso disaster mitigation services for so many people!


When a disaster happens, a rapid response is crucial!


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgWhile you might think a little water damage or fire damage is not an immediate cause for concern, the reality is that any type of loss that can potentially cause the support structure of your property to lose integrity should be assessed immediately.  Some restoration companies say they offer 24/7 service but don’t answer their phone at certain hours. Others only have one truck and set of equipment and can’t respond immediately.

We offer 24/7 immediate service, day or night, for your emergency!


Call RestorationEze & be confident in the price!


Free_EstimatesMost of the work we asked to perform is covered by insurance.  Because that’s standard in our industry, so is the pricing we can charge.  So instead of us just choosing what we think is the right price, we’re bound by the rates insurance companies will reimburse for any flood restoration services that might be required.  The way we make sure that’s the price we quote you is by using the same software adjusters at insurance companies use to calculate our free onsite estimate!

To get a better sense for the estimation process and how our reputable restoration contractors arrive at their pricing, watch this video:


What sets our restoration company apart from the rest?


satisfaction-guaranteeWe focus on you.  That might seem like a no-brainer but it’s tough to find in this industry.  The reason is many restoration contractors see their customer as the insurance company because they usually cut the check.  We think that’s backwards.  It is your property, and ultimately your satisfaction is what is most important.  And to prove that is our mission, we make your complete satisfaction a requirement to “close out” the job.

That’s right, at RestorationEze your satisfaction comes standard with any water damage cleanup services we perform!


We hire the best people in the industry!


checklistPeople call us when they have an emergency and need experts to turn to.  And the fact is, water damage restoration isn’t a straightforward, cookie cutter service.  It takes experience, skill, proper equipment, and the right people.  We have it all, but we know it starts with the people providing restoration services to you.  If we can’t depend on them to be excellent, we can’t help you when you need it most.

It’s why our water restoration contractors must employ the most rigorous screening processes around.  That includes, at a minimum, performing a national criminal background screening of qualified candidates and then performing random drug tests of employed technicians.


Ask about our insurance billing options!


bill-directWhether it’s sewage cleanup from a backed up main line or you have flooding damage from a busted pipe, we can help with the insurance claim assuming you plan on filing one.  The process is easy from your standpoint.  Once you have a claim number and a contact for your adjuster, we take it from there!  That includes providing him or her with what they need, answering their questions, and generally advocating on your behalf.

Once the claim has been filed successfully, we send our bill to them!


What should I know about water damage insurance claims?


insurance-claim-formIt’s important to look at a claim through the eyes of your insurer. For them, water damage claims represent the largest category of loss payouts that affect their profitability. So when they get your call, they’re usually always looking at it from the stand point of ‘how can we lessen the cost to us’. That’s not exactly what you want them to think when it comes to your house. It usually leads to them trying to cut corners and that can be bad for you.

That’s especially true when you call your adjuster and they tell you to call a certain El Paso water damage company. They do so because that provider has already agreed to not charge the full amount it will cost to mitigate your home after flooding. In other words, they want you to use the cheapest company in town. If you’ve made that mistake with other service providers, you understand why that is bad for you!


How we cleanup El Paso home water damage!


When we get called, we know it’s an emergency. The process of mitigating the water loss must begin as quickly as possible to prevent further damage and black mold growth. That’s why when we arrive we do so fully prepared to tackle whatever your property might throw at us. Our water restoration contractors have fully stocked trucks complete with the latest truck mounted water extraction and drying systems, allowing us to get your property dry in the quickest time possible.

We realize that for most people this is their first time needing a water damage company, so we made a video that helps you understand what we do when you call us. Please take a minute so you can educate yourself on our processes and see for yourself how we get your property from where it is currently to where it was before the flood.


Act now before your property gets mold damage!


toxic-moldAny water damage, if left unattended to, will result in mold damage. And when it comes to mold, insurers are very hesitant to pay for the high costs of safely removing it. That’s what you are up against if you have water damage in your El Paso home. But what might catch you off guard is just how fast those spores will take root and grow: 48-72 hours. You do not have long before even the most experienced water damage company will have trouble keeping the spores at bay while trying to fix your property. Call us now so that we can address the underlying moisture issue that results in black mold so you aren’t left paying for a very costly cleanup project.

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