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flood damage to kitchen floorsAny flood should be assessed by a professional that has the right equipment to truly diagnose the full extent of the damage and provide a clear plan to mitigate that damage.  In most cases, the flooding damage you can see is only the tip of the iceberg and finding all of the moisture is crucial to ensure your safety and prevent black mold from growing.  So if need help now, please call our El Paso flood cleanup company for fast service, a free onsite estimate & service you can trust!


When you need it done right, and fast, call RestorationEze!


There’s plenty of flood restoration contractors out there, but few have what it takes to truly be your partner through every facet of the water damage repair process from start to finish.  At RestorationEze, our goal is to make sure you get the service you should expect when you need help recovering from a disaster.  Here’s some of the things we think separate us from other restoration companies in El Paso….


We’re the only estimate you need – here’s why…


Free_EstimatesThat’s not a sales tactic, it’s simply the truth.  When you need emergency flood cleaning services, you don’t have the luxury of shopping around, but luckily you don’t need to. When you get an estimate from one of our flooding restoration contractors, you’re getting a price that is guaranteed to be accepted by your insurance company and be the most competitive price you can get.  Why are we certain about that?

It’s because we use Xactimate to price our work.  You probably aren’t familiar with that, but it’s the universally approved estimating software used by insurance adjusters as well as companies that commonly provide cleanup and repair services paid for by insurance companies.  Here’s how it works:


We send the invoice for our work to your insurer!


bill-directSome flooding repair companies in El Paso, TX are solely interested in getting paid as quickly as possible and will harass you for immediate payment and then leave you on your own to collect reimbursement from your insurer.  At RestorationEze, we realize the financial predicament that can put you in and can offer insurance-direct billing for losses that are successfully filed with your insurer.

And we don’t stop there!  We help with the claim itself.  We understand that it can be a cumbersome process, and the last thing you should have to worry about when getting flood damage restoration services is all of the busy work that comes along with handling the claim, so we handle that stuff for you!


Here’s what professional flooding damage repair service involves:


Moisture assessment.

Flood Damage Moisture TestAs part of the cost estimating process, we have to determine exactly what has been damaged.  A simple visual check won’t do it, so we use equipment such as moisture probes and thermal image cameras to determine where moisture has spread.  That allows us to have a complete picture of what we need to address during the mitigation and repair process.


Flood water extraction.

water-extraction-serviceAny surface water is removed first, allowing us to contain the actual loss and get out the majority of moisture using high powered equipment.  Whether it’s wet carpets, or standing water on tile floors or hardwood flooring, we have specialized equipment designed for any surface type.  If it can be saved, rest assured with a quick response by our team it will be!


Anti-mold spray.

applyingantimicroBefore we can begin the drying process, we want to make sure that we’ve given ourselves enough time to get the remaining moisture out before black mold occurs.  To do that, we spray the flooded areas with a strong anti-fungal spray that acts as an inhibitor to mold growth.  We then extract that moisture before we can begin the evaporation process.


Drying & de-humidification.

water-damage-cleanupThe previous 3 steps can be done within a couple of hours of arriving on site.  It’s the remaining portion of the process that is left up to our high-powered drying equipment and can take a few days, depending on the size of the loss.  We use a variety of air movers, fans, and negative pressure extraction systems to evaporate the remaining moisture and that ensure it’s disposal using dehumidifiers!


Want to see the El Paso flood restoration process in action?


Great, this video is for you. We made it to show people some of the things we do to dryout their flood damaged home and prevent mold from growing once we’ve packed up our machines and left. As you can see if you watch the video, the process for mitigating flooding damage in a property is time and resource intensive. We say that to remind you, if you’re considering trying to tackle the problem on your own, you’re only going to make things worse and end up costing yourself real money in the future.


Our flooding restoration services are always guaranteed!


Many people say they guarantee their services, but what does that really mean? For us, it means a couple of things:

satisfaction-guarantee1) we guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with our work once we’ve completed it. In fact, we don’t close out a project without the home or business owner signing off to that fact.

2) we guarantee your property will be mold-safe once we’ve completed our structural drying services. This is important because many flood cleanup companies in El Paso don’t effectively perform those functions and weeks later their customers start to notice black mold. With us, we guarantee that won’t happen, and we encourage customers to hire their own independent mold testing company to verify that fact!


Don’t ever leave the safety and health of your home or your family to chance. There are way too many shoddy flooding cleanup contractors out there preying on people that have found themselves in an emergency situation. Do your homework, make sure to ask questions, and choose the restoration company you feel comfortable with. We really hope that you will call us and give us the chance to earn your trust and your business. As a certified flooding cleanup company with many years of experience, we believe we are the right choice for your emergency needs!

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