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Air-movers-drying-water-damagedMake sure any water restoration services are performed immediately after the flooding has occurred.  Many people assume the water damage isn’t bad, or they wait for their insurer to get them a claim number.  That is a mistake, and it can cause more damage to be done and increase the chances of black mold growing in your property.  We offer emergency water damage restoration in El Paso and guarantee your property will be mold-free and dry once we’re done.  Don’t delay – call now for certified help from professionals you can trust!


One call and we can put this event behind you!


One thing we’ve found is that in many cases people have a tough time getting comprehensive help with their water loss.  They end up having to call a variety of different parties to get portions of the work done, and end up coordinating between all of these parties, almost acting like a general contractor.  You shouldn’t have to do that, and with RestorationEze, you don’t!  As a full-service water damage company in El Paso, it’s our job to do whatever is necessary to get you back in your home or office quickly!



You only need one estimate – here’s why!


Free_EstimatesYou don’t need to shop around when call RestorationEze.  That’s not a pressure tactic, that’s simply a result of how we price our water damage cleanup services.  While you might think that calling a number of restoration companies will result in a wide range of prices, that isn’t the case in our industry.  That is because we all use the same piece of software to arrive at our estimates.

Below is a video if you’d like to learn more about how that system works and why it means when you call RestorationEze you can trust you’re offered the standard price when our estimator provides you with a free water damage restoration estimate!


We have the equipment to handle any water damage loss!


Some El Paso water restoration contractors don’t have enough specialized equipment to overcome some of the challenges that commonly present themselves during the water mitigation process.  What that can mean for you is they apply the wrong technologies in the wrong situations which produce poor results.  Results you ultimately have to deal with.

Not at RestorationEze.  Our water mitigation companies all have fully stocked trucks with everything under the sun that might be necessary to fully contain, dry and restore your loss, including:


  • hand wands and high-powered wet vacuums
  • weighted extraction systems
  • air movers
  • dehumidifiers
  • moisture probes and sensors
  • anti-fungal spray applicators
  • negative-pressure systems for drying wood floors and walls


Our certified technicians can repair water damage of any size!


CertificateIconA water loss can throw a lot of different challenges at you.  Some people assume it’s as simple as throwing down some fans and a dehumidifier and letting them do their job. While those systems are commonly employed, the reality is that cleaning up water damage entails a lot more, and unless the technicians are certified as water damage restoration professionals, we wouldn’t suggest using them.

At RestorationEze, our techs are fully certified!  Not only that, they all carry the proper licensing and insurance for your protection!

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