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flood-damage-companyMitigating properties after a flood or sewage emergency is our specialty. From a fast response, to industry-standard pricing and free estimates, to the best guarantees on service, we have what it takes to quickly get your property restored. Whether it’s a commercial building or your home, please call us now and we’ll send out a crew to provide you with a free estimate for any amount of work that might be necessary!


Just one call and your troubles are behind you!


Our job is provide help when you need it most, and it’s a responsibility we take seriously. We make the process of getting your flood damaged property restored easy by offering complete service from start to finish.  Here’s what to expect by calling us:


A fast response to your phone call!


24-7-emergency-serviceAny restoration company in Salt Lake City worth its salt should be able to respond to your call immediately.  But all too often, they simply don’t have what it takes to provide emergency service.  But call us and you’re guaranteed to get an immediate response…we understand you need help NOW, not later!

20-60 minute response time is guaranteed!


Upfront estimate & by-the-book pricing!


photo_free_estimatesWhat’s better than calling us and getting a completely free estimate for any flood restoration or cleanup service you might need?  Knowing that the price you are quoted is fair!  That’s because our techs use Xactimate, which is the same estimating system used by insurance companies, so you know it’s a good rate!

Don’t choose a company until we’ve given you a free quote!

Would you like to learn more about the water damage restoration estimating process?  Watch our video below about the Xactimate system and learn why customers like you can always trust our free estimate!



The best warranty in the industry!


1-yr-warrantySatisfaction guarantees are a dime a dozen in our industry.  Essentially you’ll be asked to sign a piece of paper saying you’re happy with everything at the end of the job.  But what happens if something goes wrong later?  If you choose us, you’ll get a complete service warranty for the period of one year after the work.

Get peace of mind that comes from a 1 year warranty!


Our technicians are the best around!


checklistOur work is only as good as the field techs providing it.  That’s why we go to such great lengths to make sure they’re good people and that they are qualified to do the work.  All techs are randomly drug tested and criminally background screened before being hired.  And of course, they’re certified water damage restoration techs!

Don’t let the wrong people into your home!


Call now before black mold grows!


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgAny water extraction services need to be performed as quickly after the flooding as possible to ensure mold doesn’t grow.  Getting the water out quickly so that the rapid drying process can begin is imperative.  So don’t wait until you’ve got an even bigger problem on your hands…call now & we’ll stop mold!

Don’t end up with black mold – call us now!


We bill direct to insurance on claims!


bill-directIs your water loss covered by insurance?  Whether it’s a sewage back-up or busted pipe, many losses are covered.  So if that is the situation you’re in, call us before you call your insurance company.  We can handle your claim for you and can even send the bill for the work to them so you’re not fronting the costs!

Let us bill insurance – not you!


When it comes to water damage, knowledge is key!


We want to make sure you’re educated about the process it takes to cleanup water damage and the common pitfalls customers like you fall into.  So here’s some things we hope help you as you begin the process…


It’s your responsibility to get out a water damage company onsite!


Your flood is most important to you.  While your insurance adjuster might have several issues going on, or might not be able to assist you immediately, you’re there and it’s most definitely an emergency to you.  So while some people make the mistake of waiting for their adjuster to take charge and get them the help they need, we hope you understand that only a water damage company can stop the damage.  That’s ultimately what is most important initially.


Your insurance company doesn’t decide what the loss costs!


The loss does.  An insurance company wants to pay as little as possible on your claim, which means you really need to find a Salt Lake City water damage contractor that understands how to work with adjusters and properly communicate why all of the tasks completed were both necessary and the most cost-effective path to properly restoring your property to its pre-loss condition!

Insurers aren’t experts at water damage repair.  We are.  It’s our job to work with your adjuster and advocate on your behalf to make sure that the event is fully covered and that your home looks identical to how it did before you suffered flooding damage.


The process can be messy, but not always!


injectidry wall dryingIf you are like the majority of people that call us, you assume that our water restoration services start out by tearing up your home.  Ripping up walls, pulling out carpet, bull in a china cabinet stuff.  The reality is for us it’s much more cost-effective to mitigate the existing structure than it is to rebuild.  So like you, we want to keep your property just the way it is and cleanup the water damage without having to remove walls and ceilings, pull up floors, etc.

And luckily we have some of the best equipment in the industry for minimally-intrusive water mitigation services.  Devices that can pull excess moisture from surfaces without having to remove/replace those surfaces.  So rest assured, if the existing structure can be spared, we’ll make sure it stays in place and gets dried fast!


So what does water damage restoration look like?


Well the truth is every job is different.  But there are some basic things you can expect on any job.  While the surfaces may differ and the exact equipment used will vary accordingly, here’s a video we’ve created that explains what you can expect:


Unfortunately Salt Lake City restoration services are needed from time to time to deal with basement floods, sewer back-ups, or any other flood damage event. When it happens, you can trust our Salt Lake City restoration companies to help get you back on your feet. Call now and speak with a live Salt Lake City restoration service to get immediate assistance and a free Salt Lake City restoration quote.

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