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Salt Lake City UT Basement Flood Clean-up

A rapid response from certified technicians to your Salt Lake City basement flooding is just a phone call away.  We’re able to respond to your water loss immediately and come prepared with everything necessary to quickly cleanup basement flood damage.  We know how stressful the situation can be…whether it occurred from a washing machine that leaked water or your bathroom sink backed-up, experiencing a flooded basement can be scary!


Salt Lake City Basement Flood Damage Repair is Just a Call Away!


We have technicians standing by waiting to help get basement water out of your home and get it dry!  We handle every aspect of the process with the aim of making an unpleasant experience as comforting as possible for each of our customers…here’s what you should expect!


Less than 60 minute response time, day or night!

With flooding basements, even the slightest amount of water can do significant damage if not dealt with quickly.  That’s why it is so important that the basement flood cleanup company you choose can respond anytime you need help.  We specialize in emergency situations that require immediate help!


Affordable rates & upfront cost estimates!

Sometimes basement flooding companies aren’t always honest with their pricing and end up charging customers more than they should, and in some cases, more than their insurance adjuster agrees to reimburse.  But choose us, and you can feel confident the quote you receive in writing is fair and honest.  In fact, we use the same claim estimation software as your adjuster to determine the cost!

One thing that might surprise you about how pricing works in our industry is that we all work off of the same pricing guidelines. Because most emergency basement water mitigation work is covered by insurance, they decide what we make. So to estimate the loss, we simply use the same software that adjusters use. Watch this video to educate yourself about the process:


Your guaranteed satisfaction & 1 year warranty on all work

A company isn’t worth much if they aren’t willing to honor their work and ensure their customers’ happiness.  While some basement water extraction companies are gone in a flash, never to be heard from again, we make sure you’re completely happy, guarantee your satisfaction, and offer a 1 year warranty on any services we perform.


Salt Lake City Flooded Basements Can Result in Mold!


Black mold is one of the biggest enemies of any restoration company.  It’s an aggressive foe that’s constantly trying to infiltrate humid, damp environments and spread from there.  A basement flood presents the perfect opportunity for mold, and in less than 2 days it can take root and spread!

Part of the training and certification process is understanding the nature of mold and how to combat it on any job.  We utilize various techniques and equipment designed to stop the spread of mold.  That means that once we’re gone, and your basement flooding has been repaired, you know you won’t be dealing with a mold problem down the road!


We make sure your basement is completely dry!


How do you know what’s wet and what’s dry?  Most people assume if it’s wet you can see it and feel it.  It’s what leads many to attempt removing basement water themselves only to end up with big problems!  But the truth is that only moisture detection equipment can find moisture that is hidden to a simple visual inspection.  As part of our on-site assessment, we perform moisture tests throughout the affected area to know where there is too much moisture and what needs to be effectively dried!


To see the process in action, watch this video!


Why does my basement flood when it rains?


If you find yourself in this situation often, obviously there are some issues that need to be addressed. It isn’t cheap getting your basement dried out after flooding and ideally you can take some actions to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

First off, check to see if you live in a flood zone! If so, there may only be so much you can do and your best option is to purchase flood insurance to protect you financially in the event your basement takes on water. That said, anyone can take the following actions to lessen the likelihood of their basement flooding:


Are your gutters doing their job?

bad-guttersGutters move water away from your foundation, at least if they’re functioning properly. Too often gutters are full of leaves and muck or aren’t constructed properly and the result is water runs off your roof and pools right next to your house. That’s bad news for you, because over time that water is going to find its way through your foundation and into your basement. Make sure you clean your gutters a couple of times each year and that your gutters are working properly, including having downspouts installed!


Is your lawn sloped?

One important way to keep water away from your home is to make sure your lawn is sloped away from it. You can have perfect gutters but it won’t matter if run off water is simply directed back towards your house. Sloping your lawn will ensure water is sent towards the street where it can find its way into a storm drain and far away from your basement!


Does your foundation need repairing or waterproofing?

basement-wall-leakDespite your best efforts, some amount of ground water will end up next to your foundation walls. If you have cracks in the foundation, those present the path of least resistance for water. If you have concrete walls in an unfinished basement you can purchase a foundation sealer to waterproof the cracks. For more serious issues, you may need to call in a basement waterproofing company to help fortify your basement, especially if your basement is finished!

If you’re still looking for more information on preventing basement flooding, Wikihow has some more great tips for keeping your basement dry!

With us, your Salt Lake City basement flood will be responded to quickly and the services you receive will be done to the highest industry standards.  Each of our Salt Lake City water damage restoration crews will stand behind their work and if you need help navigating the claims process, we can handle that as well!  So call one of our Salt Lake City basement water removal experts today for an immediate emergency response and water extraction services you can depend on.

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