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flood-damage-companyWhen you’ve experienced a water and flooding disaster, we hope you’ll let us help get your life back to normal.  We specialize in offering residential and commercial mitigation services in emergency situations.  Our licensed, insured & certified technicians have the experience and resources to get your property restored quickly and affordably.  So please call now for a fast response and free cost quote!


We respond immediately and get there fast!


24-7-emergency-serviceWe see firsthand the devastation caused by Seattle flooding damage and we’ve also seen what happens if it’s not dealt with quickly.  It’s why our goal is to immediately respond to your emergency, dispatch the closest crew, and be on-site and ready to get to work within 1 hour.  So call now if you need fast help!

We can get there in less than 60 minutes!


We offer affordable prices upfront!


photo_free_estimatesWe use the same estimation software that insurance companies use when determining what they’ll pay for on water damage restoration jobs.  What that means for you is that our price is fair and honest and that your insurer won’t take issue with the rate.  So call us now if you’d like a free estimate for our services!

Get a free water damage estimate today!

Best of all, at RestorationEze you get an estimate guaranteed to be accepted by your insurer.  How can we be so confident?  Simple, we use the same system they use to estimate water damage losses.  It’s called Xactimate, and it’s the best way to make sure the estimate you are given is accurate and accounts for the rates insurers have already agreed to pay for losses.  Here’s how it works:


We guarantee the work & warranty it for a full year!


1-yr-warrantyOur aim is your complete satisfaction.  It’s something we guarantee on every job we perform.  Once we’ve completed our water cleanup service, we’ll do a full walk through to make sure you’re completely happy.  And then, we honor any services performed with a 1 year warranty…try getting that from other companies!

If you want service you can trust, call us! 


Ask us about billing your insurance company!


bill-directIn most cases, the costs of our services are covered by homeowners or flood insurance.  So if your loss is covered, give us a call before you reach out to the adjuster.  We can handle every facet of your loss so that you’re not burdened with that headache.  Even better, we can just send the bill directly to them!

Let us bill the insurance company!


We get moisture out before mold takes hold!


cautionAny amount of excess moisture in your property puts you a great risk of developing mold.  Whether it’s basement flooding or a sewage back-up, getting the area dry and clean before mold have an opportunity to grow is crucial.  We utilize mold preventative processes and can dry out your property so you don’t get black mold!

Let us help before the situation gets worse!


Learn about emergency water damage services so you know what to expect!


contractor-customerA knowledgeable customer is more likely to be a satisfied customer.  While some water damage companies in Seattle might not be interested in actually explaining what they’re doing and why, we love nothing more than empowering our customers with the information they need to stay informed.  We want you to be confident in our services, and that’s only possible if you understand what’s going on and are comfortable with every aspect of the project.

One thing you can be sure is that our technicians will follow the right procedures as determined by the IICRC S500 water damage restoration manual.  To any restoration contractor worth their salt, that’s the end-all-be-all.  It lays out the right procedures for any scenario we might run into during your job.  Sadly, most companies don’t even own one, and if they do it’s collecting dust in the back of their truck!

Watch this video to discover what steps our Seattle water restoration service takes to get your home dry and fully repaired:


Can you save my carpets, hardwood floors and walls?


When people call a water damage contractor, many times they assume that the first order of business is to tear out anything and everything that got wet.  That’s not entirely true. There’s a couple of things that go into to determining the appropriate mitigation plan.

IICRCS500First, what does the S500 say?  For instance, if you have a sewage backup and raw sewage water has soaked carpet in one room, that carpet must be pulled up and removed, no questions asked (if you have a company telling you otherwise, run!).  Another example is an insulated exterior wall that has been soaked.  Wet insulation can’t be dried, at least not in a way that allows it to maintain its insulating properties.

Next, what is the most cost-effective route to take?  You have to remember that when your insurance company is paying, they’re going to make sure that all work performed is necessary and that the water damage repair services are the most cost-effective steps taken.  If the restoration company you hire takes a route that ends up costing more than replacing the area, your insurer might reject that portion of the claim or not pay for the full cost of the job, leaving you picking up the rest of the tab.

injectidry-water-damage-wood-floor-systemThose things said, absolutely there are things we can do and try to do on every job to be as non-intrusive as possible.  One particular example is the Injectidry system, which allows us to extract sub-surface moisture from drywall, wood floors and cabinetry without having to tear out sections of your home.  The system works by using a system of hoses attached to a high-powered vacuum.  The hoses can either be inserted behind a wall by drilling small holes behind your baseboards or by attaching them to mats placed on your water damaged hardwood flooring.


The In’s and Out’s of the insurance claim process:


costs of restorationAn insurance claim for a water loss should be pretty straightforward.  Sadly sometimes things can get hairy and homeowners are often left in the middle trying to figure out what to make of it.

For us, ensuring a quick, acceptable settlement for water damage restoration services boils down to communication.  We have to clearly communicate our professional opinion on the water loss and why every single aspect of the mitigation plan is both necessary and the most cost-effective approach.

How do issues arise when it comes to a claim?

The biggest problem is unscrupulous water damage companies that do a lot of unnecessary work and then try to get the insurance company to pay for those services. Sadly it happens quite often, and usually those companies will have to start up a new company every few years because they’ve burned every bridge in the industry.

How do we make sure the claim is settle appropriately?

We don’t try to rip off your insurance company.  We simply assess the loss and perform the services that are required to get your home fixed.  We have to take into account the cost to your insurer along the way.  As an example, in many cases it can be much more expensive to try and dry out certain surfaces instead of just replacing them.  If we were to needlessly run our systems just to rack up additional costs to your insurer, they would probably take issue.  But again, that is not our approach.  We stand between you and your insurer, and have to make sure to take both parties’ interest to heart to ensure a job well done!


Additional Resources You May Find Helpful

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Do you live in a flood plain?  Check the King County floodplain map


Do you live in Seattle and are dealing with a disaster like a basement flood or sewer line back-up? If so, our Seattle restoration crews are available when you need us to get your property fully restored. No matter where in Seattle, you can count on us for an immediate response!

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