Seattle WA Basement Flood Clean-up

It’s every homeowner’s nightmare…walking down your basement stairs to find several inches of water soaking everything down there. Whether it’s unfinished basement or completely finished, it’s a disaster that requires immediate attention. While it’s probably your first time dealing with a basement flood, we deal with them daily.

Our basement flood extraction services are designed to take the pain out of your emergency. We’re full service…from the first call to the final walk-through, and everything in between, we take care of it all! Here’s just some of things you can expect when you choose us:


Fully Certified Restoration Services


Don’t be fooled! Not all basement flood companies are built the same. Some people advertise themselves as water extraction and basement water clean-up specialists but are simple handymen with some equipment. Water extraction and restoration services are highly skilled services that require an immense amount of training and specialized equipment. Each of our flooded basement crews is fully certified to handle even the worst basement flood.


What does professional basement water cleanup services look like? Watch the quick video below to see what our technicians do to get your basement dry and fully restored before you get mold!


Around-the-clock Emergency Response


If you’ve got standing water in your basement, you can’t wait around for someone that might or might not answer their phone, show up, etc.  That’s why we live answer calls 24/7 and can immediately dispatch a crew that can begin the water extraction process the moment they show up.  Time is crucial, so we focus on a rapid response to mitigate your basement flood loss!


Always Free Estimates No Matter What Your Issue


Chances are, this is the first time you’re dealing with a flood in your basement.  That’s why we’ll come to your home and provide a complete assessment of your damage.  We’ll walk the basement with you and explain the process we’ll utilize to restore your basement to its original state and we will provide a no obligation written estimate for the entire cost of any work that we will perform.


Learn how the estimating process works when you call us! The video below explains how Xactimate works and how it ensures you get the right price and your insurer agrees!


Why DIY basement flood cleaning is a BAD idea!


A quick search on the web will provide thousands of articles describing how to remediate flooding in your basement.  A few simple steps, a couple of pieces of a equipment and you’re done!  Unfortunately it’s not that simple…in fact, we get calls constantly from homeowners that followed the advice of those articles and wasted precious time and money only to find themselves dealing with a bigger mess later.


Only professional flooded basement cleaning companies have the equipment necessary to restore the damage.

A wet vac and a fan doesn’t cut it, despite what you might read online.  Proper basement flood repair requires a full arsenal of advanced equipment to guide every phase of the mitigation process.

Moisture Detectors.  One common mistake a DIYer makes is thinking that as long as he or she gets up the standing water that everything will be fine.  But like an iceberg, the majority of the problems can’t be seen.  We use advanced moisture detection equipment capable of finding water wherever it may hide.


Water Extractors.  No matter what surface type has been the brunt of your basement flood, we have equipment designed to rapidly extract 97% of the moisture on the spot, giving us a huge headstart on the drying process.  From wet carpet water extraction to hard surface and raw sewage extraction, our trucks come prepared to tackle any flooded basement emergency.


Rapid Drying Systems.  Think we just lay down some big fans and call it a day?  Structural drying equipment has seen huge advancements over the years and there are a variety of new systems designed to extract moisture and dry out almost every surface type.  Even your elegant hardwood floors can usually be properly dried out and saved with a fast response time!


Anti-Microbial & Disinfectant Sprayers.  Another aspect often looked over by the budget conscious DIYer is applying approved indoor an anti-mold & mildew application to prevent any mold growth.  We complete each job by laying down a protective barrier against mold so there aren’t any unpleasant & costly surprises later.


A rapid response to your Seattle flooded basement is just a phone call away.  Our water damage restoration crews are able to respond to your water loss immediately, whether it’s a residential, commercial, or industrial property.  We know how stressful a basement flood in Seattle WA can be…whether it occurred from a leaky pipe or malfunctioning bathroom appliance, or just from a huge rain storm, standing water is scary.

That’s why we aim to provide you with peace of mind.  Not just that your Seattle basement flood will be responded to quickly, but that the water extraction services you receive will be done to the highest industry standards.  Each of our Seattle water damage restoration crews will stand behind their work with a full satisfaction guarantee.

And if you’ve got a basement flood and need help navigating the claims process with your homeowners insurance company, we can handle that process as well!  So call one of our basement flood experts today for an immediate emergency response and water extraction services you can depend on.


Recent Projects We’ve Serviced


Rain in Seattle caused customer’s basement to flood.  Water was rising from the basement floor and flood clean up crews were needed to properly dry out the area.

–Lori, Seattle, WA

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