Seattle WA Flood Damage Restoration

Here in Seattle we’re no strangers to rain, but when it turns from a light mist to a steady downpour, it can mean serious flood damage to homes and offices throughout the area. And it’s not just rains that we deal with it…flooding caused by sinks, broken pipes, or busted water heaters can cause a lot of flood damage. Should you find yourself dealing with a water loss and in need of professional flood cleanup services, we would appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.


Flooding Do’s and Don’ts


Chances are you’re finding yourself in this situation for the first time and aren’t certain what to do.  Here’s some simple do’s and don’ts to help you during the crucial first moments after you’ve discovered a flood.

() Do call for professional help.  Even if it’s not us, you owe it to your home to call a licensed, insured, certified flood damage restoration company.

() Don’t think flood damage is a DIY project.  It simple isn’t…in fact, you run the risk of further damaging your home and needing costly restoration and/or mold remediation services down the road without the help of your insurance company.

() Do identify the source of the water.  If it’s a busted pipe locate the shut off valve feeding the pipe and make sure the water is stopped.  Or you can just shut off the water to the entire house.

() Don’t tread into standing water if there are electrical cords or live outlets.  If necessary, shut off the circuit(s) feeding the flood damaged area before you enter the area.

() Do remove items that have been soaked or are at risk of getting soaked.  If you can’t carry them out, don’t worry about it…we can take care of it.

() Don’t go near sewage water.  If the flood damage is due to sewage, don’t go near it.  It can be an extremely toxic situation that requires full hazmat gear.  Even breathing the fumes from raw sewage can make you deathly ill.


What you should expect when choosing a professional flood damage repair company:


Help when you need it most.  Some companies answer the phone when they’re available and generally think that you should work around their schedule.  That’s not how it should work with a flood emergency.  When you’re facing flood damage, a fast response is crucial!  You can’t afford to wait around, so a professional restoration company should be there quickly to help!


Free Quotes & Standard Pricing.  If someone tells you they have a travel charge or other fee to come out and assess your water loss, tell them to fly a kite.  Flood cleanup companies should be willing to offer a free quote in writing.  And they should also be pricing their services according to insurance approved and industry standard pricing guides.


The quoting process is a lot simpler than you might think! Unlike other industries where 3 different quotes will produce 3 vastly different prices, in the emergency flood cleanup industry, we all work off the same pricing. Using Xactimate, our estimate is straightforward and produces a cost estimate based on the amount your insurer will reimburse. Here’s how it works:


Licensed, Insured & Certified Service.  Proper flood cleaning and repair services are complex and can get messy and in some instances be dangerous.  It’s important that you protect yourself and your home by choosing a company that is fully qualified to do the work.  Choosing a non-certified restoration company can also mean not having your claim settled when dealing with your insurance company.


Assistance with Your Claim.  Any reputable flood mitigation company has people on-staff to assist with the policy claim process.  In fact, they should be able to bill your insurance company directly and deal with any hurdles that might pop up during the process.



How does the flooding cleanup process work?


When our community suffers flooding, families can be displaced and businesses shuttered until the process of rebuilding can begin. When you see the destruction caused, it’s tough to imagine how it can be repaired. The video below walks you through what we do when we’re called on-site, and hopefully helps you see a light at the end of the tunnel!


Are flood losses covered by insurance?


If you’re talking about rain water or any other source of water that originates outside of your home, then it is not typically covered by homeowners insurance. You would need to have flood insurance from the National Flood Insurance program in order to be protected against that type of loss. Statistics say that only 20% of homes at risk of flooding have flood insurance. If that’s you, you’re rolling the dice and you should at least do everything in your power to prevent flooding damage. Here’s some tips to reduce your chances of having your home damaged by flood waters.

Flood damage can cause serious problems to your home or office if not handled immediately.  If you’re experiencing an emergency and need a Seattle flood damage restoration company that you can depend on, then please call us today.  Our water damage restoration pros can be at your property quickly and can rapidly begin the water extraction & remediation process.  By acting quickly, you can save yourself many headaches and save much of your home’s contents.

There are plenty of flood companies out there preying on people’s panic. King5 news has some good tips when hiring a flooding restoration contractor that you should check out!

Our flood damage pros use the best equipment and industry-standard restoration techniques to get your basement flood or other flood damage event dried up and fully restored.  We also use mold prevention techniques to ensure your property doesn’t experience any future mold issues.

Within 30-60 minutes, and sometimes even quicker, our Seattle sewage back-up experts can be at your residence and can offer a free water damage restoration estimate.  Not only that, but our water extraction pros can also reach out to your insurance company to handle the sometimes clumsy claims/billing process.

We understand your flood damaged property is scary, and probably causing a lot of stress.  Please don’t worry…flood damage restoration help is just a phone call away!

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