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flood-damage-companyEmergency restoration services are never something you want to have, but unfortunately sometimes they are needed. And if you’re in that position, it’s crucial that you move quickly and call for professional help as soon as you’ve identified the flooding damage. We offer 24/7/365 emergency disaster mitigation services guaranteed to be done correctly. So just give us a call for a completely free estimate today!


Call us and here’s what you can expect…


24/7 emergency response – 60 minutes or less!


24-7-emergency-serviceAny amount of water and moisture in your property is considered an emergency.  If it isn’t removed quickly, it can cause your property to sustain structural damage or even result in black mold.  Bottom line, it’s a health and safety risk.  So we respond immediately to your call, no matter when the water loss occurs.

Please call for immediate service, day or night!


Free cost estimates & by-the-book pricing!


photo_free_estimatesOne thing that you might be surprised about is that all water damage restoration companies in Milwaukee, at least reputable ones, use the same pricing guides.  It’s called Xactimate, and it also what your adjuster will use when assessing the loss.  So give us a call for a free estimate and fair prices!

We always charge fair rates & give free quotes!

Watch this video to get a better sense for how our estimators price your loss and make sure the rate is acceptable by your insurance company:


Need insurance help?  Call us first!


bill-directOn top of providing unsurpassed service to our customers in need of water cleanup services, we also help in other ways.  One big headache for many customers is dealing with their insurance claim.  So call us first and we can handle that internally, work directly with your adjuster, and even send the bill to them!

Ask about our insurance direct billing options!


No one is more serious about offering great service!


When you have to make a quick decision regarding which restoration company you choose to do the work, it can be a nerve-wracking experience.  Choosing the wrong provider can end up causing you a lot of heartache and can cost you a lot of money down the road.  To help make that decision easier, we offer the following promises to all customers:


All work is guaranteed!


satisfaction-guaranteeWe make sure the work is completed to your satisfaction at the end of each project.  Our project manager will perform a walk-through with you to highlight everything we’ve done, answer any questions, and address any concerns should there be any.  We guarantee the work will be done to your complete satisfaction!

Rest easy knowing you’re guaranteed to be happy!


All work is warrantied for 1 full year!


1-yr-warrantyMany restoration companies don’t stand behind the work they perform.  In our mind, that’s just bad business.  If you say you provide great service, then you should back that claim up.  Choose us and that’s what we’ll do.  Every project completed is backed by a 1 year full warranty on the service provided.

We stand behind our work!


Get answers to your most pressing questions…


Should I call my insurer or you?

When you have flooding damage, your first call is to the party that can make sure the damage is contained and the water extraction process can begin.  Remember, we’re talking about a period of 48 hours before mold grows.  That doesn’t leave you enough time to wait around on your insurer to file a claim and begin the process for you.  Their job isn’t to help you get your home repaired, it’s to pay for the cost of repairing the damages.  So call us, and we can then work with your insurance company once work has begun.


Should I start the cleanup process myself?

We can be onsite within 1 hour, usually sooner.  That said, what we recommend to people is that if there are household items that are dry but at risk of getting wet, move them if you can safely do so. But if you have furniture or boxes or other things that have already been damaged by water, leave them in place as we will need to document the damage for insurance purposes so you don’t have to pay for those losses.


How will the insurance claim process work?

The thing people get hung up about the most is their insurance claim.  If you hire the right Milwaukee water damage company, that aspect should always take care of itself. Because we use the same system they do to catalogue all of our work, at the end of the job we simply provide them with the full scope of work and then we work directly with your insurance company to handle the payment.

That’s a long-winded way of saying, just call us and we’ll handle your claim!


How does the water damage restoration process work?

Watch this video to find out:


How do you find the moisture in my property?

moisture-reading_wood_flooringIf you’re not an expert in the field, you probably don’t realize that most moisture can’t be seen or detected without specialized moisture detection equipment. Let’s say you have a bathtub overflow in an upstairs bathroom and the water runs through the floor and drips from the ceiling in the hallway below. Both the bathroom floor and the hallway ceiling might feel dry after you clean up the water and run some fans, but what’s trapped in between can be a recipe for disaster for your water damaged floor.

Our equipment detects moisture wherever it may be hidden. Once we know exactly where the trouble spots are, we determine the optimal drying process with the goal being 1) cause as little intrusion as possible and 2) dry out the structure as quickly as possible. You can get a better sense for the precise nature of drying hardwood floors by reading our blog post!


Whether it is a residential or commercial disaster, our Milwaukee restoration services are designed to quickly and effectively restore your damaged property. We offer complete Milwaukee restoration services for water, flood or fire damage issues and would be happy to come to your Milwaukee property to offer a free estimate. We stand behind all of our Milwaukee restoration work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and are fully licensed and insured to perform any work necessary!

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