Black Mold Damage Removal

mold-inspectionThere are few things you want to see less in your home or business than black mold.  Most people have at least some knowledge of the impacts mold can have on our health, so if it’s something you can see, it’s probably something you’re already feeling the effects of.  When you have black mold, our mold remediation company in Milwaukee can help by removing it safely and making sure you’re not a risk of any future mold problems!

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Understanding black mold is the key to fixing it!


When we’re asked to help people that are facing black mold damage, we’re always concerned at the amount of bad information they have.  Most start with online research, and unfortunately the web is a poor resource for truly understanding mold and the process for mitigating it.  So here’s some things we think people commonly misunderstand about the situation.


Mold damage is caused by moisture issues.


Did you experience flood damage that wasn’t properly dried out and fixed?  Or perhaps you weren’t even aware you had a moisture issue until you started seeing black mold formations?  Mold is actually present in any environment at extremely low levels.  But given the right circumstances, the slightest amount of excess moisture will allow mold the window it needs to grow.


We address the underlying moisture problems along with the mold!


We are also a water damage restoration contractor.  That matters because we can also address the moisture issues that gave rise to your mold damage.  We have specialized equipment that can find excess moisture wherever it is lurking and we will address those trouble zones so that you don’t end up with mold after we’re gone!


Toxic mold causes potentially severe health problems.


mold-sicknessMold spores contain mycotoxins.  It’s these toxins that cause severe health issues when inhaled.  Many people complain about constantly being sick.  Whether it’s coughing and wheezing, vomiting, head aches…what’s happening is that the mycotoxins suppress the immune system which is responsible for combating illness.  In other instances, people begin to experience skin rashes and other outwardly signs of a reaction to mold.

Our job as a Milwaukee black mold removal company isn’t just to get rid of mold.  It’s to ensure you live in a healthy environment.  We take that role seriously!


Removing mold should be done by a mold remediation company.


If you have a very small amount of mold, and it’s new, it may be the case you can remove it assuming you have the right safety equipment.  But in most cases, you never want to attempt the cleanup process on your own.


Successfully removing black mold requires special equipment & training.

mold-containmentContaining mold damage is important because it allows us to do our work without risking other areas of your home to mold spores.  When we disturb the affected areas.  Mold kicks up into the air and can find it’s way to other areas.  It’s why we use containment systems to completely seal off the area.  We then use a negative ion system that sends heavy negative ions into the air that attach to mold spores and send them falling to the ground, where we can then collect and remove them.


We guarantee your home will pass environmental tests!


satisfaction-guaranteeYou should expect that whatever Milwaukee mold removal contractor you hire is willing to stand behind their work.  To us, that means guaranteeing that your home passes all post-project tests.  We can hire a 3rd party to do independent environmental samples that will prove conclusively that we have done our job and that you’re once again living in a safe and healthy home!

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