Houston TX Flood Damage Restoration

At RestorationEze, we deal with Houston flood damage each day.  Whether from hard rainstorms or simply the product of a hot water heater system or toilet going bad, flooding can happen.  And should it happen to you, our flooding cleanup professionals are here to help!  Our aim is to make sure your flood loss is put behind you quickly and to restore your home or business to its original state as fast as possible!


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Houston metro area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

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Don’t trust your flooding cleanup needs to the wrong company!


Don’t be fooled by online DIY articles describing the few steps it takes to cleanup flooding damage.  It’s an intensive process with many crucial steps, any of which that aren’t performed properly and you’ll end up with a big mess on your hands!

We have the systems, trained staff, and experience necessary to cleanup flood damage of any size or shape!

() screened and certified flood damage repair technicians

() 24/7 emergency staff on-call 365 days a year

() crews & trucks located throughout the Houston area

() advanced flood cleanup & drying systems

() anti-mold measures taken on each job


Choose our Houston flood cleanup company and you can expect…


24-7 Flood Response

Flooding damage increases the longer standing water stays in your property and the longer things remain wet.  If we can get there quick enough, we can usually repair flooding damage without having to completely replace portions of your home.  So call us now for a fast response to your flooding emergency!


A Written Estimate at an Affordable Rate

If you’ve had a flood and know you need it cleaned up but don’t know how much it costs, we would be happy to give you a free written estimate.  Our flooding repair technician will perform a complete damage assessment and provide you with a mitigation plan that outlines what we’ll do to cleanup flood damage as well as the full cost for our services.


Help With Your Insurance Claim or Insurance Direct Billing

Sometimes one of the best services we can offer is help with the claims process.  That’s why, beyond exceptional flood repair service, we offer insurance assistance and can even directly bill your provider to settle your claim.  So if that’s something we can assist you with, please don’t hesitate to ask!


Guaranteed Flood Damage Repair & Cleaning Service

There are some Houston flood damage companies that will perform some work, collect their check, and move on…if you have any problems, good luck getting them to come back out and fix it.  We stand behind our work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and a 1 year warranty on all work performed.


Be confident in our flood cleanup prices!


When you let us provide you with a free cost estimate, you know the price we offer will be fair.  That’s because of how we go about calculating our costs.  Here’s a quick video explaining why our customers trust us to provide them with the right price for their flood mitigation needs:


We perform Houston flood damage cleanup services to the highest standards so you don’t end up with mold!


When it comes to flooding damage, our biggest concern is making sure we dry things out quickly.  If your home remains damp, there are two likely outcomes:  structural damage and mold.  If there is significant structural damage, it means the walls, ceilings, floors, or whatever areas were affected, will need to be replaced.  And in the case that areas remain damp and aren’t treated properly, there’s a very real risk of black mold developing.  Especially with the hot, humid climate we have here in Houston, black mold can grow quickly.  So we utilize anti-mildew processes throughout the flooding cleaning and drying project to stop it in its tracks!


Here is how we cleanup flooding damage….


Hopefully you are like most of our customers and this is the first and only time you will need professional flood mitigation services.  To help educate you about the process, we’ve created this video to explain what steps are taken:


Our Houston flood damage restoration teams are insurance approved and can handle the messy claims process!  Our focus is on making it as easy on you as possible.  That means explaining your Houston flooding damage options, providing a free water extraction or flood cleanup estimate.  Houston water removal crews only use the best equipment and are fully trained to handle even the worst flooding loss.

Our Houston flooding restoration professionals are standing by 24 hrs/day and 7 days/week to help you!  Call today to get a free estimate for any dryout or restoration services you might need!