Water Damage Houston

If you’re in need of a Houston restoration company, whether it’s from a massive flood, sewage back-up or other issue that’s caused your home or business to take on water, you’ve come to the right place. We offer certified residential & commercial water mitigation services designed to quickly restore your property with as little disruption to your life as possible!  From start to finish, our aim is to provide the best possible restoration services and the best customer service.


Here’s why people choose us as their Houston restoration company!


We offer a 60 minute response time guarantee!

Whether it’s a small flood that has soaked a couple of rooms of carpet or a massive commercial loss from storm damage, mitigation should start immediately in order to preserve your structure and prevent further damage.  It’s why we respond to your call immediately and can dispatch the closest crew and can get to work on the spot!


We offer a free on-site assessment & upfront cost estimate!

Any job we’re called to starts with a complete walk-through and survey of the property by our technicians.  During the assessment, we determine the extent of flood damage and what we’ll need to do in order to mitigate your loss.  Our technician will then provide you with an estimate for the work!


We guarantee your complete satisfaction!

Our water restoration company in Houston isn’t finished until you’re completely happy.  We know how much your home means to you…we’re homeowners ourselves.  And we treat every job we do like it’s our own home.  You can rest easy knowing that we’ll provide water damage restoration service guaranteed to make you happy!


Learn about the guarantees & warranties we offer customers – click here!


How do we estimate restoration services?


The right way, and frankly the only responsible way. We use the same estimating system that your insurer does do you know our estimate is reasonable and won’t be denied by your insurer…here’s a video explaining how we do it:


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Houston metro area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

Call now for a free quote!



We can bill your insurance company directly!


We’re a licensed, insured & certified water cleanup company in Houston, and that also means we’re approved by your insurance company.  As an approved provider, we can help on the insurance front in a couple of ways.  We can either help settle your claim and make sure you get a timely reimbursement, or we can simply bill your insurance company directly for our services!

Click to learn more about how we can help with your insurance company! 


We also clean sewage back-ups!


Sewer back-ups are the worst type of water loss you can experience, and not just because it’s smelly.  It’s dangerous.  If you have raw sewage in your property, leave the property immediately and call us.  Sewage cleanup is our specialty, and we have all of the proper safety gear and equipment to safely and quickly remove sewage and clean your property!

We offer free on-site sewage damage cleanup estimates, just call now!


Have water damage to a commercial property?


Any water loss presents an emergency, but when it comes to a commercial property, it’s imperative you get your business back online.  Down time or damaged products mean losses and could determine your year’s bottom line.  At RestorationEze, we provide complete commercial water damage services in Houston and the surrounding areas.  Our restoration contractors have plenty of trucks and crews available, meaning we can get onsite within minutes and have the equipment and resources to immediately get to work getting your business back up and running!


Know what to expect before work begins…


Water damage cleanup & repair services must be tailored to the property that has experience the loss.  But there are some things you can expect to see should you allow us to cleanup your water loss.  Watch this video to learn about the steps commonly taken during the water mitigation & reconstruction process:


Common mistakes homeowners make with Houston water damage


It’s probably a first, so it’s not unusual for you to have some questions about how to get past this event.  Sadly, unanswered questions usually lead to mistakes, and mistakes lead to headaches and more expenses.  At RestorationEze, our goal is for you to have the smoothest possible water damage restoration services as possible.  So here’s some common mistakes we see people make everyday.  We hope you don’t let them happen to you!


Waiting for their adjuster to initiate the process

It’s 8:30 at night and you’re watching TV in your living room and water starts dripping through the ceiling from the second floor.  All of a sudden you realize your kid left the bathtub running and there is water every where.  You need it cleaned up fast and realize that if you wait you’ll end up with black mold.  So does it make sense to leave a message with your insurance company in the hopes they call you back the next day and send someone out a few days later?  Absolutely not!

You do not have to have a claim in order to begin the water damage mitigation process. In fact, waiting for the paperwork isn’t just unnecessary, it’s going to end up costing you precious time and your insurance company money.

Call a certified Houston water damage company first!


Not negotiating the adjuster’s reimbursement

An adjuster’s job is not easy.  They spend their days seeing people at their worst, and they’re employed by a company whose goal is to generate as much profit as possible and return value to its shareholders.  The pressure for them to ensure reimbursement losses are as small as possible is very real, and that can put you in a tough spot if you simply take their assessment at face value.

At RestorationEze, we’re an independent service and are not “in bed” with insurance companies, meaning we’re your customer.  When water damage occurs, it’s our job to make sure the property gets fixed properly and that you as our customer are properly reimbursed for the damages.

We speak the insurance language and are competent at explaining why every aspect of our water damage repair services are necessary, and we’re great at making sure they pay for the full cost of the loss.  Don’t just assume what they’re saying is true, make sure you have a competent restoration company you trust in your corner advocating on your behalf!  We’re not adversarial with your adjuster.  In fact, it’s in our best interest to maintain a good relationship with him or her because we will see them again on another loss.  Our job isn’t to argue and raise hell, it’s just to clearly communicate to your adjuster what we, as water restoration experts, believe needs to be done in order to mitigate the loss and return the property to its pre-loss condition.

Know your rights!  As a homeowner in Texas, did you know the Office of Public Insurance Counsel has created a Homeowner’s Bill of Rights?


Not asking enough questions

We love questions.  It means you’re invested in the successful resolution to this issue and are taking ownership of the process.  You deserve to be kept in the loop and to know what’s going on, and that’s only going to happen if you ask lots of questions.  What are those machines for?  Why does the estimate assume 3 days drying time?  Will you do anything to make sure I don’t get mold?  What if you leave and I start to see mold?  You can not ask enough questions, so make sure you get the answers you need to feel good about the restoration company in Houston you hire and the work they are performing!


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