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Let’s be honest, sewer water is gross.  If it’s standing in your home or office, it’s dangerous.  Sewage back-ups contain harmful bacteria that can cause major health issues for anyone exposed to it.  If you’ve experienced a pipe burst or have standing waste water in your home or office, an immediate response is crucial.  Our sewage back-up contractors have years of experience and the proper equipment to fully extract any water and restore any damage that has been caused.


We respond immediately to your sewage cleanup needs!


Cleaning sewage damage is something that needs to occur as soon after the back-up as possible.  And if you’re still in the property, we would encourage you to leave until professional help arrives.  Give us a call and we’ll dispatch a sewage extraction crew immediately to your home or business!  We can get there within 60 minutes and usually much sooner!


Don’t wait when it comes to sewage back-ups – 888-241-9061


Free sewage removal estimates!


Our technicians are happy to give you a free quote to cleanup sewage from your home.  In order to do that, they’ll need to see the extent of sewage damage and lay out a restoration plan.  They can survey the property, assess the loss and answer all of your questions.  Once they’re done, you’ll have a free estimate in your hands.  There is never an obligation to choose us, but if you’re satisfied with the quote, the techs can begin work immediately!


We make sure you get a fair sewage cleanup estimate!


Getting a free cost estimate is easy, and knowing that it’s a fair price is stress free.  How? We use the same software that insurers use to estimate losses typically covered by them. Here’s how it works…


Your sewage cleaning service is backed by a 1 year warranty!


What’s better than knowing that you’re choosing a sewage removal company that stands behind their service?  We know there’s very little that’s comforting about having a sewer back-up, but we hope you find some comfort in knowing that by calling us the service performed will be backed by a 1 year full warranty.  It’s just one more way we want you to know we’re the right sewage extraction company for your needs!


Call for guaranteed sewage cleaning service – 888-241-9061


Beware of hidden dangers lurking in sewage damage!


The smell if bad enough, but even worse is the potential for illness.  And we’re not talking about a cough or cold.  There can be very serious, lifelong illnesses contracted from sewage water.  We hope you don’t take that as a scare tactic, as it’s simply a reality of what you’re up against.  In the video below, we want to give you some sense of the dangers lurking in sewage backups as well the steps we take to keep you safe and get your property clean & dry.


We have emergency crews available nationwide!

If you’ve experienced a water loss, please call now for a free quote & fast response anywhere in the United States!


Why does my sewer line keep backing up?


For many homeowners, dealing with a sewage backup can be a continual problem. If that is the case for you, you’ll need to do a little more digging to understand the root cause of your sewage backup issue. For starters, determine what scenario is most likely to result in your sewage damage.


Does it happen during heavy rains?


sewer-backup-cleaning-serviceIf that is the case, you probably live in a municipality that uses an antiquated sewage system called a combined sewer system. As the name might suggest, it combines both raw sewage and storm drainage in one pipe. Both water sources travel down the pipe and eventually raw sewage exits to a treatment facility while storm water exits somewhere else. But unfortunately this type of sewage system can get overloaded during times of heavy rains. When this happens, all of the water traveling through the pipe can get backed up and will naturally seek an exit somewhere. The easiest path for the water is to find refuge up your home’s pipe that is tied into the main sewer line. If you’ve experienced a massive amount of sewage damage coming up from your toilets or drainage pipes during a heavy storm, this is most likely the culprit.

Below is a simple diagram that explains how the water flows from entry point to exit point when a combined sewer system is servicing the community:



Does it happen when you’re running appliances?


If you notice your line is more inclined to backup when you’re running a dishwasher, taking a shower or otherwise have a large amount of water going down your drain, there’s an issue with your main sewer line (the one exiting your home). There’s pretty much only 2 possibilities:

() you have a block in your drain – if this is the case, you can call out a plumbing company and have them snake the line to clear any debris or tree roots that may be causing the backup. It’s pretty cheap and should at least temporarily fix the issue!

collapsed-sewer-drain() your drain has collapsed – with older drainage systems, it wasn’t uncommon for the pipes to made of clay. Eventually these pipes collapse. If you suspect you have these older clay pipes, you’ll want to have a camera/video scope performed to see the extent of the damage. If there is significant damage, you’ll need to have the entire sewer line replaced. This can cost a pretty penny, but the reality is you can’t ignore it. The problem isn’t going away.


Any sewer back-up removal company that comes to your home or office is insured and certified to perform any work necessary.  They are also insurance approved companies, meaning they can work directly with your insurance provider to assist in the claims and billing processes.

The goal of our flood cleanup company is to make a sewage back-up problem as headache-free as possible.  From the first call through the final walk-through inspection, we aim to educate you on the issues, the proposed solutions, and get your life back to normal as quickly as possible.  So please feel free to call us today so that you can speak with a water damage restoration expert in your neighborhood and get a free estimate for any sewage back-up cleanout services that might be required for your property!

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