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flood-damage-companyGetting competent water damage cleaning service can be hit or miss, and when it misses, it can end up costing you big time. We see it everyday, and it’s a shame because it doesn’t have to happen. By responding quickly, using trained & certified technicians, and employing the most advanced systems available, we make sure your water damage home or business is mitigated properly so that it’s as good as new!


Get a free water damage restoration estimate today!


Free_EstimatesWe always provide you with a free estimate from one our certified project managers.  The process is simple and straightforward and there is never any hidden costs or bait and switch tactics.  Just give us a call and we’ll come out to your property to inspect the water damage and then provide you with a free cost estimate upfront!


But how do you come up with your prices?

One thing that concerns people anytime they’re getting a service or product is knowing whether or not the cost for that service is fair and they’ll get good value.  It’s no different when it comes to water damage restoration services.  But there is one big difference!


Our prices are calculated by a third party estimating software!

XactimateOur water damage companies use a system called Xactimate.  It’s the universal software that is used by service providers in the insurance repair industry (as well as the insurance adjusters themselves).  Because most of the water damage mitigation work we do is paid for by insurance companies, we’re beholden to their reimbursement rates.  So we use Xactimate to determine the extent of the loss, outline the procedures needed to cleanup water damage, and it tells us what to charge!

What does that mean for you?  You know the price is fair!


Learn more about the Xactimate estimating system and how we ensure your free water damage restoration estimate is always fair…


Our emergency water damage services are guaranteed to please!


Anytime you are faced with home water damage, you need to act quickly.  And given the stresses already present in the situation, knowing whether or not you are a choosing a water damage restoration company that will provide great service shouldn’t be a crapshoot.  So choose us, and you’ll get the following assurances:


100% satisfaction guarantee


satisfaction-guaranteeWhether it’s from an overflowing sink that has caused your kitchen to become water damaged or a pipe in your wall busted sending water running down your walls and on to the floor, our promise is the same.  We will provide exceptional water damage service that you will be 100% satisfied with.  It’s our guarantee on every job!


1 year warranty


1-yr-warrantyFor too many water damage companies, their service to customers stops the moment they pack up their equipment and drive off.  End up with a problem a week later?  Good luck getting in touch with them and having them fix it.  But allow us to fix water damage in your property, and you’ll get peace of mind knowing you have a 1 year full warranty on the work!


Want to learn more about the water damage cleanup process?


Sometimes it just makes sense to sit back and watch a video instead of trying to research blog postings or read a wall of text. So if it’s the case you’re clueless about professional water mitigation services and want to learn the common steps employed when a property takes on water, watch the video below!


Water Damage Repair FAQs


We get it, you’ve got a ton of questions and need answers.  We can answer some of those initial questions on our site, but hopefully if you have additional questions you’ll give us a call to discuss your project in more detail.


Will my insurance pay for the water damage?


Most of the time water losses are covered by homeowners insurance.  That isn’t to say it’s a guarantee that your insurer will pay for the cost of our services, but 9 out of 10 times we are able to get a successful claim for our customers.  Call us if you’d like to discuss the particulars of your situation and we can help you better assess the best path forward!


Will I need to have a claim opened before hiring a restoration company?


No, you do not need a claim.  Usually we suggest waiting until the initial water containment portion has begun before calling your insurer and filing a claim.  We painstakingly take 100’s of pictures of your loss so there is no need for an adjuster to visually assess the loss before beginning work.  In fact, that costs us precious time and means the cost of the claim to the insurer will only go up as more water damage occurs.


What if my insurer balks at the cost of repairing the property?


That won’t happen.  If an insurer doesn’t agree to certain repairs, it’s simply because they are not fully informed of the situation.  That falls on us to properly communicate every single action we’ve taken and the reason for that action.  We are the experts at properly mitigating water damage, and for an insurer to willfully reject our recommendations makes them potentially liable should you suffer any health issues and future property damage due to the structure not being properly mitigated.


What is my deductible and when do I pay that?


A deductible for homeowners insurance can range from $500 up to a percentage of the property’s assessed value.  You’ll need to carefully read your own policy to know where you fall, but generally speaking the deductible is in the $1000 range.  Deductibles are paid out during the build back portion of the project when any sections of your home that had to be torn out are replaced.


Will my carpets and flooring need to be replaced?


Hopefully not, but that will ultimately be determined by the status of your loss. Generally speaking though, it’s more cost-effective for us to dry-out your structure in a non-intrusive way than it is to have to tear our and replace things.  So we, like you, want to keep your existing surfaces intact and dry them whenever possible!


Do I need to remove soaked household items?


If there are things that have not been soaked that you can safely remove, you’ll want to get those out of the way while we dispatch a water damage company to your house.  But if something has already been soaked, at that point it’s a part of the loss and you don’t need to remove it.  We’ll want to take pictures of the items.  Wet couches, soaked storage boxes, etc. all need to be properly documented before we begin the water damage mitigation service so please don’t remove them.


Water damage restoration is the common phrase used to describe services that restore a property that has experienced some type of water loss.   These types of losses are typically caused by malfunctions within the home but can also include events that occur outside the home that create water build up against the home’s basement or foundation that slowly leak through.  Whether it’s a basement flood caused by a clogged, running toilet or there is a sewage back-up of wasterwater from a busted pipe, water damage restoration companies’ job is to help dry out your home or office through a variety of water extraction methods as well restore any damage caused by the water.

The water damage restoration industry has multiple trade associations designed to ensure that professionals serving the industry are well trained and are accredited to perform the work properly.  While there are many contractors that advertise themselves as water damage companies, the reality is that many are simply contractors that have no real insight into how to perform the service of property restoration effectively.  Water damage restoration, when done right, is designed to both quickly get your property back to normal with as little interruption to your daily life as possible, but also designed to make sure that any future issues, such as mold build-up, are mitigated.  There are many techniques and specialized equipment required to perform water removal & water damage restoration properly, and it’s important that homeowners and office managers choose a company that has the experience, training & resources to provide that service effectively.

It is also extremely important to use a water damage restoration company that is insurance approved.  These companies will be able to work directly with your homeowners insurance provider to handle the intracacies of the claims process and most are able to directly bill your insurance company, assuming the water loss was a result of something malfunctioning within your home’s structure.  All of our water damage restoration providers are fully licensed, insured and certified to perform work on your home.  Each is available 24/7 and can respond immediately to any emergency you’ve experienced and can offer a free, no obligation estimate for any water damage restoration services you might need.

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