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basement flood cleanup companyWe offer complete basement flood cleanup & repair services designed to fully mitigate your loss and restore you basement quickly and according to the strictest industry standards. Did you know that every minute your basement sits soaked it is causing more damage and putting you at greater risk of developing black mold? A fast response is crucial, so if you have basement flooding, please call now and we can provide you with a free quote!


No obligation – just call for a free basement flood cleanup estimate!


free-basement-water-damage-estimateGetting a reasonable cost for cleaning up after a basement flood shouldn’t be a hassle.  And if you call us, we’ll make sure of that.  We send out a project manager that can visually assess your loss and take moisture readings.  At that point, we determine the appropriate mitigation plan and provide you with a free upfront estimate!

One call and you’ll have a free estimate in hand!


Our cost estimates are straightforward and stress-free!


Getting a quote for any basement water extraction & dryout services you might need is simple when you call us.  We make sure you get a competitive rate and ensure that our contractors use the same estimating software as your insurance adjuster…here’s how it works:


Can’t I cleanup basement flooding myself?


cleaning-basement-flood-cautionThere’s plenty of DIY articles across the web discussing how to repair basement flood damage.  Sadly, none point out the dangers of doing this on your own.  As a basement flooding company that has been called in thousands of times to fix basements where the homeowner tried unsuccessfully to mitigate the loss, it’s our obligation to point the dangers. We’ve just seen too many people end up costing themselves thousands of dollars because they weren’t aware of the risks and dangers lurking in their flooded basement.


Water in Basements: A Hidden Foe


It’s usually the case people underestimate the damage that has been done to their basement from water.  The reason is simple: they assume they can see the water and any damage it has caused.  They couldn’t be more wrong…here’s an example:




If you attempted the project yourself and ignored this wall because you thought it looked ok, you’d be in for some surprises in the not too distant future.  As the image on the right shows, this is a wall that has sustained significant water damage and will be prone to dry rot and black mold.  Neither of which you ever want to have in your basement!


We cleanup basement flooding and stop black mold!


black-mold-flooded-basementAny flooded basement is at risk of developing black mold.  In fact, the only way to prevent it is by removing the conditions it needs to grow quickly.  Two crucial elements for mold growth are moisture and time.  That means we’ve got to get the moisture safely out of your basement quickly.

To buy ourselves more time, we actually apply a fungicide throughout the affected areas before we begin the evaporation a drying process.  It essentially inhibits mold growth for a short period of time, long enough to allow our sophisticated equipment to do its job and get the remaining moisture out!


The right choice for flooded basement water removal services!


water-in-basement-service-guaranteeWe guarantee your satisfaction.

Not all basement water removal companies have your best interests at heart.  Many consider the insurance company their customer, as most basement floods are paid for by homeowner insurers.  So your satisfaction with their service is secondary, if it’s on their radar at all.  Don’t get shoddy service!


How can I prevent a basement flood from happening again?


Your basement, given it’s position underground, is perpetually at risk of flooding. Whether you live close to a river or your lot sits lower than those around you, any amount of excess water near your home or in your water table put you closer to a flooded basement. While we would appreciate the opportunity to provide our basement water extraction services if you find yourself with water in your basement, hopefully we can also help you prevent it from happening again. Here are some things you should consider doing to stop the next basement flood from occurring:


Fix your gutters and make sure they are clean!

gutters-prevent-basement-floodsThis is such a simple thing, but it’s also one of the biggest causes of basement flooding. If you have gutters that have holes or cracks in them, or they’re pulling off your rafters and allowing water to pour down your roof and then into your yard next to your foundation, it’s only a matter of time. If your gutters are in a state of disrepair, call a gutter company and have them professionally repair them. If they just need to be cleaned, we suggest getting up on a ladder or on your roof (if you can do so safely) and clean them a couple of times a year.


Install french drains!

french-drains-prevent-basement-floodingIf you’re at all concerned that your lawn slopes towards your property and that any rain water will pool at the lowest point next to your home, and you can’t fix the problem by re-grading the lawn, consider french drains. Even if you aren’t particularly handy, it’s a pretty simple project that just takes some elbow grease. Having french drains will allow table water to be funneled into perforated pipes where it can be transmitted to your street’s drainage system.


Fix any foundation cracks!

Even a perfectly healthy concrete foundation is porous and will allow water to permeate through it. But if you have a crack, water can get through much more quickly. Foundation crack repairs kits are cheap and can provide a sturdy seal against basement flooding through your foundation walls.


Install a sump pump & backup generator!

sump-pump-basement-waterThese systems are typically your last line of defense. If they kick into gear, you’re already under attack. What you ultimately need is for them to work properly and power through the storm. If you don’t have one already, consider installing a sump pump and also spending the extra money to have a backup, gas powered generator installed. Why? In times of heavy storms, sometimes the power will cut out. If your sump pump just has battery power, the storm might outlast your batteries. If you’re going to invest in a basement flood prevention system, do what you need to do to make sure when it comes time to do its job, it can!


Install a backflow preventor!

sewage-backup-flooded-basementIt’s not just water coming through your walls you need to worry about. The other way it gets in is through your sewage pipes. How? If you live in a community that is still serviced using a combined sewer system, it means that both rain water and sewage water travel through the same pipe for a period of time. But when it rains too much, that pipe becomes overwhelmed and can’t keep up with the volume of water passing through it. What then happens is the water seeks an escape, and unfortunately that escape is up your home’s sewer pipe that ties into the city’s main pipe. If this happens to you, it can send thousands of gallons of toxic water into your basement quickly!

How do you prevent it? Install a sewer backflow prevention device! Here is a useful guide to understand your options when it comes to keeping sewage water from coming back up your pipes and into your basement!


Basement flooding and insurance – what you should know!


insurance-claim-basement-floodingMost homeowners have absolutely no idea what’s in their insurance policy. In fact, many don’t know what type of insurance policies they have or even who their carrier is. So it’s not a surprise that when they suffer a flooded basement, they have a lot of misconceptions about their level of protection. Sadly, this can lead to shock and despair in instances where the basement water cleanup costs aren’t even partially covered. So let’s talk about insurance and how it can potentially impact your flooded basement.


What types of insurance policies are there?

There are typically two types of policies: homeowners and flood insurance. If you have a mortgage on your home, you’re required to have homeowners insurance. If you live in a flood zone, you may also be required to purchase flood insurance. So what types of protections are built into these policies that would protect you in the case you suffered basement water damage?


Homeowners insurance protection

With homeowners insurance, you are only protected against sudden water damage events that happen as a result of a water source within your home’s dwelling malfunctioning. A busted pipe, a sink overflow, a washing machine failure, etc. are all covered.

But what about a sewage backup? In most cases, your insurer will deem that a sewer backup in your basement came from an outside water source, meaning you aren’t protected against the damages. But most carriers will offer a sewage backup rider to your policy for as little as a few dollars each month. We would strongly encourage you to add this type of rider to your policy if you haven’t already!


Flood insurance protection

flood-insurance-basement-water-protectionOk great, you bought flood insurance…surely you’re protected against any other causes of basement flooding, right? Sort of…flood insurance does cover traditional flood events like heavy rains, hurricanes, and rising seas/rivers. But these policies don’t actually cover any improvements you’ve made to the basement. In other words, drywall, floorings and other things you’ve added to finish your basement aren’t covered. If you’ve spent $40,000 on a basement remodel, that news can be devastating. But it reinforces why you should go the extra mile and implement many of the basement flood prevention steps we’ve discussed above!


It’s every homeowner’s nightmare.  Walking down to your basement and finding standing water everywhere.  It’s a terrifying situation that can cause a lot of stress and can cause a lot of damage if not dealt with quickly and correctly.  If you have a flooded basement, it’s important that act quickly.  The longer water stands the more damage it will cause and the greater the costs for restoring your home or office will become.

Basement floods are our business.  Our water damage restoration professionals have years of experience providing water extraction & dry out services as well as complete restoration services.  Each technician is certified by major trade associations, meaning they are well-trained in the latest basement flood water removal techniques and also use the best, most up-to-date equipment on the market today.  If you have a basement flood, whether from an overflowed toilet, busted pipe inside your home, or from a malfunctioning appliance, help is just a phone call away.

By calling us, you can be assured that you will always speak with a live person, 24/7, and that you’ll receive an immediate response.  Our basement flood crews will come to your property rapidly and can provide you with a free, no obligation quote for any flood damage or water extraction services that might be required.  They can even work directly with your insurance provider to ease the headaches associated with dealing with 3rd parties.  Our goal is simple: to make a traumatic experience as painfree as possible so that you can get your life and property back to normal fast.  So call us now for a free estimate and immediate service!

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