Water Cleanup Service in Houston TX

If you are in Houston TX and need emergency water extraction services, you’re at the right place.  Our water cleanup & restoration specialists are standing by around-the-clock and can be at your flooded home or office within minutes to begin removing water and drying out your property!  Each technician is fully insured and certified to perform any water removal services you’re in need of, so please call us today for a no obligation, free written estimate!


You get an affordable & reliable price – guaranteed!


Our job is to help customers in need, and part of that job means making sure we are offering water removal services at a price that is fair.  To ensure that’s the case everytime, we use the same software that is used by your insurance adjuster to calculate our costs.  Here’s how it works…


Don’t trust your property’s water extraction needs to the wrong company…make sure:


They can get to your flooded property quickly.

Water removal companies should always be able to respond within 60 minutes.  Unless some major storm has completely overwhelmed all providers, you should expect them to be on-site within the hour to begin extracting water so that they can minimize the flooding damage caused to your property.


They offer free estimates in writing before any work begins.

You should never have any water cleanup services performed until you have a written agreement in place that outlines the services to be performed and the total cost.  We make the process straightforward by offering affordable flood extraction services and always offer competitive, upfront written estimates!


They are certified water extraction technicians.

From understanding the equipment used to remove water and dry out your structure to the latest techniques the ensure a rapid process and mold-free environment, only a certified technician has the training, experience & qualifications required to ensure the water removal process has been done correctly!


They guarantee their work.

When it comes to cleaning up flooding, you want to make sure you choose a water extraction company that stands behind their work and guarantees your complete satisfaction.  That’s what we do, offering a full year guarantee on any work performed!


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How professional water extraction services work…


How do we get your home or office dry and looking like new?  If you’ve never had to go through the process, you’re probably clueless.  This video explains what the process looks like and how we go about making sure the water extraction process is fast & effective:


Crews are standing by to help you!

If you need emergency restoration services, we have crews located throughout the Houston metro area so that we can immediately respond to your crisis!

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We have everything necessary to quickly extract water and dry out your home!


When we show up, we mean business!  Our trucks are fully loaded with everything that will be required during the water removal process, including:

() High-powered portable and truck mounted vacuum systems

() Negative-pressure Injectidry systems for moisture extraction from hard surfaces

() Weighted extraction systems for carpeting

() Moisture detection equipment

() Structural drying air movers & dehumidifiers


Here’s some question we often get about our water cleanup services:


How quickly can you have the water out of my home?


Getting standing water out of your home is a pretty quick process.  Obviously it depends on the amount of water you have, but we can usually extract the standing water within a couple of hours of being there.  It’s the other 3-5% of moisture that’s trapped in your property that requires evaporative drying that can take a couple of days to complete.


Can you save wet carpets?


In most cases we can.  Most of it depends upon the type of water that has soaked your carpets.  If it’s a category 3 loss, meaning you have sewage or outside flood water that has come into your home, protocol dictates that we have to pull up the carpet and padding and replace it.  But if it’s a category 1 or 2 loss, and the water has not been standing for multiple days, we can usually dry out wet carpets (and padding) so that nothing needs to be replaced.


What if the water has reached my walls?


In the majority of cases, we can dry out the walls without having to cut the drywall.  If it’s an interior wall that doesn’t have insulation, our fans and air movers can typically get the job done.  In some instances, we’ll cut small holes in the wall and attach hoses to the holes and push warm air into the wall cavity so that we can perform extra drying, but obviously in those cases we always repair the wall so it looks good as new.

If it’s an exterior wall and has insulation that has been soaked, that insulation can’t be salvaged.  If insulation gets soaked, it shrinks and loses its R-value, meaning that it can’t perform its duties of insulation your home as well.  We use moisture probes that can detect internal moisture levels in the walls in order to determine what course of action to take in these situations!


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Entering your property and finding water is a nightmare!  Fortunately our Houston flood damage repair and dry out specialists deal with these situations on a daily basis.  From leaking pipes to malfunctioning water heaters, our Houston water removal company has the tools and experience necessary to restore your home or office quickly and correctly.

Many companies advertiser themselves as water extraction specialists…don’t be fooled!  Proper Houston water extraction services require the right equipment and continually trained and qualified teams!  So if you’re in Houston TX and need emergency water cleanup services backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, please call our Houston water damage specialists today for immediate response and a free estimate!