Chicago IL Basement Flood Clean-up

Basement floods don’t have to be disastrous. In fact, a fast response to your flooded basement can salvage your property and your possessions and greatly reduce the time it takes to get your property back to normal. We’re Chicago’s trusted basement water clean-up and repair company, offering 24/7 emergency service and free estimates for any water loss emergency you’re facing. Our technicians are properly trained to mitigate any flooded basement so that when we’re gone you know your home is dry and safe to be in and that you won’t face any issues with mold from structure that was not properly dried.


Don’t trust your Chicago basement flood repair needs to a company that doesn’t…


Arrive quickly anytime you need help!

Anytime a basement floods, moving quickly to remove water and dry out the structure is imperative.  So we have crews scattered throughout Chicagoland and can dispatch a team to arrive to your home within minutes of your call to begin removing basement water quickly!


Offer free quotes and affordable rates!

One of the benefits of choosing us as our basement flood damage company is that our rates are determined by estimation software used by your homeowners insurance carrier.  In other words, we charge what they tell us to charge.  Our tech will come to your flooded basement and provide a free written estimate for the entire scope of our cleaning, drying & restoration services!


Offer a full warranty on any work performed!

We know how important peace of mind is when you’ve experienced a basement flood.  That’s why we stand behind our work, guarantee your satisfaction, and even offer a 1 year warranty on any work we do.  If we made a mistake, and you’re not happy, let us know and we’ll come back and fix it at no cost to you!


Is my basement flood covered by insurance?


Most likely your policy covers any flooding as a result of a water source within the home.  In other words, if your sewer line backs-up and floods, or a pipe under your sink bursts, or even if your water heater leaks, those types of losses are typically covered.  However, if the water source is outside of the structure, it’s usually not covered under standard homeowner’s insurance.  So if heavy rains bring water in basement, it’s probably the case you’ll have to pay for the cost to remediate that loss.


Can you help with my claim?


If your loss is covered under insurance and you’re planning on filing a claim, we’d be happy to assist you there.  The claims process can be a bit…frustrating.  So let us help!  We can bill your provider directly and provide all of the necessary documentation they’ll need to settle the claim.  If it’s the case you’ve paid out of pocket and need to be reimbursed, we’ll make sure that happens quickly.  We work with all major providers and probably already know your adjuster, so let us handle the headaches of dealing with the claims process!


How do we calculate what to charge?


Unlike virtually any other home improvement service, our rates aren’t determined by us. By that we mean that any reputable basement flood cleanup company will use the same system to calculate their rates.  It’s called Xactimate and here’s a quick video that explains how the system works to determine a fair cost for any basement water extraction services you might need:


How do you remove water from my basement?


If you have standing water in your basement, the quicker we’re able to get the water out the less issues we’ll have.  Determining how best to remove water depends on what type of surface we’re dealing with.  In some cases, wet carpet can be saved by using a weighted extraction system that allows us to apply pressure to the carpet for a few seconds during which any moisture is sucked up and discarded.  If you have hardwoods that are water damaged, we can use a negative-pressure water extraction system system designed specifically for wet wood floors to extract any moisture.  Of course, we also have high-powered vacuums that suck up any standing water.


How does the drying process work?

Many times people assume that drying out basement flooding is as simple as opening a few windows and putting some fans in the area to circulate some air.  While we wish that were the case, unfortunately it’s not.

One key component of structural drying is knowing what needs to be dried.  “That’s easy, if you see some water damage or a soaked wall, you just dry it!”, you say.  Certainly if you can visually see water damage, you’ve got a problem and it needs to be addressed.  The tricky part is the flooding you can’t see.

Spotting water damaged areas requires special equipment and technicians trained to use that equipment.  We know what to look for so that we can make sure all soaked areas are properly restored, whether that means rapid drying or completely replacing the structure.


Want to learn more? Watch this basement flood cleanup video…


When you need to make a quick decision, it’s helpful to have some understanding about the basement water extraction process so you know what to expect.  Even understanding the steps involved helps you ask the right questions.  It’s why we’ve created this video to guide you through the water mitigation process….


Do you have a sewage backup in your basement? 


Did you know that when it comes to sewage water the EPA and OSHA have very strict rules that must be followed to dispose of it?  The reason is simple: it’s dangerous.  How dangerous?  If you’re considering cleaning up sewage from your basement, we hope you’ll watch this quick to find out why that is a really bad idea that could end up costing you big time:


Preventing a flooded basement – how not to need us!


While it might mean less business for us, we’d actually love it if we could help people prevent getting water in their basement. Here are a few steps that you can take to decrease the chances you’ll need our services in the future:


Make sure your gutters and downspouts are functioning properly – this is the most basic thing you can do. If water pools next to your home, it will find its way into your basement. Make sure your gutters are doing their job and keeping water away from your house!

Repair foundation cracks – in some minor cases you can apply an epoxy to help seal any foundation cracks where water can get in. For more serious problems, you may have to call a foundation repair company.

sump pumpInstall a sump pump – hopefully you already have a sump pump installed in your basement, but if not you’ll want to do that. The costs can vary but when you consider the costs of cleaning up basement water damage, it can be well worth the expense and the peace of mind! One other thing to consider on this front is making sure you have a backup source of power in case you lose electricity during a heavy storm.

Here are some additional tips for preventing flooding during the heavy storms that we seem to so frequently be seeing in the Chicagoland area these days!

The Chicago Tribune did a Q&A on the rash of the basement floods happening in Chicago that we think you should check out. It has some good information as well as what the city is doing to try and prevent them from happening in the future!

Water Damage RestorationOnce we know what we’re dealing with, and we’ve had a chance to remove all of the moisture possible using basement water extraction equipment, we use a combination of air movers and dehumidifers placed throughout the affected areas such that they can pass hot, dry air over the moisture areas and quickly dry them out.

Depending on how much basement water occurred and the size of the affected area, drying can take anywhere from a day to several days.  We use moisture meters as a guide to determine when the structure is dry and will remove our equipment when we’re confident that the moisture levels are acceptable.

We offer free basement flood water extraction and flood clean-up repair services throughout the Chicagoland area, including:

Oak Lawn, Orland Park, Joliet, Bolingbrook, Tinley Park, Naperville, Romeoville, Wheaton, Elmhurst, Berwyn, Bartlett, Evanston, Schaumburg, Elgin, Arlington Heights, Buffalo Grove, Waukegan, Highland Park

If it’s a Chicago flooded basement you find yourself dealing with, time is of the essence.  Calling our certified flood damage crews insures you’ll get the highest level of service fast.  Flooded basements can occur for a number of reasons.  From water heaters that leak to pipes that burst, our Chicago water extraction crews have seen it all and can help you!  Even severe situations such as Chicago sewage back-up are no match for our crews.

The city of Chicago has a great resource for information on how we can work together in order to try and mitigate the risk of flooded basements during heavy rainstorms.  Click to learn more.

We have years of experience restoring residences & offices throughout the Chicago area.  Basement floods are scary, and not something to be dealt with on your own.  You need a professional flood damage restoration company that has the tools and skills to properly extract water from your basement and dry out your property.

So if you’ve got a flooded basement in Chicago, and need an immediate response from certified flood damage restoration professionals that will stand behind their work, call us now!