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Chicago IL Water Extraction Services

We are Chicagoland’s trusted water removal and water extraction company, providing 24/7 emergency service geared towards getting your property dry, disinfected, and safe quickly. Cleaning up water isn’t as simple as vacuuming up standing water. Only a trained, certified flood restoration technician has the skills and equipment necessary to ensure your property is fully dry and safe to inhabit. So if you need help, please call now for a free estimate!


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Why water extraction should be left to the pros!


Unfortunately homeowners, when faced with any type of flood or water damage, sometimes try to fix the problem themselves.  They head up to the home improvement store and rent a wet vacuum, suck up the water and then run some fans and open some windows to let air dryout the wet areas.  Sadly, this almost always backfires in the form of significant water damage and even mold a short time later.

Finding moisture is difficult.  Most people think that if you simply take care of the standing water that you’re in the clear.  In reality, dealing with standing water is the easiest challenge.  Much more difficult is actually finding what areas the water has invaded so that you can ensure those places receive proper structural rapid drying.

Here is a photo of a wall that is presumably dry…at least it appears that way when looking at without moisture detection imaging.  However, on the right you see the same wall as an infrared image, essentially peering into the wall to see what’s inside.  And lo and behold, there is a dangerous amount of moisture.  We have the equipment necessary to find moisture wherever it may be hidden!


Removing all moisture is difficult.  A lot goes into to determining the proper drying protocol after extracting water from the property.  What items or parts of the structure have been saturated?  How long were they saturated?  What water damage class was the water determined to be?  We’re trained to use the proper methods and equipment to extract water from any structure and properly dry out or replace items as need be.  Even your hardwood floors can often be saved if we can start drying them out quickly enough.  We can aggressively dry out your property in order to salvage as much as possible and prevent future problems!


We can implement measures to prevent future mold growth.  Any time your home or office has been subjected to a water loss, one of the most prominent concerns is mold.  Given mold’s ability to grow and prosper in the right environment, we’re trained to apply thorough anti-mildew processes so that you’re not dealing with a potentially hazardous mold situation later.  We have the equipment and solutions necessary to ensure no mold takes root in your home!


What does professional water extraction services look like?


Since this is probably a first, it helps to know what the process entails.  At RestorationEze, we understand that your flooded home or office is a unique situation and that it will require a unique mitigation plan.  That said, there are some steps that are uniform in any water cleanup job.  While the equipment might differ, the following video explains the steps typically involved when providing water mitigation in Chicago:


So why choose us as your emergency water removal company?


Immediate, Around-the-clock Response!  No need to call around to find a technician that’s awake and will answer their phone.  And no need to sit around while your home is being damaged hoping someone will show up.  We’re at your service 24/7…just one call and we’re on site within the hour to help you get your life back to normal! According to the EPA, you have 24-48 hours before mold grows. Don’t wait!


Always Free Water Removal Quotes!  We can provide you with a written estimate to remove water and perform any drying services you might need.  We won’t begin any work until you’ve signed off on the estimate and the price you were quoted will never change.  It gives you confidence knowing there won’t be any surprises throughout the process.


Learn more about the cost of Chicago water mitigation services…


When you pick a water removal company, it’s a quick decision but one that you want to get right, and part of that is making sure the estimate you receive is fair.  First and foremost, that means a cost that is accepted by insurance companies.  And to ensure that is always the case, our water extraction contractors use the same system that your adjuster does to tally the cost.  It is called Xactimate, and here is how it works:

We provide water cleanup and restoration services throughout Chicago, including:


Tinley Park, Joliet, Evanston, Schaumburg, Bartlett, Bolingbrook, Romeoville, Naperville, Wheaton, Elmhurst, Berwyn, Elgin, Arlington Heights, Higland Park, Buffalo Grove, Waukegan, Oak Lawn, Orland Park

If you are in Chicago IL and need emergency water extraction services, you’ve come to the right place.  Our Chicago water damage restoration specialists are standing by around-the-clock and can be at your Chicago IL home or office within minutes!  All of our Chicago technicians are fully insured and certified to extract any water from your flooded basement or any other standing water you’re dealing with!

Coming home to water is a nightmare!  Fortunately our Chicago flood damage and dry out specialists deal with these situations on a daily basis.  We have literally seen it all.  From raw sewage-back-ups to malfunctioning water heaters, our Chicago IL water extraction crews have the tools and experience necessary to restore your quickly and correctly.  That means using the best equipment and latest techniques to completely dry out your Chicago home of office and also utilize mold prevention techniques to make sure mold doesn’t take root.

Many companies advertiser themselves as water extraction specialists…don’t be fooled!  Proper Chicago water extraction services require the right equipment and continually trained and accredited teams!  So if you’re in Chicago IL and need emergency water extraction services backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, please call our Chicago water damage specialists today for immediate response and a free estimate!

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