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flood-damage-companyWe cleanup after disaster strikes.  When all seems lost and you’re not sure where to turn, we’re here to help.  We deal with major commercial flooding situations and small residential water losses, and everything in between.  We offer reasonably priced water damage restoration & sewage cleanup services throughout Orange County, CA and would appreciate the chance to earn your trust and business.  Here’s just some of the things our customers have come to expect from us over the years…


OC Fire & Water Damage Restoration Services – 24/7!


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgYou might not realize the severity and urgency a water loss creates.  Most people don’t know how quickly mold damage can grow, or don’t realize the effects water and moisture have on the strength of their home’s support structure.  We see the terrible effects of delayed flood damage repair services all the time, and it’s one reason we stress to potential customers the need for a professional to assess the loss immediately!


We give you an honest price that is insurance-approved!


The urgency of flooding damage means you really don’t have time to shop around for help.  Doing so will actually increase the amount of water damage cleanup work that needs to be done and greatly increase the cost of services.  So your insurance company, who usually pays for the loss actually wants you to get the work done as soon as possible so that their bill is lower.  But how do you know if the price you are quoted is fair?

Free_EstimatesWith some restoration companies in Orange County, you might not.  But with us, it’s guaranteed to be the accurate rate and never questioned by insurance.  How can we be so confident?  We actually use the same software, Xactimate, that your adjuster will use to estimate the loss.  So our price is driven by the insurance reimbursement rates that they have already agreed to.  It means you can trust our free estimate to be fair, competitive, and there won’t be an issue when settling your claim!

Watch this video to learn how we estimate your flood restoration costs:


Safe & effective Orange County sewage cleanup services!


Some OC restoration contractors shy away from cleaning up sewage back-ups.  Others attempt the mitigation process without having the right training or equipment to properly repair sewage damage so that you, their employees, and your home are safe. Sewage is not something you can take lightly, as it commonly contains micro-organisms that can be make you extremely sick.

Sewage Back-upWe offer safe & effective sewage damage cleanup services throughout Orange County that are guaranteed to keep you from harm’s way and quickly get your property clean, dry & health once again!  Like with any of our emergency restoration services, you always get a free quote from a certified water damage restoration professional and there is never an obligation to move forward!

Want to know what certified sewage backup cleaning services look like?  Watch this video!


How is the insurance claim usually handled?


bill-directMost of our water restoration repairs are covered by some type of insurance policy. While that isn’t always the case, there’s a good chance your loss will be settled by your insurance company.  So when it comes to choosing what water damage company to choose, it’s important that you choose a company that is approved by insurers and can handle the claim on your behalf.  Some contractors make you navigate that process on your own, while others will actually bill you and require that you seek reimbursement for the loss from them.

Instead, we send the bill directly to your insurance company after having worked directly with the adjuster throughout every phase of the restoration process.


How does our water damage restoration service work?


There are 3 main phases to any water mitigation job:


1. Property Assessment

Our first priority is determine the extent of damage, documenting everything for insurance purposes, and then laying out a comprehensive mitigation plan.  In other words, here are the things we’ll need to do to get the property dried out and restored.


2. Water Mitigation

Once you sign off on the plan, we begin work.  This phase is designed to get out all of the moisture that was introduced during the flooding.  We contain the loss first, meaning we suck up and extract any standing water before it spreads to other parts of your property. We then dry out the remaining moisture that has become trapped in walls, floors and any other surface.  The goal in this phase is to dry out the structure fully before black mold forms.


3. Water Damage Repair

Often called the ‘build back’ process, this is the process where we reconstruct any sections of the home that needed to be removed in order to properly dry out the structure.  Things like drywall, carpets, or any other surface that need to be replaced will be done at this point before the job is consider complete!

Still not sure what we do?  Watch this video to learn more…


Common tips for preventing home water damage


Let’s face it, some losses simply can’t be avoided. But in many instances, we find that simple maintenance could have gone a long way in keeping the homeowner out of the unfortunate situation they found themselves in. Here’s some things to consider doing if you haven’t already to make sure this water damage emergency is your last!


Clean your gutters! 

gutter_cleaningIt’s such an easy thing to do, but something so many people don’t do. Gutters keep water away from your house so that it can’t find its way into your home.  Cleaning gutters regularly ensures they are able to do their job! You also want to make sure that you have properly installed downspouts that allow the water to be disposed at least 7-10 feet away from your foundation!


Maintain your appliances!

Any appliance that has a water line feeding into it is at risk of malfunctioning and flooding your home. Some of the common causes of water damage from appliances include:

() refrigerator water line disconnecting – once a year, pull your fridge out and make sure the water line is properly connected and not at risk of coming loose.

Leaking Water Heater() water heater leaking – water heaters, especially if they are operating beyond their typical lifespan (7-10 years), are susceptible to leaking and causing water damage. Properly maintaining your water heater includes having a plumber inspect and troubleshoot the system every couple of years as well as emptying the tank and refilling with fresh water a couple of times a year.

() washing machine hoses disconnecting – this one can be devastating simply due to the amount of water that can be emitted within a few seconds of the hoses disconnecting. To help prevent this from happening, make sure they are securely fastened and that they are replaced once every 5 years or so.


Maintain your main sewer line!

sewage-overflowOne of the biggest causes of water damage is from backed up main sewer line or an overflow situation. If water that is supposed to leave your home can’t find its way out, guess what? It will find its way back into your home. In some instances, flood damage from the sewer system can be a result of storm water that can’t be properly disposed of by the city sewer system finding its way into your home. If you haven’t already, make sure you install a backflow prevention device to help protect against this situation.

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