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home-water-DamageWe offer 24/7 immediate responses for any water, mold or fire emergency you might be dealing with any where in Ventura County.  Our restoration contractors have the experience and resources to not only get your property fully restored, but to help you through the insurance claim process as well. Don’t be fooled, not all companies offer emergency restoration services.  Some only have one crew or don’t answer their phones 24 hours a day.  At RestorationEze, we specialize in providing flood restoration services quickly and cost-effectively!

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What do you get from our professional restoration service?


There are many restoration contractors in Ventura, many are perfectly good providers and others aren’t.  So what do we offer that’s different from the rest?  We believe it’s our entire approach to customer service.  We understand the stress your disaster has caused and we empathize with your situation, and we believe that understanding permeates everything we do.




Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgA fast response is the cornerstone of competent disaster mitigation services.  Not being able to respond immediately means putting you in a bad position.  You wait and you end up with more damage, greater costs, and more potential for dangerous results.  It’s why we’re committed to not only being the best Ventura restoration company, but the fastest. We’ll be on-site within 60 minutes of your call – guaranteed!


black-mold-2Why is urgency so important? Because when it comes to home water damage, without an immediate response the chances of you ending up with dangerous and expensive mold damage is pretty much guaranteed. In fact, drying times are, on average, longer than the time mold needs to grow. So even when you act quickly, whatever water damage company in Ventura you hire is under the gun to dry out the property and prevent future mold damage in the property. By calling us immediately after you discover water damage you greatly reduce the chances mold spores cause damage to your home and potentially your health.




Free_EstimatesWill you get a fair price?  Will there be unexpected costs?  How can you trust that the price you’re receiving is fair?  These are great questions, and ones you should always ask before committing to a specific restoration contractor.  At RestorationEze, we make sure our customers always get a fair estimate for any services rendered.  How do we do that? In our case, it’s by using the system your adjuster will use for estimating your loss.  It’s called Xactimate, and here’s how it works:


As you can see from the video above, the way we price our emergency restoration services is much different than other industries. If you call a water damage contractor to your home and they don’t use Xactimate to quote your loss, chances are they aren’t a reputable company and you’ll have some major headaches when it comes to the insurance claim settlement.

Don’t let the price of the work put anything in jeopardy. Call us and we’ll make sure the price of any water damage cleanup services is fair and that your adjuster agrees!




satisfaction-guaranteeYou will hold the restoration company you’ve hired accountable for their work, but do they do the same?  Most of the time that answer is conditional at best.  But with us, you’re guaranteed to be satisfied with any Ventura emergency restoration services we provide.  Whether it’s water damage repair, sewage damage cleanup, or any other service, when we are done we guarantee you’ll be happy with the work performed.




CertificateIconQuality service is what it’s all about, and it’s something we’re serious about providing.  We make sure every Ventura restoration contractor in our network is certified by the IICRC as a water damage restoration technician.  And we make sure they follow all of the proper safety procedures as outlined by OSHA to make sure you are kept safe as well our employees themselves.

Do you have a water loss?  If so, we’ve created the video below to help you visualize what the process looks like to get your property restored.  There are several crucial steps taken during the flood restoration process, and this video explains what those are and what we do to get your property back to its pre-loss condition!


Ask about our insurance specials!


bill-directBecause most of our water mitigation services in Ventura are paid by insurance companies, we make sure to provide complete claims assistance to our customers.  That can include a lot of things, but at a minimum we will work with the adjuster from the word ‘Go’ until the claim is settled.  And when it comes time for us to get paid for our property repair services, we bill the insurance company for the work!


Will my claim be accepted by my insurer?

It’s a question people understandably ask all the time. You’ve spent years faithfully paying your insurance premiums and yet in the back of your mind is concern that your insurer isn’t going to step up to the plate and pay for the costs of cleaning up water damage in your property. Unfortunately, that concern isn’t misplaced. Insurers are notorious for denying legitimate claims and lessening the claim amount in order to protect their bottom line.

insurance-claim-formSo how do you make sure that when you need emergency water damage services in Ventura and you file a claim for said services you don’t end up getting screwed? The single best advice we can offer you is this: take control of your loss, don’t assume that is your adjuster’s job. People that rely solely on their adjuster to ‘take care of them’ almost universally get screwed in some way. But if you take control of the situation and understand that you are ultimately in charge of the situation, you’ll be much better off. And that starts with making sure that you hire the water mitigation company you feel most comfortable with and not assuming whoever your adjuster wants you to use is going to take care of you.


Why should I not use the Ventura water restoration company that my adjuster refers me to?

Short answer: because they were referred to you due to the fact they promised to charge your insurer a lot less than the actual cost of the claim.

Long answer: insurers do back room deals with restoration companies. The deal is simple: I will send you business and in exchange you will promise to charge a lot less than what the work should actually cost. Remember, all of our work is done according to standard pricing. So how can someone charge as much as 50% less than the standard prices? Good question! What we see is that in order to make the numbers work for them (read: make a profit on the work) they cut back on the work they actually do. Whether it’s pull equipment out of the house before it’s dry, or not use anti-microbials, they find ways to cut corners to reduce their costs and make a profit. That can be really bad for you!


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