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flood-damage-companyWhile you never plan on needing professional water mitigation and emergency restoration services, sometimes life throws you a curveball and you have to react quickly.  Should you be dealing with a flood in your property, we hope that you’ll give us the chance to earn your trust and your business.  We specialize in providing comprehensive water restoration services and would be happy to give you a free estimate from one of our certified, insured & friendly project managers…just give us a call!


Emergency Restoration Services You Can Count On!


We understand the anxiety and sadness that can come over you when your home or office suffers flood damage.  When you’re not sure where to turn or who to call, we hope you’ll let us help.  While this might be a new experience for you, it’s something our teams deal with daily!


Always fast, always there for you!


24-7-emergency-serviceWhen time counts, and make no mistake, if it involves a water loss every second counts, you need an emergency response.  Sadly very for water damage companies in Danbury can respond immediately to your phone call.  But call us and you’re guaranteed an immediate response and a less than 60 minute arrival time!

24/7 emergency help is just a call away!


black-mold-2A rapid response is necessary any time you find excess moisture in your property. Why? Because if the moisture isn’t removed and the property isn’t returned to it’s dry standard within 72 hours after the flood, the property will develop mold damage. Why is that a big deal for you? First, the health effects of black mold spores can be very serious. Secondly, insurance claims can get messy when the M word gets used. For the most part, insurers will not cover the high costs of cleaning up mold damage. So what should have been a pretty straight forward claim is now at risk of falling through.

Please don’t wait around or hire a Danbury restoration company that can’t respond immediately to your call. We offer emergency response service for a reason: because when you have water damage, you need it!


Get a free, upfront estimate when you call!


photo_free_estimatesAs a way to make the process of finding and hiring a professional mitigation company for your flood loss, we always provide you with a free on-site consultation.  Our project manager will survey your loss, answer your questions, and accurately determine what needs to be done and the cost for any work necessary!

Call us – we make the estimating process simple!


XactimateHow does the initial assessment and cost estimating process work? We realize that when customers call us they have a lot of questions and are already distressed. And one big concern that adds to the stress is whether or not the water damage contractor in Danbury they hire will offer a reasonable price. With RestorationEze, you can put that worry away. Why? Because we only use Xactimate to estimate losses. That is the same system your adjuster will use if you have them come out after filing a claim. We made a video that explains how Xactimate works, and how our customers always get a transparent and easy-to-understand estimate.

Please watch our video if you have a few minutes!


Call us and we can bill your insurer!


bill-directIn the majority of losses we deal with, the cost of water extraction service is paid for by the insurance company.  As such, we have staff on hand to deal with your claim from start to finish.  We’re insurance approved and can work hand in hand with your adjuster to settle the claim and can send our bill to them directly!

Let us help you through the insurance process!


insurance-claim-formWhat should you know about insurance claims? Some customers get tripped up when it comes to their claim, and the results can be pretty profound. When it comes to an insurance claim, the first thing to know is that you don’t need a claim to have the water damage cleanup process started. In fact, waiting only makes the damage worse and the bill to your insurer greater. The second thing people should know is that their best chance for a good settlement is to hire their own water damage restoration company, not someone that their insurer tells them to call? Why, because the company they refer you to sees your insurance company as their customer, and will do everything possible to make sure they are happy…but what about you? Our job is to make sure you are happy, and then to make sure your insurer pays for the work we must perform to complete the restoration process!


All of our services are 100% guaranteed!


satisfaction-guaranteeWhether you’re in need of sewage cleanup services from a backed up sewer line in your basement or crawlspace, or you have water in your office from a recent storm, our promise to you is the same: once our work is complete, and we’ve both had a chance to perform a complete walk through, you’ll be completely satisfied!

Our customers’ satisfaction is always guaranteed!


Our techs are insured, certified & fully screened!


CertificateIconSo your basement flooded and now you have no other choice but to let complete strangers in and out of your home for a few days.  We get it…that’s not fun!  But choose us and you can at least find comfort knowing that our techs are safe.  We drug test, background screen, train, certify and insure all field technicians!

Your safety is our #1 concern!


When you call us, you can relax and rest assured that we will perform the work correctly. Because our technicians are certified by the IICRC, we make sure they are always following the right methods taught during their training. That means our customers know that instead of following old procedures, or skipping crucial steps (which isn’t uncommon with many restoration companies), we do it right. What does that look like? Watch the video below to find out:


If you live in Danbury long enough, chances are your home or office will experience a disaster that requires professional help. Our Danbury restoration professionals are fully licensed, insured & certified to provide the highest level of Danbury disaster restoration services, no matter how much damage has been done!

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