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flood-damage-companyDespite our best efforts, properties sometimes experience water and flood disasters. Should it happen to you, our New Haven restoration companies are fully capable of helping getting things dried out, restored, and back to their original state quickly. Whether your basement flooded or you have sewage damage stemming from a backed up sewer line, we have everything necessary to get things fixed fast and affordably.


Emergency restoration services in New Haven, Conn!


Not sure where to start when faced with a flood or fire damage emergency?  We can help! Our job is to assist you in every aspect of the water mitigation & flood restoration process.  From the first call to the final walk through to the claim settlement, we make the process of recovering from a disaster fast and easy!


Call & you’ll always get a free, upfront cost estimate!


Free_EstimatesAnytime that you call we will answer the phone with a live representative and can dispatch a crew with a certified estimator to your property.  He can talk through what he sees, take moisture readings to get an accurate determination of the amount of water damage restoration services necessary, then discuss the cost estimate in detail.  The in-home consultation is always free and you have no obligation to choose us.


We make sure you get an honest price!

XactimateYou should be able to count on getting an honest estimate and a competitive price from the get go.  And with us, there’s no need to shop around and cost yourself valuable time while your home or business sustains further damage.  That’s because we us an estimating system called Xactimate to calculate our prices.  It’s the same system that your insurance adjuster uses and it lets all parties be on the same page regarding the right cost of restoration services!


Watch this video to learn more about our fair & honest pricing!


We handle the billing with your insurer!


bill-direct90% of our restoration services are covered by insurance companies, whether it’s homeowners insurance, commercial disaster insurance, or flood insurance.  So we work with adjusters on almost every job, and have probably worked directly with the adjuster that will be assigned to your claim.  We’re approved by all major insurers so there’s never an issue working with them directly

That being the case, we’re staffed with specialists that can handle every step of your claim and we can even bill them when it comes time to collect payment on our water mitigation services!


We can restore any property from any loss!


CertificateIconOur job is to come in after any disaster and help people get their life and their dwelling back to normal as quickly as possible.  And our restoration contractors in New Haven only use certified technicians to make that possible.  Whether it’s sewage cleanup services or any other mitigation work, you can be confident the crew assigned to your loss is fully trained, has the proper experience, and is certified, bonded and insured!


How can you trust our water restoration services?


satisfaction-guaranteeBecause you get a customer satisfaction guarantee.  Whether it’s a small water loss from a leaky faucet or a large job that requires extensive reconstruction work, our job is to make sure that we’ve done the work to each customers’ complete satisfaction.  If it were our home, we’d want to know that it will be in even better shape than before the flooding, and that’s the promise we make to each customer!


How do we cleanup water damage in New Haven?


We realize (or at least we hope) this is your 1st time dealing with water damage, and so you’re probably not at all familiar with how the actual water mitigation process works. So we’ve created the video below detailing the various steps usually taken so you can see what it looks like and how our water damage contractors get your property back to its pre-loss condition!


Things to consider when dealing with your insurer…


Some times a water loss can bring on even more angst due to a rocky claims process. It’s unfortunate when it happens because it can usually be prevented by good communication. There are a couple of things to consider when dealing with your insurer:


() They are looking to pay out as little as possible on your claim.

insurance-claim-formInsurance companies exist to create profits, and too many claims eat into their bottom line. So every adjuster will attempt to pay as little as possible on your claim and can be successful in that respect if you don’t have a competent water mitigation company in New Haven on your side. What’s important to remember is that ultimately the price for all of our services is already established, so the biggest hurdle is determining what work is absolutely necessary to properly mitigate your loss and conveying that work to the insurer such that they understand.


() Their responsibility is paying for the loss.

Some people assume the insurer takes the reigns on hiring the water damage company and making sure all the work is performed correctly. This is your job, although your adjuster may steer you towards a particular water damage company.  Please be aware that if they do so, you are not obligated to hire that company.  Please also know that if you do you’re hiring a company that has already agreed to charge less then the fair rate for our water damage repair services.  We don’t think that’s an arrangement that ensures you, the homeowner, gets the high level of service you deserve!

It’s your home, and you get to decide who is responsible for mitigate your water loss!

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