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If you have experienced a flooding disaster and live in the Washington DC area, our water restoration company is standing by to assist you. Call anytime, day or night, and we’ll dispatch a Washington DC water damage repair crew to immediately begin mitigating any damage and getting your property fully restored. Our focus is on quickly & affordably getting your life back to normal and we always stand behind our services! So please give us a call and we’ll provide you with a free on-site estimate!


Why choose our DC restoration company?


We guarantee an immediate response to your emergency!


When your home or business is soaking wet time can feel like it stands still.  All you want is the water out and the property dry so you can get on with your life.  We understand, and it’s why our company is geared towards a fast response to your emergency.  We can immediately dispatch a water restoration crew and can begin the process of pumping out water and drying the structure immediately!


We offer free quotes & there’s never an obligation!


We understand that we have to earn your business.  That means we have to fully explain what we do, why we do it, and make sure all of your questions have been answered.  And of course, we have to provide great flood damage repair services at an affordable rate.  So let us provide you with a free in-home estimate so that you can see for yourself what makes us great!  Our rates are always fair and there’s never an issue when filing your insurance claim.


We give each job a full warranty for a year!


We hope you’ll choose our DC restoration company because we offer guaranteed exceptional service.  But we even go a step further, and offer something most restoration companies don’t: a full year of warranty on the work we perform.  Mitigating a loss, whether it’s sewage back-up cleaning or any other flood event, is a complex process.  It means you need confidence the company will stand behind what it does!


We send the bill to your insurance company!


The costs for water restoration or flood cleanup services can vary greatly depending upon the scope of work necessary.  But no matter what the cost, if you intend on filing a claim for your loss and want us to bill the insurance company for our work, we can do that.  Or if you pay out of pocket and need help ensuring a rapid reimbursement for your claim, we have insurance assistance and can help speed up that process!


Watch this video to learn about the restoration process:


If you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, we always encourage our customers to educate themselves.  Know what you’re dealing with, what it takes to get it fixed, and what you can expect.  It helps you ask the right questions and choose the right DC emergency restoration contractor.  So to get you started, watch this video about the water damage restoration process and what you can expect if you hire professionals!


We dry out wet properties before mold grows!


As a complete water mitigation company, our goal is to get your water-soaked property dry as quickly as possible.  Ideally, we can do that without having to tear any walls or floors that have been affected.

With any flood job, the primary concerns are two-fold:


Preventing structural damage.  When people experience a DC basement flood, usually there biggest concern is getting the water out.  While that’s obviously important, and something we do quickly, our biggest concern is making sure the water has not caused damage to the structural integrity of your basement.  We thoroughly check the walls and foundation to make sure you’re not at risk of the basement collapsing!


Inhibiting mold growth.  DC can be a muggy, damp place much of the year.  That means that any time water is introduced to the environment (whether in your subfloor or walls), it doesn’t take long to start growing.  That’s why we always apply an anti-fungal spray after we’ve extracted the water (but before drying takes place) to bide time while we dry out your structure and eliminate the elements necessary for mold growth!


Don’t choose a restoration company that isn’t certified!


If you’ve already spoken with your insurance agent, they’ve probably asked you to get a quote from a certified restoration company in DC.  That’s a huge part of getting good service for your water loss.

Certifications, whether through IICRC or RIA, are meant to ensure that the company and technicians performing the disaster mitigation work know what they’re doing.  You’d be shocked at just how many restoration companies employ technicians with virtually no understanding of what water damage is, how it’s fixed, and how the systems are property operated to ensure a safe and fast mitigation process.

We only send out trained, insured & certified technicians – guaranteed!


And don’t worry about getting a fair price!


Another guarantee is that you’ll receive a fair estimate for any emergency mitigation services you need.  What do we mean by fair?  We mean a rate that will be accepted by your insurance company because it is calculated based on the accepted costs insurers pay for any work necessary.  We ensure that by using Xactimate, the market-leading software for insurance adjusters and restoration companies alike to calculate insurance repair estimates.

Watch our video to learn about the Xactimate system:

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