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flood-damage-companyDid you just get back from vacation and discover a couple of inches of water in your home? Or maybe you just woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of water splashing on to your bathroom floor? Day or night, residential or commercial, any amount of water damage represents an emergency that should always be dealt with by a professional Clearwater water damage cleanup company! We would be honored to help you in your time of need, and hope that you will call us to discuss your water loss options!


Call for a free water damage restoration estimate today!


Free_EstimatesIf you live anywhere in the Clearwater area, we can have a crew at your property within 1 hour of your initial call to provide you with a completely free cost estimate to cleanup water damage. Our estimator will fully assess your property, take moisture readings, and determine the exact extent of the damage and then detail exactly what needs to be done. At that time, we can provide you with a cost estimate for any work required! So don’t wait…call now to speak to one of our friendly customer service representatives 24/7/365!

What’s even better than getting a free estimate? The peace of mind knowing the cost estimate you get from us is calculated using insurance-approved pricing. Unlike some water damage companies in Clearwater, we train our estimators to use Xactimate to quote your loss. That might not mean much to you, but it’s the same software an insurance adjuster would use to estimate your loss. Watch this video below to see how the quoting process works with RestorationEze:


Never delay your water restoration response!


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgWhen moisture seeps into your home or business, the clock begins ticking. What most don’t realize is just how quickly time run out and you’re dealing with a much bigger problem. When home water damage in Clearwater happens, our humid climate means the moisture problem will become a black mold problem within a couple of days. Usually after 48 hours of sitting in your home, the water will breed mold. That means you have very little time to get the moisture problem addressed!


We guarantee your home will be mold-safe after we are done!


black mold damageThe absolute worst case scenario for you is that you hire a water damage company, they (supposedly) dry-out your home, your insurer cuts the check for the work, and weeks later you start seeing signs of mold. Why? Because your insurer won’t cover mold (they’ve already fulfilled their fiduciary responsibility) so you’re left to cover the costs of an extremely expensive fix. It should never happen, but it happens all the time due to shoddy water restoration companies that couldn’t care less about actually helping you and ensuring your ongoing safety!

At RestorationEze, we guarantee that when our work is complete, not only will your home be dry, but it will be free from harmful levels of black mold!


Clearwater emergency water mitigation service done the right way!


There are dozens, if not hundreds, of water damage companies in the area that have no business being your home, much less trying to dry out your property and prevent mold. Most are hucksters that have to close shop every few years and re-open under a new LLC because they’ve burned every bridge in the industry. Why? They’re just chasing insurance money without actually trying to provide a valuable service to homeowners. The end result can be very bad for everyone involved.

At RestorationEze, we always follow our industry’s protocols as written by the IICRC S500 water damage restoration guide. To see what steps we usually take to repair water damage, watch the video below:


Our guarantees to you…


satisfaction-guaranteeWe know we must earn your trust in order to become your chosen water damage cleanup company, and that can only truly be done by establishing a relationship with you and proving our value to you. But that doesn’t mean we can’t toot our own horn in the meantime! Here are some of the things you can always expect should you choose us for your Clearwater FL emergency water restoration service needs:

– when we are done, you will be 100% satisfied with our work

– all of our technicians have passed criminal background screens

– all of our technicians carry the proper licensing and insurance

– all of our technicians pass routine drug & alcohol testing


How does it work with my insurance claim for water damage?


insurance-claim-formThere’s no need to panic regarding your insurance claim, but there are some things you should know about so that you don’t make a mistake along the way. Here are some things we like to make potential customers aware of when it comes to navigating the water loss claim process:

() if you have water in your home, address that emergency before dealing with your insurance adjuster. You don’t need a claim to begin getting your home fixed. If your adjuster is busy, or any one delays for any reason, more damage will be caused and more expenses will be incurred. Your first action should always be to call a certified water mitigation company in Clearwater to contain the moisture and begin the cleanup process.

contractor-customer() hire the restoration company you feel most confident will help you get the best outcome possible. What most people don’t realize is their adjuster will try and steer them towards one particular company because they won’t charge but a fraction of the cost of the actual loss. Remember, our prices are already set in stone and are determined by insurers. But some water restoration companies will approach adjusters and offer to severely discount their services if the adjuster sends them work. We highly recommend that when it comes to a service as important as restoring a home after flooding that you not hire the cheapest company available for the job. If you’ve done that before with any other service, you probably understand why we say that.

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