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flood-damage-companyGetting fast, friendly & reliable flood damage restoration services has never been easier. With just one call, we can get a crew out to your property within minutes to provide a free estimate for our satisfaction guaranteed service! Whether you need emergency sewage cleanup services or you have water flooding your kitchen or bathroom, we can help! Just call now and we’re there within 20-60 minutes!


One call is all it takes for affordable water damage service!


Getting quick help when you’ve suffered flooding damage shouldn’t be a hassle.  And with us, it isn’t!  We make the process of finding reliable water damage cleanup & repair services simple.  We answer your call, provide a free in-home restoration estimate, and of course stand behind our work!


Should I call you or my adjuster first?


photo_free_estimatesAlways call us first.  The reason is simple: your adjuster can’t contain your water loss and get your property restored.  Your top priority isn’t a claim number from your adjuster…it’s saving your home or business.  That’s why your first call should always be to a Macon water damage company that can provide you with a free estimate!

We offer free quotes – just call now!


Can you help with my insurance company?


bill-directWe’d be happy to assist with your insurance claim.  Because most of our emergency restoration services in Macon are covered by insurance, we probably have worked with your adjuster before and can do the same with your loss.  That includes handling every phase of the claims process and even billing them for our work.

We bill our water damage services to the insurance company!


How does the water restoration process work?


Flood Damage Moisture TestWe use probes to find all moisture spots.

Most people think the first thing we do is roll in and begin the water cleanup process by vacuuming up the standing water.  But in reality, what we have to do first is find all of the moisture to know where flooding damage has occurred.  That means using sophisticated moisture probes to find all trouble areas first!


water-extraction-261x300We then extract standing moisture.

Whether it’s cleaning up sewer back-ups or extracting water from wet carpets, our equipment is designed to safely and quickly remove the majority of moisture without causing further damage to your property.  In fact, within an hour of working, we can usually have 95% of the moisture completely gone!


applyingantimicroNext we prevent mold growth.

On any water removal job we perform, after extracting the water we need to come back through and apply a fungicide to the affected areas.  This fungicide simply acts as a temporary deterrent to black mold.  It gives us ample time to complete the restoration and drying process so that mold doesn’t take root in your property!


sewage-cleanup-dryingFinally, we extract remaining moisture.

What many people term the ‘dry-out’ phase where we use fans, air movers, and other drying equipment is actually a process of evaporating the remaining moisture so that it turns into a gas releases into the atmosphere.  We can then use industrial-strength dehumidifiers to capture and exhaust those particles, drying out your structure!


Each day, Macon properties experience a disaster. And when it happens, Macon residents and businesses count on us to get their property restored. So if you are in Macon and find yourself dealing with a flooded basement or other water damage issue, please call us now for immediate help!

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