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flood-damage-companyWater losses can come from a variety of sources and cause a lot of damage. For many people, it’s difficult to overcome the emotions of seeing their home completely flooded and realize that getting it back to its previous condition is easier than they think. While this might be your first time dealing with water damage, it’s something we fix on a daily basis. So if you need a Cary water damage contractor that has seen it all, please give us a call to discuss your situation and next steps!


A water damage company serious about helping you!


Here’s the truth: most water restoration companies are just chasing insurance checks. Many barely give a passing thought to treating customers right, providing great service, or standing by what they do. It’s sad, because a lot of times they end up hurting people by providing shoddy service and collecting their check from the insurer (and disappearing). When something goes wrong after awhile, you’re on your own to figure out and pay for the fixes. It’s sad, but it happens all the time. Here is what you can expect from RestorationEze:


Prompt & courteous service – day or night!


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgWhether it’s a sink that has overflowed or a water heater that has leaked, if you have water in your home that first thing you need to do is get it out and begin the drying process. It’s an emergency because of the speed in which mold grows and the damage a wet structure can cause. Simply put, you can’t wait around for a water extraction company that can’t move quickly. We respond immediately & will be at your property in less than one hour.


Fair estimating practices – always industry approved prices! 


Free_EstimatesOur job is to provide comprehensive water mitigation services at a reasonable price. But what’s reasonable? Luckily for homeowners, our industry has already established prices for any work we would need to provide. So when we assess your damage and provide you with an estimate, it’s not even our price, it’s just the price that the industry (and specifically insurance companies) have established. So you know that our estimate is always going to be fair!

Learn about the estimate you’ll get from one of our Cary IL water damage company by watching the short video below:


Technicians that are screened, insured & full certified!


checklistWhen you call a water restoration contractor, you need to know that your home (and you!) will be treated with respect and that the work will be done right. But what if the technicians that arrived weren’t properly trained to cleanup water damage? Or even worse, what if one was convicted of a violent crime? It happens with some companies, but with us all of our technicians are IICRC-certified as well as background-screened for a criminal history.


Our water restoration services are guaranteed!


satisfaction-guaranteeGuaranteed to make you happy! Because isn’t that what you want? While the home basement flooding might have been a traumatic event, the process of getting it cleaned up doesn’t have to be. Our job is to get in and out of your house as quickly as possible, make sure we do everything the right way and make sure you’re happy with the results. So that’s our guarantee to you: you’ll be completely satisfied with the work that has been done! If not, let us know and whatever problem there is will be fixed before we’re done!


The dangers of toxic mold growth are real!


black mold damageWater losses can be dangerous for a number of reasons, but when it comes to your health, none of more worrisome than black mold. What is a surprise to most people is that mold is present in every environment at very low levels. At these ‘normal’ levels it is completely safe. But if excess moisture is introduced to that environment, mold grows quickly.

Just how quickly? Usually within 2 days.

That doesn’t give you a lot of time to take action. And even if we were to get there within an hour of the water loss occurring, the drying times for Cary water mitigation services are typically longer than the time it takes black mold to grow. So to make sure mold doesn’t grow as our crews are drying out your home, we actually apply a spray that inhibits mold growth through the wet areas. It gives us just enough time to remove the moisture and thus the environment mold requires to grow!

We guarantee your home will be mold-safe! 


Learn how emergency water damage services work!


If you haven’t ever had to use a Cary water damage company to dry and restore your home after flooding, then you probably have no idea what we do. The video below will help you understand the steps our crews usually need to take in order to fix your home and make it as good as new! Whether it’s a bad sewage backup or a small area of clean water, the process is very similar.


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