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home-water-DamageNot sure where to turn if you’re dealing with a flood, sewage or fire damage emergency in Worcester, Mass?  At RestorationEze, we offer residential & commercial emergency restoration services that get you back on your feet fast. No matter how big or small your loss is, our Worcester restoration contractors can quickly and affordably restore your home or office fast!

Central Massachusetts’ trusted restoration service!


We specialize in emergency responses!


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgWe consider any amount of water damage or other loss to be an emergency.  When it comes to moisture, and even fire and smoke, there can be more than just unsightly damage and smells.  There can be unseen structural damage that puts your safety at risk.

It’s why our promise is to always respond promptly to your call and dispatch the closest crew to your property.  They can be on-site within 20-60 minutes, so you’re not stuck waiting around for help while your home or business suffers!


When you call, you get a free quote – guaranteed!


Free_EstimatesGetting a free quote for your restoration and cleanup needs is simple.  While no Worcester restoration service can provide you with a quote over the phone that is accurate, we can come to your home and provide a very accurate estimate on-site.

Call today for a free, no obligation restoration estimate!

And one thing our customers appreciate is that we use an insurance-approved, third party estimating software to calculate our rates.  That means that we simply punch in the measurements of the job and detail the steps necessary, and the system calculates the amount to charge based upon those inputs.  And you know it’s a fair price because in all likelihood it’s the same estimating software that your insurance adjuster will use!

To learn more about how we estimate water losses, please watch the quick video below:


What has made us the top choice for restoration services?


A commitment to hiring the best candidates.


checklistWe fully understand that we can’t provide great flood cleanup in Worcester without having the best employees representing our company and providing that service.  It’s why we have such a rigorous selection and training process.  Employees must go through many rounds of interviews and also pass a criminal background screening before they are hired.  And once employed, they must pass random drug tests!


Rigorous training & certification requirements.

CertificateIconWe can’t continue to provide excellent service to our customers without maintaining our position as a leader in the industry.  And that starts with being committed to understanding the nature of disaster restoration and making sure anyone that works with our customers has a solid grasp on every aspect of the process.  It’s why the training & certification process is taken so seriously with our company!


When it comes to getting water damage cleanup & restoration services, it boils down to the people and the process. Without the right people, the equipment would be useless. And without the right equipment, even the best water mitigation professionals couldn’t help you. We believe our investment in our people, equipment & processes make us the right choice for you. To get a sense for what our service looks like, you can watch the video below:


All Worcester restoration services are guaranteed!


satisfaction-guaranteeOne of the things we think all customers deserve is peace of mind!  And how better to provide that than to guarantee any restoration services provided.  Whether it’s basement flood cleanup, sewage back-up removal, or any other service we are asked to perform, our promise is simple:

When we’re done you will be completely satisfied with our work.


Not only that, we guarantee you won’t have a mold problem!


Another problem many people run into when dealing with a water loss, is black mold. If you delay more than 3 days while water sits in your home, you probably already have black mold. But far worse, is when people hire a Worcester water damage company and they think that everything is behind them, only to start seeing signs of mold a few weeks or even months later. In order to remove mold permanently, you have to remove the environment it needs to thrive. That means removing all excess moisture. If you hire a company that does not fully dry out your structure, they will have left your home in an unsafe situation where mold will grow.

mold-free-guaranteeAt RestorationEze, we understand the implications of not drying out your structure properly as it pertains to mold growth because it’s a situation we run into weekly. We promise, if you choose us to dry out your structure after flooding damage, we’ll make sure it’s completely dry and that you will have a mold-safe home!


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