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At RestorationEze, we offer a 24/7 rapid response for any water or sewage damage emergency you might be experiencing in the Annapolis, MD area. Whether you’ve got a flooded basement or you have a commercial building that has standing water, our Annapolis restoration companies have the experience and resources to help get things dry quickly.

We always offer free estimates and an can have an estimator and crew at your property within 1 hour and usually a lot quicker than that!  So if you need help, please call our emergency restoration services for fast, affordable and trustworthy help!


You should not have to wait for help!


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgWhether it’s waiting on a return call from your insurance adjuster or sitting around waiting for a restoration contractor in Annapolis to show up, the longer you sit, the worse things get.  No matter how much water damage you think has been done, it’s always best to call for help immediately!

And when you call us, we respond.  We can be there quickly to diagnose and assess your loss and can begin work immediately if you so choose!


You should always get a fair price & free quote!


Some Annapolis restoration services will try and strong arm you into paying for an estimate if you decide not to let them get to work immediately.  Others will quote an outrageous price.  It’s wrong, and it should never happen.

So call us, and here’s what you get:

Free_EstimatesA free, no obligation estimate & a fair price.

Sound good?  We take the stress and worry out of the shopping phase by making sure you always receive a fair cost for flood damage cleanup services.  That’s because our contractors use Xactimate which prices insurance repair work according to the accepted reimbursement rates for any labor and material involved.


It’s a sure fire way to know that the price you are quoted is fair and competitive! If you want to see for yourself how we go about quoting Annapolis water damage services, just watch the video below:


We cleanup basement flooding & sewage back-ups!


Have you walked into a flooded basement?  Or perhaps you’ve experienced a clogged sewer line that has sent human waste throughout your bathroom and adjoining hall ways?  We see it all the time and can help!

We provide complete Annapolis basement flooding cleanup services and have the right equipment and use the appropriate safety procedures to mitigate even the worst sewage back-ups.

When it comes to your basement, and especially when it involves sewage, you always want to call a professional restoration company.  Only they will have the necessary experience and equipment to quickly and effectively restore the property.


What does certified water restoration service look like?

When you need an emergency water mitigation company, it’s important you find someone quickly but that you also find a company that is certified to do the work. Did you know many companies out there aren’t certified? If you hire a company that isn’t certified, you run the risk of getting bad service that can result in mold growth or further damage to your property.

The video below explains how we go about fixing water damage and restoring properties the right way!


Are you filing an insurance claim for the repairs?


bill-directMost of our water mitigation services fall under the coverage of insurance.  If that is the case for you, we can provide total insurance help.

Our goal is to make the water damage restoration process as painfree and fast as possible.   And one way we think we can accomplish that goal is by helping our customers through the slow, sometimes headache inducing claims filing process.

We can handle your claim with your adjuster.  We can even send them the bill for our emergency restoration services in Annapolis!


Make sure the claims process is handled correctly. Call us first!

When dealing with a water damage claim, there are some things homeowners should be aware of. The 2 most important things to keep in mind are:

1. You don’t need to call your adjuster and wait for a claim to be opened to start the process of getting your home fixed. In fact, just waiting a couple of days to begin that process will create more damage, cause you further disruption, and ultimate cost your insurer more money. When you have water damage in your home, you need it fixed immediately. Dealing with the claim can be handled after work has begun, so don’t wait around!

insurance-claim-form2. Your insurance adjuster should not be referring you to a specific water damage restoration company. What was a commonly accepted practice for years has now become un-ethical (and potential illegal depending on how it’s handled). It’s not hard to understand why once you dig a little deeper. First, it’s important to understand why your adjuster is referring you to a specific company. It’s not because they are the best in town, or the closest, or any other number of factors. It’s because that company has a verbal agreement in place to charge a discounted rate for their service (and in many cases to actually cap the total cost of the loss). So why is that bad for you? If you’ve ever used the cheapest contractor in town, you know exactly why that’s bad for you. But in this instance, it’s even worse because the restoration company is going to have to cut some corners in order to make sure they are profitable on the job. Cutting corners in our business puts your health at risk!


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