Water Damage Flint

Unfortunately Flint water restoration services are needed from time to time to deal with basement floods, sewer back-ups, or any other flooding damage homes and businesses occasionally sustain. When it happens, you can trust our Flint restoration company to help get you back on your feet. Call now for immediate assistance and a free water damage restoration quote!


24/7/365 – Emergency flood restoration is a call away!


Anytime flooding happens in your home, you’re best bet is to call for professional help immediately.  We specialize in emergency Flint flood restoration services and can begin mobilizing a crew right when you call.  We guarantee a 1 hour or less response time no matter what time you call!

Need help now?  We’re here when you need us!


If you need a free water cleanup estimate, just call!


We’re confident that our water cleanup rates are affordable and competitive, and we would be happy to come out to your home (or business) to prove it to you!  Call now and you’ll get a crew out fast to provide a complete free estimate for the full costs of our restoration services in Flint.  There’s no obligation to choose us!

Call for a free estimate anytime!

Will you get a fair price? It’s a legitimate question, and depending on who you call the answer could vary. With us, we use the same system that an adjuster for any insurance company will use. It guarantees you always get a fair price that is calculated using the prices insurance companies already have agreed to pay. Even if the loss isn’t going through insurance, it protects you from getting fleeced on the price. Watch this video to see how it works:


Licensed, insured, certified & screened restoration technicians!


We know the feeling of apprehension that comes along with inviting someone you don’t know into your home.  It’s why every technician goes through a thorough background screening process.  And of course, we make sure they’re fully trained & fully certified to perform any necessary restoration services required!

Our employees are the best around!

What does it look like when the water damage cleanup process is done according the latest protocols within our industry and performed by certified, insured & well-trained technicians? Watch the video below to see!


Do you have water in your basement?


We deal with wet basements daily.  Whether it’s furnished or unfurnished, standing water in a basement is a serious issue and something that should be done by a professional basement flood cleanup company!  We offer rapid basement water extraction services and like any other service we do, it’s guaranteed and warrantied!

We get water out of Flint basements fast!


We guarantee & warranty all of our services!


Our customers often say one of the reasons they choose us as their water restoration company in Flint is because we’re serious about the level of service we offer.  In fact, whether it’s cleaning sewer back-ups or drying out basements, we always offer a satisfaction guarantee & go 1 step further by offering a 1 year full warranty!

We’re serious about providing great restoration service!


Need insurance assistance?  Just call!


We make the insurance claims process simple…as an insurance-approved Flint water restoration company, we can quickly work with the adjuster assigned to your claim to make sure any reimbursement occurs quickly.  Or, if you would prefer, we can bill the insurance company for the project costs!

Direct billing to the insurance company!


Are there pitfalls when it comes to my claim?

insurance-claim-formThere are a lot of misconceptions about how the water damage claim process works. When it comes to an insurance claim, there can be competing interests by the various parties. So while your insurance company is going to want you to call them at which point they will refer you to one of their preferred vendors, please be aware of what that means for you:

The water damage company that comes out has agreed to be the cheapest provider in town for your claim. They either discount the service significantly and/or cap the loss amount. So if they’ve already agreed to cap the loss at $3,000 (in exchange for the business from your adjuster) but the actual amount of damage is $5,500, how do they make up the difference? The answer is simple: they cut corners. What does that mean for your? Shoddy service.

What should you do?

Hire an independent Flint water restoration contractor that works for you, not your insurer. Even if you decide we aren’t your best option, please hire a company that will have your best interests in mind when they show up, and not a company that will be weighing the cost-benefit of doing the job right based on some agreement they’ve already made with your insurer!

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