Water Damage Grand Rapids

Each day, we deal with flood damaged Grand Rapids properties.  In fact, for over 20 years, we’ve been helping customers get their life back to normal fast by providing exceptional water & flood damage repair services at affordable rates.  We proud ourselves on being the best Grand Rapids restoration company and would appreciate the chance to earn your business.  So if you have water in your property, please call now for a free estimate!


Need fast service in the Grand Rapids area?


Then just call us.  We know the importance of moving quickly, and we know the stress of watching water damage your home can cause.  So our promise to you is simple: call anytime day or night and we’ll immediately send a crew out to restore your home (and life) and can be there within 15-60 minutes of the time of your call!

Fast, emergency responses no matter when you need it!


Call if you would like to schedule a free estimate!


When you call when can send out a restoration crew to survey the damage.  Our lead technician can thoroughly explain what he’s seeing, answer your questions, and provide with a free flood damage cleanup estimate.  We’re confident you’ll find our rates are very affordable but there’s never an obligation to choose us!

Let us provide a free on-site flood cleanup quote!

Don’t let the estimating process scare you…with us, it’s simple and straightforward. We make sure our estimator is always using the leader in insurance repair estimating software. It’s called Xactimate, and it’s likely the same software any insurance adjuster would use. Watch the video below to see how our customers get an honest price each and every time:


Fully certified & insured for your safety!


Your safety, and the safety of your home, is our top priority.  It’s just one reason we fully insure & certify any technician that’s sent to your property.  Unlike other industries where on-the-job training will suffice, water mitigation technicians should always undergo formal certification, and you can trust that ours have!

We hire the best & they’re always certified!


We dry wet properties affordably!


Whether it’s the insurance company footing most of the bill or you’re paying out of pocket, we understand the importance of providing affordable basement flooding & restoration service.  It’s why we only use insurance-approved estimating software to determine how much to charge.  We offer great service at an affordable cost!

We even offer discount specials – just ask!


 Want restoration service you can count on?


A restoration company in Grand Rapids is only as good as the work they perform.  Flashy logos and vans don’t mean anything if the work done isn’t done to perfection.  And to show you we are serious about providing great restoration service, we offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee & full 1 year service warranty!

Choose us and the work is guaranteed & warrantied!

Drying out a wet home requires skilled technicians and quality equipment. If either of those are missing, you’re in trouble. But with too many water damage companies in Grand Rapids, it’s a crap shoot. We make sure the work is done right, and that each step is followed according to the correct protocol. To see what that looks like, watch the video below:


We can bill our restoration work to insurance!


Do you have a sewer back-up and are covered under insurance?  Any water loss that is covered is eligible for insurance-direct billing if you choose us.  We’re insurance approved, meaning we can work with the adjuster on your claim and then send the final bill to them so you’re not paying upfront & out of pocket!

Don’t pay out of pocket – we’ll bill insurance!


Common Pitfalls After Discovering Home Water Damage


We see homeowners make a few big mistakes and by the time we get called in to fix things, those mistakes have compounded and things can get ugly. Here are some things we hope you’ll consider if you find yourself dealing with a water damage in Grand Rapids:



toxic-moldIf your washing machine overflowed or a supply line to your toilet malfunctioned, you’re on the clock and you don’t have much time at all to get it dry. The biggest concern is always mold growth, and the reality is we don’t have much time to prevent it. In fact, the amount of time it usually takes to dry out a structure is longer than the amount of time it takes mold to grow. So if you wait, chances are once we pull back a wall or lift up your carpets, there will already be black mold damage. That means it’s going to take longer to mitigate the damage and cost more. It also means your insurer may balk at your claim because insurance doesn’t typically pay for mold removal services.


Letting your insurer pick your Grand Rapids water damage company

This can be the biggest mistake you make, and here is why: insurers make handshake agreements with big franchises to send claims their way and in exchange the big franchises promise to charge a lot less on the claim. Have you ever hired the cheapest bid you received and regretted it almost immediately. That happens when it comes to water damage services too. They try to find ways to recoup their profits, and that usually means cutting corners and not doing the full amount of work that should do in order to dry out your home properly.

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