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Our restoration company helps when you’re dealing with a water or flood emergency in the Kansas City MO area. When you call, we leap to action providing comprehensive water mitigation services at an affordable rate!  We provide certified restoration services, always back our service with a customer satisfaction guarantee, and of course would be happy to provide you with a free estimate…so give us a call now!


Emergency restoration services done fast – guaranteed!


When you need it cleaned up fast, just give us a call.  We have water damage restoration crews on call around the clock and scattered throughout the KC metro area, so we can always get to your flood damaged property fast- in fact, we can get there within 1 hour and usually much faster!

We respond immediately & arrive on-site within 60 minutes!


Free estimates for all work – never any hidden costs!


We always provide free flood damage cleaning estimates for any size job, no matter how big or small.  The process is simple: call us and we’ll dispatch a technician who will come to your property, perform a full walk-through, and then offer an estimate for our work and lay out the process to get your property restored!

Always upfront, always free estimates – just call!

Not sure how the water damage estimating process works? In the emergency restoration industry, we do things much differently than virtually all other trade services. That is because most of our work is paid for by insurance companies and therefore they decide what we are able to charge.  To find out how we calculate estimates based on approved insurance rates, watch this video about the Xactimate system:


Need help with your claim?  We bill insurance!


Not only do we offer an unsurpassed level of restoration service to our customers, but also assist them with their insurance claim if they plan on filing their loss.  We can work with the adjuster to handle your claim or we can even just bill the insurance company directly for our water extraction services!

We’ll bill the insurance company for our work!


cautionYou decide what water damage contractor you want to hire, not your insurer. If you allow them to, your adjuster will refer you to a restoration company they have an agreement with.  The agreement is simple: I’ll send you business if you charge the lowest possible amount for the claim. We don’t think that makes much sense for you. Do you really want to hire a company that considers the insurer their customer and provides you with cut-rate services?

Ultimately, you decide who you want to hire and the insurance company is obligated to work with that provider through the claims process. So hire a Kansas City water restoration company that is on your side!


Our job isn’t done unless you are 100% satisfied!


For us, it doesn’t matter how good of a job we’ve done unless you’re happy.  You’re our customer, and your home is the most important possession you own.  It’s why we work so hard to make sure you’re happy with every phase of our work and don’t consider our work done until you are!

We promise you’ll be completely satisfied with the work we’ve done!


We clean sewage back-ups & disinfect your property too!


We handle any type of water loss, including sewage back-ups.  Should one have occurred on your property, please be aware of how serious the situation is.  You should always contact a sewage removal company like us so that the cleanup and disinfection process is done correctly.

Call now if you need certified sewage cleaning services!


You also get a 1 year warranty on our restoration & cleaning services!


All of our restoration services are backed by a 1 year warranty on the work performed.  That means if you’re basement floods and we do the work, you can rest easy knowing our service will stand the test of time.  Should a problem arise due to our service, we’ll come out and fix it!

Choose us and get the best warranty in the business!


Know what water damage restoration service looks like…


Knowing what to expect helps you stay informed throughout the process.  The average water damage mitigation project takes around 4 days (not including any build-back services) and during that time there will be a lot of people and equipment coming in and out of your home. It can be confusing, so we’ve created the video below to outline the steps we usually take to cleanup water damage and dry out your structure.


Know what to expect when it comes to your water damage claim…


There’s now way around it, sometimes the insurance claim process can be a huge pain when you need professional water damage cleanup services. It doesn’t have to be, and in most cases can be avoided, but here’s some things we like to make potential clients aware of regarding what lies ahead of them with their claim.


Insurance adjusters typically have an informal agreement with a specific water restoration company.

We’ll let you decide whether their agreement serves your best interests…the insurer refers losses to the water mitigation company so long as the provider agrees to charge a fraction of the cost of what the loss should be charged at. So when your insurer is picking up the tab, do you want to go with a company that charges them a fraction of what they should? How thorough do you think they’re going to be when they’re having to severely discount their work?


Insurance adjusters want to pay as little as possible on your claim.

insurance-claim-formThis should be obvious, but their job is to help make the company profits, and that means paying out as little as possible on water damage repair claims. For some unfortunate folks, that means they’re left in the unenviable position of either not getting service that returned their property to its pre-loss condition, or they’re left picking up the tab for a portion of said service.

This doesn’t have to happen, and the best way to make sure it doesn’t is to hire a water restoration service that has a documented history of working with insurers on behalf of their clients.  We have that history, and we understand how to work with adjusters to:

() make clear the work we’re performing is both necessary and cost-effective

() make sure we’re properly compensated for that work


Not all KCMO water damage companies are the same!


contractor-customerWhen you pick up the phone and talk to a water mitigation company, how do you really know what you’re getting? We’ll fill you in on a dirty little secret in our industry: many of the contractors in our space are chasing insurance money and couldn’t care less about the work they do or the customers they service. In any field, you have bad actors and you have companies that genuinely care about helping people. And that’s no different in our field. But what makes us the right choice for your emergency water restoration services in Kansas City?

It’s simple: our people are the best.

Anybody can say that, but why is it true with us? Because of the amount of time, energy and resources we pour into making sure it’s true. With RestorationEze, anytime you call out one of our water damage service teams you’re guaranteed that:

() each technician is certified by the Clean Trust

() each technician is drug and alcohol free

() each technician has passed an extensive background screening process

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  • Insurance Approved

    And many, many more...
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