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flood-damage-companyReliable emergency restoration services are just a call away. With the best guarantees and warranties in the business, on-time and rapid responses, free estimates, and insurance billing, we make getting your water damaged property fixed simple and headache free. So no matter what time of the day or night it is, when a flooding event is discovered, you want to act quick and call us for professional help fast!


Water & Fire Damage Restoration in Jackson, MS!


Understanding your rights and obligations as a home or business owner is essential when it comes to mitigating your disaster.  All too often people are under the mistaken belief that their insurance company is the one that deals with the problems.  But that simply isn’t the case.  If you have flood damage in Jackson, MS, it’s your obligation to get the problem fixed….not the insurance company!


Who do I call first?


24-7-emergency-serviceThe answer to that question is very simple: you call a Jackson restoration company that can contain your water damage and get your home fixed.  Waiting any amount of time can cause serious problems so the first priority is always making sure you can begin the mitigation process immediately!  Unless your agent is a certified water damage company, they can’t help.

“But I thought I had to run everything through my insurance?”

Your insurance agent can’t get the water out and fix the mess before mold starts growing.  While it may be the case you’ll be filing a claim, getting a claim number isn’t the first priority.  Containing the loss it!


How much does it cost?


Our costs are dictated by the insurance companies, as they usually end up paying for most emergency restoration services we perform.  So unlike what you’re accustomed to, we don’t actually set our prices, and the cost estimates won’t vary much between restoration companies in Jackson MS.

photo_free_estimatesWe use a system called Xactimate and it’s actually used by all providers as well as by your adjuster.  So you know that when we’ve measured your loss and calculated the extent of damage and services required, the cost estimate is fair.

You should never over-pay for water damage cleanup services.  And with us, you’re guaranteed not to have any issues when you go to file your claim.  The cost is always fair and we never price-gouge you in your time of need!

How do we ensure a fair cost for any water restoration service?

We don’t dictate our pricing to you, but rather use the same system your insurance adjuster uses to catalogue our work and that system, called Xactimate, calculates the cost of the loss for us.  If you want to know how we estimate a water damage loss, feel free to watch this video explaining how it works and why it means our customers always get the price that is accepted by your insurance company:


How do I know the work will be done correctly?


satisfaction-guaranteeMake no mistake about it…the stakes are high when it comes to getting mitigation & restoration work done on your property.  If the work isn’t done properly, it could result in serious problems for you down the road.  Imagine a situation where you end up with water damage and call a company to get help, only to find out a few weeks or months later that they didn’t do a good job and now you have black.  It’s always a said situation, but one that doesn’t have to happen!

We guarantee your complete satisfaction with all of our services!


Want to see the Jackson water damage process in action?


For most, it’s a big mystery as to what we actually do to fix water damage in properties. While each job we do has its own challenges that require a unique approach, we’ve created the video below to give you a better idea for what we do and how we get your water loss mitigated and your home or business dry and fully restored!


Why is a water damage event an emergency?


mold-damageThere are a number of reasons any amount of water damage should be assessed by a professional water mitigation company, but chief among them is the risk of black mold. When excess moisture enters your property you’re under the gun to get it out before mold spores takes root and begin damaging your home’s structure (and potentially causing any inhabitants in the home to become ill).  And the countdown is much quicker than you probably expect.

Black mold only needs 48 hours to become a big problem and huge headache for you. It’s why when we say we offer emergency water restoration services, we mean.  It’s an emergency and if it doesn’t receive an urgent response, it can get ugly quick for you! At RestorationEze, we specialize in offering emergency water mitigation services designed to contain the loss and ensure the least amount of damage as possible while drying out the property before mold growth sets in!


If you live in Jackson and have a water, flood or fire damaged property and aren’t sure where to turn, please call us now! We specialize in rapid emergency responses to any Jackson disaster. Whether it’s a flooded basement or backed-up sewage, our Jackson restoration company has seen it all! Call us now for a free Jackson restoration quote and an immediate response!

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