Water Damage Durham

Each day, whether from heavy rains or a washing machine that decides it’s time to stop working, homes and businesses experience a flood loss. And when it happens, you can count on us to get your flooded property completely dry and restored. So if you are in the Durham area and find yourself dealing with a flooded warehouse or any residential water damage issue, please call us now for immediate help and a free, no obligation estimate!


When it comes to water damage, we clean it up fast!


As the saying goes, time is money.  And with water damage, that’s especially true.  As water sits, it causes more damage and increases the costs associated with the flood damage cleanup process.  So if you have standing water, don’t wait around, call us now for immediate help!

We guarantee a 60 minute or less response time!


Free Durham water cleanup estimates every time!


If you’re dealing with a wet home and you’re not sure who to turn to, how much it will cost, or whether your insurance company will cover it, just call us.  We are insurance-specialists, and can always send out a water extraction crew to perform an on-site estimate for cleanup & drying at no cost or obligation to you!

Call us if you’d like a free quote now!


We get it done right each & every time!


Like any other service or industry, we have our fair share of bad apples.  Durham water restoration companies that simply don’t provide good service.  But should it happen to you, it could end up causing more problems.  But pick us, and we’ll provide you with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!

We guarantee your satisfaction!


We can handle insurance claims or bill insurance direct!


Any many cases our Durham NC restoration services are covered by insurance.  Whether it’s cleaning up sewage back-ups or mitigating a basement flood, we can work with the adjuster assigned to your loss and ensure speedy resolution to your claim.  Or, we can bill the insurer directly for the restoration costs.

Call us and we’ll send the bill to your insurer!


Each tech is trained, screened, & certified to do the work!


Some restoration companies hire convicted felons and/or send out technicians that simply don’t know what they are doing when it comes to mitigating your water loss.  It puts you, and your property, at risk.  But call us and rest easy knowing the technicians are screened and fully trained & certified to get your property restored!

Go with the best – give us a call today!


What should you know if you have water damage in Durham?


The moments after you discover flooding are crucial, and can make or break the experience that lies ahead of you.  At RestorationEze, our goal is to make sure you have the best experience possible, even if that isn’t through using our water damage cleanup services.  So here’s some things you should know if you’ve just discovered flooding.


Any delay will result in black mold.


Mold remediationFirst thing first, let’s talk about what happens if you don’t immediately deal with the moisture issue. There are many negative consequences to delaying the work, chief among them is black mold.  It won’t take long (usually around the 48 hour mark) to grow and the costs of cleaning up mold damage can be significantly more than water damage and your insurance company won’t pay for it.

We can’t stress this enough – at least call us or another Durham water damage company to properly assess the situation so you at least know what you’re up against and understand your options!


A claim number from your adjuster isn’t necessary to get work started.


What’s the first thing you should do when you find water damage?  If you said call your insurance company you would be wrong.  If you said fix the problem, you would be right! Who cleans water damage?  A professional restoration company, not your adjuster. A claim will properly be necessary, but it certainly isn’t the first step.

Anytime you discover water damage, you need to call a company that can contain that damage, lessen the extent of the loss, and begin the mitigation process.  That’s us, and we hope you’ll give us a call if you need a Durham water restoration service that can respond quickly to your emergency!


Prices are fixed according to insurance-standard rates.


That’s one of the biggest surprises to most people.  Instead of getting wildly different cost estimates from multiple restoration companies, you’re going to discover that rates are uniform.  Insurers disclose the amount they will pay for any possible action we take, such that when you get our estimate you know it’s the cost your insurer has already agreed to pay.

If you would like, watch the video below to learn how that system works:


Services should always be performed by IICRC certified technicians.


iicrc-logoIf you’re talking to a water damage restoration company, make sure they’re fully certified by the IICRC.  In our industry, it’s the accrediting body that educates technicians to ensure they’ve mastered water mitigation services.  Even if you don’t go with us, we hope you’ll do your homework and make sure you’re using an IICRC-certified water damage company so that you can have confidence the work is being performed according to the industry-standard norms set forth by the IICRC.


What does certified water damage service look like?


Many people, especially if they’re faced with a flood loss for the first time, don’t know what we do. It’s why we’ve created the video below that shows you what steps we take and the types of equipment we use to mitigate your water damage.


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