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When it comes to Greensboro flood emergencies, no one is more prepared to help get your property fully restored than us. Our certified restoration company is standing by 24/7 to help when you’re facing a water loss emergency and you need professional help immediately. So call now for a rapid response and free, on-site water damage restoration estimate.


Fast & reliable restoration services – around the clock!


When you’re faced with flood damage to your home or business, you need a restoration company in Greensboro that is reliable and can move quickly to contain the water damage and begin the drying  process.  We always answer your call & always provide an immediate response, day or night!

So call if you need emergency help!


Always free quotes – never any obligation!


Whether it’s cleaning up a basement flood or repairing water damage from a refrigerator line that came unhooked, we always offer potential customers a completely free estimate.  Our technician can explain the process to get your property restored and walk through the cost estimate in detail with you!

What’s better than a free water restoration quote?  Call now!

Don’t be afraid of the estimating price and the price you are going to receive! A lot of customers think we’re out to prey on their vulnerability and will charge them way more than what we should. While that does happen with other Greensboro water damage companies, it never happens with us. But how can you be sure? We use the exact same piece of software an insurance adjuster uses to quote your loss. Watch the video below to see how Xactimate works.


We train, certify & screen every field technician


Some restoration companies in Greensboro hire any Joe of the street and throw him into the field without the right training…the end result can cost you money and heartache.  But we screen every candidate and when hired they undergo a lot of training & obtain the proper certifications before they work on any projects!

Don’t end up with shoddy restoration service…call us!

How can we be so confident in the water restoration services we offer? Because we hire the best people and we make sure they’re properly trained to do the work. That means making sure our technicians always follow the IICRC S500 water damage restoration manual. To see what the water mitigation & repair process entails, watch the video below:


Need a certified sewage extraction company?


When it comes to a sewer back-up, caution is key.  For you, that means exiting the property immediately and calling for a professional sewage removal company in Greensboro.  We offer complete sewage damage cleanup & repair services and of course guarantee that you’ll be 100% satisfied.

Call for fast, affordable sewage cleaning service!


Want us to bill the insurance company?  No problem!


We can easily bill our water removal services to your insurance company.  As an insurance-approved Greensboro NC water restoration company, we work with adjusters from all insurance companies to help our customers get their claim reimbursed or just make sure the process goes smoothly.

So give us a call and ask about our insurance services!


insurance-claim-formHow do I know if my water damage is covered under insurance? We can’t say for sure what your policy covers, but we can give you some insight based on our experience. First, it’s important to know what type of policy(ies) you have. Do you have both homeowners insurance and flood insurance? If so, you’re probably covered for almost any type of home water damage in Greensboro you have. But if you only have homeowners insurance, the cause of the loss will have to be a water event that originated within your property (versus an outside water source like rain).

The other tricky aspect is if you have a water loss that the adjuster determines you could have prevented with routine maintenance. The most common example is a water heater that is really old and gives out and leaks everywhere. If the insurance adjuster surveys the loss and sees the cause was a rusted out water heater that very clearly was well beyond its lifespan, they may blame you and say that you are responsible for covering the cost of water damage restoration.


We guarantee you’ll love our restoration services!


It isn’t just about showing up and collecting a check.  It’s your home, and your life is affected…it isn’t an easy thing to go through.  We hope that you’ll give us a chance to show you what we’re all about, and that’s providing restoration service that you can count on.  We guarantee your complete satisfaction!

Don’t choose the wrong restoration service…call us!


Common Home Water Damage Issues


We see a lot of water losses that never needed to happen, so hopefully if you’ve had one you can at least prevent the next one by maintaining these household systems:


Attic pipes bursting

Do you have your water heater in the attic and plumbing pipes up there too? While we don’t often experience harsh freezing temperatures, all it takes is one cold snap before un-insulated pipes start freezing and bursting. Make sure you wrap your water heater along with any plumbing pipes in your attic with insulation!


Sewer backups from a clogged line

fats-oils-grease-clogging-restaurant-sewer-lineThese are bad scenarios not just because they could have been prevented, but because of how dangerous raw sewage can be. If you pour cooking grease down your drain, you’re asking for trouble! Pour it into a glass jar and throw the jar out once it’s full! Also, install a sewer backflow prevention valve outside of your home to keep water from coming back up your pipes and into your home!


Household appliances failing

The common culprit is supply lines feeding appliances that use water (water heater, washing machine, dishwasher, sinks, toilets & refrigerators). It is recommended you check these supply lines every 6 months and if you detect any weakness (cracking, bubbling, crinks, etc.) to replace them. It’s really cheap and easy to do but if you don’t feel comfortably hire a plumber!

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