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If your home or office has experienced any type of water or flood damage, we offer professional restoration services at an affordable price. Our Winston-Salem water damage restoration company is licensed, insured & certified to provide the highest level of disaster mitigation services, no matter how much damage has been done!  Just call for an immediate response & free estimate now!


Need help now?  Call for emergency restoration services!


Any type of water loss represent an emergency.  If you wait around to call for professional flood damage repair help, or if the company you call doesn’t respond immediately, it puts at jeopardy and costs more money to fix.  So call now and we promise to be available and can dispatch a truck to your house immediately!

24/7, 365 days a year, we’re here to help!


toxic-moldWhat happens if you delay? The consequences of a delay on your part can be severe. If you wait a couple of days to call for help, there is a high probability that by the time we get there your home will have elevated levels of black mold. The complicates the water mitigation process and can complicate your insurance claim. In fact, they may deny it altogether depending on the timing of the loss and your response. We can’t stress this any more strongly to you: if you’ve discovered any amount of water damage in your home, call a certified professional to assess the loss. If you don’t, you could end up regretting it in the not too distant future!


Upfront, free water cleanup & drying estimate!


Save yourself the headache of calling a bunch of contractors and just call us and we’ll come out and give you a free estimate for whatever needs to be done to get your property back to normal.  Our prices are driven by the insurance companies’ estimating software, so you know the price is fair & reasonable!

Call for immediate help AND a completely free estimate!


contractor-customerOne thing customers should never have to worry about when they’re faced with an emergency water damage situation is whether or not the company they hire is charging them (or their insurer) the right price. Why do we use the term ‘right’ when describing pricing? Because there is actually set prices for our work…all of it. Every single line item in our invoice has a set price assigned to it, and that price is actually set by your insurer. It’s much different than what you might expect, but the process guarantees all parties (you, your water damage company and your adjuster) are on the same page when it comes to the cost of the damages. If you want to know more about how all of that works, watch this video:


Our company can bill insurance directly!


When it comes to helping our customers through a difficult experience, we do whatever we can.  Part of our assistance can be helping manage the loss claim with your insurance and helping expedite the reimbursement process.  Or if it’s easier, we can just bill the insurance carrier so you don’t have to pay upfront.

We’re here to help – just ask about our insurance assistance!


insurance-claim-formBut will my loss be covered? Short answer: it depends. Long answer: what type of insurance policies do you have and where did the home water damage come from? If you have policies for homeowners and national flood insurance, then you’re probably covered regardless of what happened. But if you don’t have flood insurance and the water damage in your home was the result of water from outside getting inside, that is not typically covered by your policy.

The best thing to do if you are trying to determine whether or not to file a claim is call us before you call your insurer. We know how to work with them and how to avoid pitfalls that can lead to denied claims. We will fight on your behalf to get all legitimate costs covered by them.


We make sure the work is done right every time!


Shoddy water cleanup & mitigation work can end up making things exponentially worse.  If the restoration company in Asheville NC doesn’t do a good job, it could cost you a lot o money.  But by choosing us, you can be guaranteed it will be done correctly & to your complete satisfaction…so just call now!

We offer a customer satisfaction guarantee!


Any missteps can put you in a terrible situation, and with other Winston-Salem water restoration companies, we see those results firsthand. What can happen? The worst case scenario is you hire a company to restore your property after flooding, they come in and do some work, your insurer pays for the damages, then weeks later you see black mold. Why is this so bad? Ignoring the health risks, now you’re dealing with a situation where you need someone else to come in and fix a very expensive problem that your insurance company isn’t going to help you with!


Certified service from screened & drug-free technicians!


Our #1 priority is your safety.  That means making sure that any water restoration services we perform are done according to industry best-practices.  All of our technicians are certified!  But it also means making sure they’re good people…so we drug-test and background screen all technicians before they’re hired!

We want you and your home to be safe!


Ask about our 1 year full service warranty!


We try to provide our customers with as much assurance as possible that we’re going to do a great job.  Whether it’s extracting sewage or repairing a flooded kitchen, you can be sure that we’ll stand behind the work that is performed.  In fact, any service we provide is backed by a full one year warranty!

Choose us and the service is backed by a 1 year warranty!


Watch our Winston-Salem water damage company in action!


What exactly do we do? How does the process work? These are questions we usually get from customers that give us a call. We decided to make a video that helps explain what we do and shows potential customers how the process of cleaning up water damage and restoring properties usually unfolds. Please watch it, and if you would like to discuss your loss in more detail, or you have questions for us, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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