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flood-damage-companyWe offer 24/7 rapid response for any water or fire emergency you might be experiencing. If it’s a small residential disaster or large commercial loss, or anything in between, our Omaha restoration restoration company has the experience and personnel to help. We offer free estimates and an immediate response throughout the Omaha area and stand behind all of our water restoration services with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!


When it’s an emergency, you need someone you can trust!


When you need a water damage company, you really need someone that you can trust.  Trust to be responsive to your call.  Trust to hire reputable people and to train them effectively.  And trust that they’ll do the work correctly.  We understand what it takes to be of service during a flood emergency, and we work hard to earn your trust throughout the project!


black-mold-cabinetsWhy should your home water damage always be treated as an emergency? Beyond the initial concerns of electrocution and portions of the home giving way due to being wet and loosing their strength, the other pressing concern is black mold damage. Within about 72 hours, and sometimes even less time, mold damage will begin to form. Once it takes hold, the toll can be devastating, both to your home and your health. It’s why every water damage emergency should be treated with the utmost urgency and dealt with immediately!


We give you a free & upfront estimate!


Free_EstimatesGetting an honest quote for the entire scope of your flood damage restoration project is easy.  Just give us a call and one of our crews will come out to your property, at which point the project manager can measure the damage and use universal estimating software to calculate the cost of any mitigation work required!

We use industry-standard pricing so you know it’s fair!


If you’d like to understand better how estimates are calculated when it comes to water damage in Omaha, we made a video to explain it. When you use a reputable water mitigation company like us, you get peace of mind knowing that the prices are calculated using the rates insurance companies have already approved. It’s much different than most industries and would probably worth your time to watch the video below so you understand how it works!


What about my insurance company?


bill-directDon’t worry about that either!  We probably have already worked with your insurer before and know the adjuster.  We can work with him or her directly to make sure the insurance claim is taken care of and so that you don’t have to waste your energy pushing that rock up a hill!  In fact, we can bill the insurance company for our services!

We do direct-insurance billing on insurance repairs!


How do you know if your water damage cleanup costs are covered by insurance? If you have homeowners insurance and the damage is caused by a sudden water event that originated inside the home, you’re probably covered. Why do we say probably? Because sometimes adjusters will outright deny claims if they think the damage was caused by your neglect. In other words, if your water heater leaked and they come in to inspect the loss and see the water heater was 10 years past its useful lifespan and was rusted and corroded, they may say you caused the loss by not having it replaced years ago!


We even repair sewage damage!


cautionSewer back-ups are never something you want to mess with!  And we don’t say that because of the smell.  While unpleasant, it’s not the big issue.  Any sewage cleanup job puts a person at risk of contracting nasty diseases if not suited up with full haz-mat suits.  We offer complete sewage extraction and cleaning services!

Don’t play with fire – call us for help immediately!


We cleanup basement flooding the right way!


Basement Flood Clean-upHas your basement flooded from a busted pipe?  Snowmelt or a heavy rain?  Regardless the reason, basement water extraction and repair services require meticulous attention to detail and strict adherence to proper protocol.  We have the right equipment and trained professionals to properly repair basement flood damage at your home!

Don’t leave your basement wet – call for help!


All work is guaranteed!


satisfaction-guaranteeAs a homeowner, we don’t think there is much better than knowing any water cleanup services performed will be done to your complete satisfaction.  We are acutely aware of the fear and stress caused by water damage.  It’s why we try and relieve that stress by ensuring the work will be done correctly & that you’ll be happy!

Don’t stress a minute longer – we guarantee your satisfaction!


Certified flood restoration servicesHow can we guarantee you’ll be happy? Our commitment to our customers is something that we take very seriously, and ultimately it’s what makes us the best choice for your water damage service needs. We take the time to educate our technicians about the right ways to mitigate damage, dry out structures, and prevent mold. But we also make they’re fully trained by the leading 3rd party certification body in our industry, the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certification. While plenty of Omaha water damage companies will skip steps or unknowingly perform tasks that can cause huge mistakes, our technicians know the science behind their work and understand how best to dry out your home and make sure it’s safe!


Watch our water damage cleanup service video!


Most people are using our service for the first time, and as such they have little or no knowledge of how we get their home dry and fully restored. Because we feel like education our customers is one of our jobs, we made the video below to explain how professional water damage services work. Hopefully you can get a sense for the amount of manpower, knowledge and equipment are necessary to do the job. If you’re even entertaining the idea of not calling a professional water damage company and instead rolling up your sleeves and taking on the project yourself, please watch the video below!


Call today for fast, reliable, and friendly water damage mitigation services!

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