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When Cleveland homes or offices experience water disasters, our Cleveland restoration company can help. No matter how big or small the damage, we offer complete flood damage cleanup & restoration services designed to get you back to normal quickly!  We offer insurance assistance, always provide you with a free quote, guarantee your complete satisfaction, and even back all services with a 1 year warranty.  So call now for an immediate response & free cost estimate!


Call us now for a completely free restoration estimate!


Before we can begin the water damage restoration process, we first need to see the extent of damage and lay out a plan for mitigating your loss.  That entails sending out a technician to survey the property and explain what we need to do to dry and restore things, and of course we can offer our cost estimate at that time!

There’s never any obligation to choose us!


Emergency Cleveland restoration services – 24/7 response!


We’re able to provide an immediate response to any basement flood or water loss emergency throughout the Cleveland metro area.  We have crews available anytime you find yourself dealing with an emergency, and can dispatch the closest crew to your property at the time you call – 24/7/365 rain, sun or shine!

If you need service now, please give us a call!


Has your sewer line backed up?  We can clean it up!


Cleaning up sewer back-ups is not something a home or business owner should ever try to do.  It can be an extremely toxic situation and requires a lot personal safety gear and strict protocols during the extraction & restoration process.  So if you’ve got a sewage back-up, please give us a call for a free estimate!

We offer free quotes for sewage cleaning service!


100% customer satisfaction guarantee!


What’s better than knowing than once we’re done you’ll be guaranteed to be satisfied with our work?  We believe that we’re the right choice for all of your water restoration needs, and to prove it, we give each of our customers the security that comes with knowing they’re guaranteed to be completely happy!

We guarantee your complete satisfaction!


We also provide a 1 year restoration service warranty!


Our commitment to our customers doesn’t stop once we leave.  Unlike other restoration companies in Cleveland, we stand by the water extraction or repair work we do with a full 1 year warranty on service.  That means if an issue arises and it’s because of any mistake we’ve made, we’ll come back and take care of it!

Just ask about our service warranties!


We are insurance approved & can bill direct to them!


Another aspect of our service that customers find convenient is our insurance assistance program.  With specialists on staff, our help can range from working with your insurance company to ensure fast reimbursement of your claim, or we can even go a step further and bill them for any and all of our restoration services in Cleveland!

We make the insurance claim process headache-free!


Is this your first time dealing with water damage?


If so, we want to help you learn about the restoration process and get a better idea of what it entails.  While each water mitigation & restoration job varies, some things you can expect.  We made this video to help you learn what the main steps are should you use a professional water restoration contractor.


Learn how we estimate restoration services at RestorationEze!


You don’t need to worry about getting fleeced on the estimate or paying too much for restoration services, at least not if you call us.  We make sure every one of our emergency restoration contractors in Cleveland uses the same system as your insurance adjuster to price any services you need.  It’s called Xactimate, and here’s how it works:


Get timely answers to your questions!


We want to make sure you get the right answers in a timely fashion so that you can make educated decisions. Here are some common questions we get from people that have discovered water damage to their home or business.


How much time does it take for mold to grow?

basement-moldWhat many people don’t realize is that every environment has a small level of mold in it that is not harmful and is completely natural. Mold becomes a problem when the spore count reaches certain levels, and that’s only possible when excess moisture is introduced. When moisture is introduced after flooding mold grows within 24-48 hours.

Obviously that doesn’t leave you much time to deal with the moisture problem, and is the main reason we stress the importance of any immediate response. If you wait a day for your adjuster to get back to you, or a company tries to schedule you a week out, you’re only costing yourself bigger headaches.


How long does the water mitigation process take?

Getting standing water out usually only takes a couple of hours. The drying process, on average, takes 3 days. Sometimes it can be longer, sometimes shorter.


Will my insurance cover the loss?

While every policy differs, here are a couple of things to ask yourself in trying to know whether or not you’re covered by insurance.

insurance-claim-formDid the water originate from inside the house? If you had a pipe burst, or a toilet backup, a sink overflow, or an appliance malfunction, that is typically covered. If the water damage was the result of outside flooding from rains, melting snow, etc. that isn’t covered under a typical policy and instead requires flood insurance.

Was the loss sudden? In the examples above, the water event is sudden and thus covered. But if you have a slow leak over time, insurers often times will not cover the cost to mitigate the damage as they will claim you didn’t properly maintain the property.


Who do I call to report a sewer backup from a city drain overflow?

Contact the Cleveland Water Department!


Is there any financial assistance available?

We understand that often times people don’t have the financial capacity to pay for certain natural disasters that can occur, and the most common is flooding. In instances where a federal disaster has been declared, there are disaster assistance programs that might be available to you. If you are not able to procure help on the federal level, the Ohio Emergency Management Agency has an individual assistance program that may be helpful.


Water damage restoration by the numbers….


Once every eleven years.  The average number of times a homeowner needs a professional water damage company to mitigate a water loss.

24-72 hours.  The amount of time required for mold to grow after water damage in Cleveland.  Think you can wait around and the situation will get better or stay the same?  You’re in for a rude awakening.  Mold growth isn’t covered by insurance, but water damage repair services typically are…don’t wait around – call for help immediately!

$2,800.  The average cost of a water mitigation services nationwide.  Some losses can be as little a few hundred dollars, others can be tens of thousands.

20%.  The number of water damage companies that are actually certified to perform water restoration services.

$7/square foot.  The average price of category 3 (black water) water mitigation services.  If you need sewage damage cleanup, this is a ballpark price per square foot you’re looking at to have contaminated items removed and the area cleaned, disinfected, and dried.

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