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For over 2 decades, Oklahoma City residents and businesses have counted on us when they’ve experienced flooding.  From an immediate response and on-time arrival guarantee to our best-in-class service warranties, we go the extra mile to provide timely, effective, & affordable water damage restoration & cleanup services.  So if your property has standing water in it, please give us a call and we’ll come out and provide you with a free quote!


Day or night emergency restoration services in OKC!


We can rapidly respond to any flood damage cleanup call and have crews available around the clock.  Each crew drives a fully-stocked truck and arrives ready to get to work!  So no matter when you call, we’ll always answer the phone and we’ll be able to dispatch a crew immediately to your property for an on-site walk through!

Your call is always our first priority!


Free on-site estimate from a knowledgeable technician!


It’s usually the case that when we’re called to a property, it’s the first time a water loss has happened for the customer.  So to help give you a better sense for how the process works, what type of water damage you have, etc. we always provide you with a free damage assessment, consultation, and cost estimate for the work!

So call now for free in-home consultation & quote!


Want to the best guarantees & warranties?


We take care of our customers.  Leaving your home after we’ve done our job without you being happy with our water cleanup service simply isn’t an option.  It’s why our focus is always on making sure you’re happy throughout every phase of the project.  When we’re done, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied!

You’re going to love our service…we guarantee it!


We also clean & repair properties after sewer back-ups!


When it comes to cleaning up the mess left behind from a sewer back-up, nobody does it better or quicker than us.  If you have raw sewage in your home, please make sure you leave the property and call us.  We have the proper safety gear and know the proper procedures to safely cleanup sewage and repair your property!

Fast sewage removal service is a phone call away!


We assist customers with their insurance claim!


If you’ve been doing in searching for a water restoration company in OKC, then you’ve probably seen the term ‘insurance-approved’ tossed around.  What this means is that we can work with your insurance company on your water loss claim.  And if makes more sense, we can go a step further & bill them directly!

Ask about our insurance-direct billing options!


Rest easy knowing our technicians are the best around!


CertificateIconHiring misfits and cutting corners when it comes to restoration services is no way to stay in business.  We know how important it is to hire the best employees and make sure they can provide great service.  It’s why each technician goes through a thorough background-screening & is always trained and certified as a water damage tech!

Don’t end up getting help from the wrong people!


Know the process before work begins…


One thing we’ve found that plays a significant role in the happiness of our customers is the amount of information they have.  It’s why we strive to make sure you understand exactly who we are as an OKC water damage company and that you understand the process that lies ahead of you.  To help you, we’ve created some videos below and have some FAQs!


How do you come up with the costs for water damage restoration?


When you get an estimate from a RestorationEze water mitigation contractor, it means you’ve got a price quote that’s reasonable and based off of your insurance company’s already accepted rates! If you have additional questions about the estimating process, or would like to schedule a free onsite water restoration estimate, just give us a call!


How do you repair water damage & dry my property?


How will I know what my insurance is paying for?

contractor-customerInsurance should cover the full costs of any water restoration services in OKC less your deductible, and even with the deductible, we can usually help you offset that expense. The reason we’re confident in that is simply the nature of how our industry works.  We don’t give your insurance company an invoice based on the prices we want to charge, but instead simply provide them with the list of services we’ve provided along with all of the proper documentation showing why that work was necessary (think before photos, moisture readings during the job, etc.).

They base the reimbursement amount (in other words, the amount they pay us) on the accepted rates for every service we’ve provided.  That’s not to say there can’t be problems with your insurance claim, but generally speaking it’s our responsibility to work directly with the insurer to make sure we are properly paid for the water damage repair services we deem necessary to fully restore your property!


Is my water loss an emergency?

Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgYes, any amount of excess moisture in your floors, walls or other areas of your property represent an emergency.  Given how little time mold needs, and how much water damage can weaken the supporting structures of your property, it needs to be addressed immediately.  We take too many calls where people wait 3 days to call our water damage contractors in OKC and they end up with not just a water loss but also mold damage.  It doesn’t have to be that way, and we hope it won’t be for you.  Just give us a call and we’re on our way!


Any water damage mitigation job begins with containing the loss, meaning we must begin the water extraction process to stop the flow of water to unaffected areas.  Once we have all standing water cleaned up, we can then apply an anti-microbial spray to give us some more time to dry out the structure before black mold growth occurs.  Next, we dry out the structure.  Once complete (usually 3+ days), we can begin the build back process to make sure your home looks like new again!

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