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flood-damage-companyWhether it is a residential or commercial disaster, our Beaverton water damage restoration can quickly and effectively restore your damaged property. We offer complete water, flood or fire damage repair services and would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your emergency and discuss your best options. We focus on offering an emergency response, day or night, and understand that when minutes count you need a restoration company you can depend on to respond quickly and work just as fast!


Not sure what it will cost? We offer free estimates!


Free_EstimatesWe always make sure you have a complete understanding of both the work necessary to repair water damage in your home along with the full cost of the repairs. In order to do that, we need to visually assess the home and take moisture readings and measurements to know exactly what needs to be mitigated. Once we’ve completed the assessment (about 1 hour), we can offer you a free estimate for any water damage cleanup services you may need!

We price all of our services using Xactimate! Okay, that probably doesn’t mean anything to you at this point, but we’ll explain. Xactimate is the leading software provider for insurance repair estimates. In fact, it’s used not only by Beaverton water damage companies but also insurance adjusters. It ensures uniformity throughout the process and ensures that your adjuster won’t balk when presented with the cost of our services. Here is how the pricing system works:


Certified & insured water damage repair services in Beaverton OR!


CertificateIconDid you know that unlike plumbers and electricians, restoration companies don’t have to be certified by the state? So how do you know if someone knows what they are doing and will perform the work correctly? The best way to ensure the water damage contractor you hire can get the job done right is to make sure they are certified by the IICRC. All of our restoration teams carry the proper certifications and are fully insured to protect you in case of an accident!


Never have doubt the work will be done the right way!


satisfaction-guaranteeYou can not take chances when you’re talking about emergency water restoration services. It’s either done right and you can get back to your life worry-free or it’s done wrong and you’ll be left dealing with some serious problems that could put your health at risk and put a hurting on your pocket book. We always perform any water damage mitigation services according to IICRC protocol and have faith you’ll be completely satisfied with our work!


What will happen if the water mitigation services aren’t done correctly?


black-mold-2It’s truly a worst case scenario: you do what you think is the right thing, hire the Beaverton water restoration company your adjuster tells you to call. They spend a few days with machines running, get done and have you sign some paperwork. A few weeks later, you start noticing some problems. Your walls get some discoloration or your carpets start to smell funny. If you have wood floors, maybe they have started to cup or warp. What happened? They didn’t get out all of the moisture out. Several things can go wrong during the water damage restoration process:


Not finding the water soaked surfaces properly

This should never happen with a certified water damage company in Beaverton, but unfortunately it does. The first task any technician should take is moisture readings to determine exactly where the water has spread. It requires a few different instruments to do right, and without those instruments, the task is virtually impossible. Yet some restoration contractors will actually just visually assess the property and then get to work. Check out the image below to see the folly in that approach:




Improperly drying surfaces resulting in secondary water damage

toxic-moldDrying out surfaces can take many shapes, but in all cases the goal is to turn the water into a gas (evaporation) and then trap the gas in dehumidifiers. But some people don’t use the right amount of dehumidifiers, which means the evaporated moisture won’t be properly collected and will simply travel to another part of the room or house and stick to a surface that was previously dry. Eventually, this area will produce black mold and if left unchecked can ravage your home and make you very sick.


Not using anti-microbial agents

The average drying time for a wet structure is just over 3 days. The average amount of time black mold needs to grow after moisture is introduced is 2 days. So how do we protect against immediate mold growth? We apply an anti-microbial spray that inhibits mold growth. To save money, some water restoration services will skip this step. That is a really bad move on their part and something that can come back to bite you in the butt.


Our video below is a brief snapshot of what the water damage repair service process looks like, from the initial assessment up through the final walkthrough. Please take a minute to watch it so that you know what we do and what you can expect!


Let our representatives handle your water damage insurance claim


insurance-claim-formWhen you discover your home water damage, the first thing you should do is call us or another qualified water mitigation company in Beaverton. There are a couple of main reasons: one, you need to have the moisture issue fixed quickly before you get black mold. An insurance claim can get really tricky if there is mold present. Second, your insurer doesn’t necessarily act in your best interest when trying to get your home dried out. We’ll explain…

If you call your adjuster and they ask you to call one of the big franchises in the area, they are doing that for one reason only: that franchise isn’t going to charge anywhere near the going rate for your project. Remember, all of our prices are already set by your insurer. But these companies will discount their services by as much as 50% in exchange for constant referrals from your adjuster. When someone is only charging half of what they should, they have to find way to make up for the loss of revenue. The easiest way is to provide less service. If they take short cuts, they can lessen their costs and make up the difference on the lost revenue.

How do you make sure you get the outcome with your claim that you deserve? Call us. We fight for you, not your insurer. We will combine our years of experience and knowledge of working with adjusters to do everything we can to make sure they fulfill their financial duties to you!

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