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flood-damage-companyOur Portland restoration company is available when you’ve experienced a flooding loss that requires professional help from certified technicians.  No matter what type of water or fire loss you’ve experienced, you can count on us for an immediate response, a free no obligation estimate, and service guaranteed to satisfy!  We know that pain a flood can cause and are here to get you through a tough experience quickly so you can get things back to normal!


We’re there in less than 60 minutes – guaranteed!


24-7-emergency-serviceWe can dispatch our closest on-call crew anywhere in the Portland metro area at the time you call.  Our water damage cleanup crews always arrive in a fully-stocked truck and can begin mitigating your loss within minutes of arriving.  So if you have standing water and need help now, please call us for immediate assistance!

We’re on-call and available to help whenever you need it!


We offer affordable restoration service – call for a free estimate!


photo_free_estimatesService rates should not be much different between reputable restoration companies in Portland.  The reason for that is because we all use the same estimating software, called Xactimate.  So if you want to know how much it costs to cleanup flood damage at your home or business, just call us for a free quote!

We never charge a penny to provide you with an estimate!


Call us for Portland restoration service you can trust!


CertificateIconOur technicians are simply the best in the business.  That isn’t bluster, it’s the truth.  For every job opening, we have a few hundred applicants.  And each person that we hire as a water cleanup technician has been background checked & drug-tested.  And of course, we make sure they’re fully certified & insured!

Choose us & get the best service in the industry!


We make sure it’s done right & that you’re happy!


satisfaction-guaranteeAll too often companies perform restoration work with one goal in mind: do just enough to collect their check from the insurance provider.  And once that happens, they’ll never be heard from again.  Instead, our focus is on providing the best possible service and we guarantee that you’ll be 100% satisfied!

Portland restoration service backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee!


When it comes to water, don’t take chances – call us!


cautionA lot the calls we get are from people that thought they could effectively mitigate their loss and dry out their structure on their own, only to discover they ended up not getting the moisture out completely.  If you have a sewer back-up or any other type of water loss, please call us for professional cleanup & restoration help!

Don’t take chances – call us for professional service!


We assist customers with their insurance claims!


bill-directIf you choose us when you need a Portland restoration company, not only will you get great service guaranteed, but we can also help you should you be filing a claim to be reimbursed for your loss.  And in many cases, we can go a step further and just bill our work to the insurance company instead of you!

Ask about our insurance billing direct option!


Let’s make sure some of your initial questions are answered…


Because face it, right now you’ve probably got a lot more questions than answers, and part of this process is making sure you get the right answers.  Here’s some questions that we get often:


Can I get the work started or do I need my insurer’s blessing?


You can’t afford to wait around for your insurance company to do something about your water loss.  Whether it’s late at night, on the weekend, or during a flood event in which they’re busy, waiting for your insurer to do anything is a mistake.  That’s not to say they won’t need to be called in, but they certainly aren’t the first call you want to make.

Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgWhen it comes to water damage, you need to call a professional restoration company to mitigate the loss.  The insurance claim, the paperwork, etc. can all be dealt with in due time.  But when minutes and hours count, and the longer you wait the more damage is done, you need emergency water mitigation services, not an insurance claim number.


Should I get several estimates?


You should do whatever makes you comfortable.  We won’t tell you what to do, our job is to explain to you what our professional opinion is and to explain your options as well as the benefits or potential drawbacks for any action.

So when it comes to getting estimates, we like to explain a couple of things:

1) All water damage companies in Portland use the same system to estimate losses.

2) Getting multiple estimates means wasting valuable time and ensuring more damage occurs and that the costs will go up.

Because we all use the same software to calculate your costs, and the rates for any work we do are determined by your insurance company, if you call us or another certified water mitigation contractor that uses Xactimate, you should be confident in the estimate. Here’s how that works:


How do you spot the water damage?


In some areas it will be obvious, but you’d be surprised to learn that most moisture can’t be spotted by the human eye until it’s too late.  So to combat hidden moisture, we have a wealth of moisture detection systems we use depending on the surface type we’re checking for water damage.  In some cases we’ll use a moisture probe that has a prong on it that can be inserted into the surface to determine the moisture content of the surface.

In other cases, we’ll use thermal imaging cameras that highlight temperature changes in your property.  You can see an example below and the difference this type of equipment makes on being able to properly assess a loss and determine the true scope of the water damage restoration process ahead of you and us:



How do you prevent black mold?


Preventing black mold can only be accomplished by removing the moisture it needs to grow.  But one thing you should know is that if you wait 48+ hours to begin the water damage restoration process, you’re going to end up with black mold.  It doesn’t need much moisture and it doesn’t need much time to grow.

Mold remediationSo for us, the biggest key is beginning the water mitigation process as quickly after the flooding as possible and making sure our drying equipment doesn’t stop until all surface moisture readings are safe.  But to help us (or rather, to give us more time), we do apply a standard anti-microbial spray after we’ve cleanup up the surface water but before we’ve put down our drying equipment.  The long and short of it is we guarantee your property to be mold-free once we’re done!

If you would like to learn more about the process we typically employ to combat water damage, feel free to watch the video below:



How do you handle insurance claims?


insurance-claim-formFor us, working with insurance adjusters is second nature.  Most of the water damage cleanup work we do is covered by insurance so we’re used to working with them and have probably worked with your adjuster previously.  We don’t view them as an adversary, but realize they too play an important role in the process of getting your home or office restored after flooding damage.

The role between us and your insurer is pretty simple: it’s our job to professionally mitigate your water damage, explain what needs to be done and why.  Your insurance adjuster naturally wants the claim to be as small as possible, but ultimately they have to rely on us to determine the most affective (and cost-affective) route to take.

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