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flood-damage-companyWe make the process of receiving certified, affordable & fast emergency restoration services simple by providing a one-stop shop.  Our goal is to make what can be a devastating experience less painful.  Our customer service reps are always available, our technicians are fully trained & certified, and our insurance assistance program takes the hassle out of the claims process.  So just give us a call now for a free, no obligation estimate!


Need it repaired fast?


24-7-emergency-serviceIf so, we’re the right call!  We specialize in providing emergency Erie water damage restoration services that you can count on when disaster strikes.  We answer your call, no matter when you pick up the phone, and can dispatch help to your property immediately.  Moving quickly is a must, so make the call!

We provide emergency restoration services – 24/7!


black-mold-wet-basementWhy is moving quickly so important to your home? There are quite a few reasons, but the most important, in terms of your health and your wallet, is the growth of black mold where the water intrusion has occurred. Most people understand that black mold will grow if their home remains wet, but very few realize how quickly that happens. Within 2 days of flooding, you can typically expect to see the begin signs of a mold problem, and if you wait another 48 hours, you’ve usually got a huge mess on your hands. And to complicate things, insurers can deny legitimate water damage claims (or at least the expensive portion of the claim) if there is black mold. That’s why you can’t wait to call for help!


Want to know the cost upfront?


photo_free_estimatesCall now and we’ll be happy to provide you a free estimate!  Whether it’s a flooded basement or an office building that has standing water in it, our process is the same.  Our project manager will come out to take measurements and moisture readings, and then provide a free estimate for the work necessary to fix things!

We always provide you with a free quote!


XactimateHow does the estimating process work and where you do you get your prices from? This is a question we get from almost everyone that calls, so we’ll explain here how it works and what you should expect. If you’re still curious, watch the video below! Within the water damage restoration service industry, pricing is universal. In other words, we all use the same prices for any work required. Why? Because most of our work is covered by an insurance policy and paid for by your insurer. As such, they got together and set prices for the work we do. So when we are quoting your Erie PA home water damage cleanup services, we do so using the same software that your insurer will use. So there should never be much, if any, differences in price between multiple water damage companies.


Need comfort knowing the work will be done right?


satisfaction-guaranteeOne of the problems with needing emergency water restoration services is that you need to make a decision quickly.  Unlike other services where you can shop around, you really need to move quickly if there’s water damage.  So we make this guarantee: choose us and we’ll guarantee your complete satisfaction!

Call us and your worries will be taken care of!


We can handle the messiest sewage back-up!


cautionBlack water losses that involve raw sewage represent the greatest danger to you and your family and should always be professionally mitigated.  We also provide emergency sewage cleaning services to get out any raw sewage, clean, disinfect, and fully dry out the affected area so no one gets sick from the harmful pathogens in sewage.

Let us handle your sewage damage emergency!


Approved to handle any insurance claims!


bill-directIf you’ve already called your adjuster, they’ve asked you to get a quote from a reputable restoration company…that’s us!  And if you haven’t called them call us first!  We are approved as a flood restoration company by all insurers, meaning we can work with them on your claim & bill them for our cleanup services.

Call us – we’re insurance-approved!


insurance-claim-formWill my loss be covered? Not necessarily, so it’s always a good idea to call us before you call your insurer. Why? Insurers don’t always look out for you, or at least not as much as they look out for their bottom line. When it comes to filing a water damage claim, insurers will look for any reason they can to deny the claim or lessen the total amount of the loss. Remember, the prices for our work are already set, so it’s our job to do the water damage repair service ethically (meaning only doing work that is necessary) and then we bill them according to their rates. If you call and assume they are going to do the right thing by you, you could be in for a sad surprise.


We can dry out most things – just call!


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgAs a water removal company, our goal is always to try and save the original aspects of your home.  We have special equipment that allows us to save many things that most restoration companies would probably replace.  Our goal is to cause as little disruption to your life as possible, so give us a call so we can show what we can do!

Full service water mitigation help is just one call away!


What does a water damage company actually do?


Great question! We’re so glad you asked. In our industry, there are 3 types of Erie PA water restoration companies. One just does the water mitigation service, meaning they remove the moisture and disinfect the property. Another does the reconstruction or build back process. Occasionally, a company will do both. But to see for yourself what the process looks like of repairing home water damage and restoring your property to its former glory, watch the video below:


If you live in Erie and have experienced a disaster, we’re here to help. Whether it’s a sewage back-up that needs to be cleaned out, or you have a flooded basement, we have crews available that can help get your Erie home or office completely restored.

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