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flood-damage-companyGetting fast & affordable water cleanup & repair services throughout the Lancaster area has never been easier!  With just one phone call, we can dispatch a local crew to your property to provide you with a free on-site estimate.  Should you choose to have the work done, you’ll find comfort knowing that work is guaranteed!  So call today if your basement flooded or you have standing water anywhere on your property!


Need it done fast?  We’re there in minutes!


24-7-emergency-serviceWhether the flooding damage just occurred or happened awhile ago and you just noticed, the next steps are the same: you need a professional restoration company to assess & mitigate the loss immediately.  So when you call, it’s always considered an emergency to us & we immediately dispatch a project manager to your property!

24/7 emergency service & rapid response guaranteed!


black-mold-2When any type of water damage happens in your property, it sets off a chain of events that if not dealt with, will lead to black mold quickly. Mold is present in every home and in every environment. At low and safe levels, it’s perfectly normal, but when it becomes elevated, it can make you sick. Your home has all of the ingredients for black mold damage except moisture. So when that moisture is introduced, black mold takes off. How quickly? Usually within 2 days of your loss. That means you don’t have a lot of time to get the situation rectified!


Get a free water damage restoration estimate!


photo_free_estimatesIt’s impossible for any Lancaster PA emergency restoration company to provide you with a firm estimate over the phone.  Instead, you can call and schedule a free, in-home estimate so that our project manager can visually assess the damage, take moisture readings, and determine the appropriate water damage restoration plan!

Don’t delay – call for a free quote now!


What does it mean to get an estimate? The estimating process in our industry is much different than in others. First, all water damage companies use the same pricing structure, and in fact use the same software to estimate your loss (Xactimate). Second, when we initially assess the loss, we take measurements and give our best guess as to what needs to be done and the accurate price associated with our best guess. But in reality, as work begins, we catalogue everything we do in Xactimate and it tallies the appropriate cost, which we then submit to your insurer. Watch this video to see how it works:


We prevent mold from growing!


cautionBlack mold is never something you want to find growing in your property.  From the potential health problems to the guarantee sky-high prices in removing it, it’s just not something ever want to deal with.  If you’ve experienced a water loss that has soaked your property, call us now so we can fix it before mold grows!

We use certified mold prevention techniques!


Restoration service that is a cut above the rest…


checklistAll techs are drug-free, screened, insured & certified.

Unlike some water restoration companies in Lancaster that are only interesting in hiring the cheapest labor despite clear signs they shouldn’t be in customer homes, we rigorously screen all technicians to make sure they’re safe and that they can do the work effectively.


satisfaction-guaranteeAll mitigation & repair work is guaranteed.

Whether you have a flooded basement that requires sewage cleanup or you have water in your walls, our commitment to you is the same: you will be 100% satisfied with every aspect of our service to you.  Our work isn’t complete until you’re completely satisfied with it!


bill-directOur bill is sent to the insurance adjuster – not you!

If your loss is like most other homeowners in that it is covered by insurance, you don’t have to call them first.  In fact, you should call us first because 1) we’re the company that gets the problem fixed (not them) and 2) we can handle your claim & bill them directly for our emergency services!


How our Lancaster water damage company get your property dry…


Most people have no idea how the actually process of drying out and restoring a home works. A lot of times, they think they can handle the process and 100% of the time, they end up creating a bigger mess than they had to start with. As you will see in the video below, it’s an involved process that requires a lot of equipment and skill. If you are at all considering performing the water damage process yourself, we really hope you will watch the video below before you decide to roll up your sleeves.


Finding water damage in homes


When it comes to spotting moisture, the task is not something an ordinary person is able to do. In fact, some water damage contractors can’t do it well, whether it’s because of a lack of training or they have bad or outdated equipment. If the initial assessment isn’t able to properly discover all the moisture spots and areas where the water has travelled, then the water damage repair process is doomed from the beginning because they won’t know where to dry. If those un-discovered areas never get dry, you get black mold. Take a look at the image below…can you see what would happen if you tried to figure out on your own where moisture lies?



Not sure where to turn if you’re dealing with a water of flood emergency in Lancaster? If so, please call us now! We offer Lancaster residents and businesses turnkey restoration services that get you back on your feet fast. No matter how big or small, our Lancaster restoration companies can quickly and affordably restore your home or office fast!

We have helped hundreds if not thousands of people recover from home water damage and we have everything necessary to handle your project. Whether it’s just a small room with wet carpets, or your entire basement flooded from a sewage backup, our trained and friendly staff can help you get back on your feet and put this situation behind you for good!

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