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flood-damage-companyWhen it comes to Pittsburgh restoration services, no one is more prepared to help get your property fully restored than us. We have crews standing by 24/7 to help when you’ve faced a flood or sewage back-up emergency. So if you’re faced with an crisis, and need immediate Pittsburgh restoration services, call now for a rapid response and a free, onsite consultation & estimate.  If you choose us, we can begin work immediately and you can rest easy knowing you’re well on your way to getting things back to normal!


Make the right call…we’ll respond immediately!


24-7-emergency-serviceWe know the problems flood damage can cause firsthand.  All too much, we get called out days after the event, at which point a lot more work needs to be done to get the home fixed.  But if you call quickly, we can provide a fast response and help save you time and money by getting the problem fixed quickly!

Call now and we’ll immediately dispatch help!


Before picking a company, let us provide a free quote!


photo_free_estimatesOur restoration service rates are extremely competitive.  In fact, we use the same estimating software, called Xactimate, that other water damage restoration companies use, meaning the price should be pretty much the same.  So please, before you choose a provider, give us a call & let us give you a free estimate!

Call today & get a no obligation cost estimate!


What makes our restoration company different?


satisfaction-guaranteeMuch of the work we do is covered by insurance, meaning they pay us.  Because of that, many other restoration companies in Pittsburgh begin to think that the customer is the insurance company and not you.  We know you’re the customer, and getting your home restored to your complete satisfaction is our top priority.

We guarantee that you’ll be happy with our work!


Our service doesn’t stop once we leave!


1-yr-warrantyNot only do we provide you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee at the time of our services but we also go the extra mile to make sure you know we’ll stand behind our work once we leave.  It’s why we offer a ‘best-in-trade’ 1 year full warranty for any basement flood cleanup or other restoration work that we do!

Get peace of mind with a 1 year full warranty!


We dry out properties fast before mold grows!


Out_of_date_clock_icon.svgAnytime a water event has occurred within a property one of the biggest threats is black mold formation.  It’s why time is so important, and moving quickly to mitigate the loss is so crucial.  We arrive fast and have all of the necessary equipment to quickly extract water and begin the drying process before mold takes root!

Don’t end up with black mold – call us now for immediate help!


We offer help with your insurance claim!


bill-directIf you’ve already filed a claim with your insurer or are planning on filing claim to be reimbursed for the cost of water removal services, please give us a call.  We can help work with the adjuster during your claim or we can invoice our services directly to the insurance company instead of you paying upfront!

Ask about our direct-to-insurance billing options!


Water Damage Restoration 101


One big role we play is that of an educator.  Making sure that from the very first minute that we speak to the final handshake, we’ve communicated things to you, made sure your questions were answered in a timely fashion, and that you are informed.  Ultimately, that to us is the sign of exceptional water damage services in Pittsburgh.  So to help begin the educating process, here’s some things we thing you should know before you even call…


You get to decide what restoration company to hire – not your insurer.


contractor-customerDespite what you might think, when it comes to cleaning up water damage, you get to choose who you want to do that work just like you would any other service.  The only difference is who is typically paying for it.  If the source of the flooding is within your home (meaning it didn’t come from outside snow melt or rain water), then if you have homeowners insurance you’re probably covered!

That said, if you call your insurance company first they are probably going to tell you to call whatever water damage company has agreed to charge them the lowest rate possible (in exchange for the referrals they send their way).  When it comes to water damage restoration, do you really trust the company that charges the lowest amount?  We think that’s a recipe for disaster, and hope that you’ll make the decision that is best for you.

It’s your home, you deserve to have a Pittsburgh water mitigation company that is there to serve you, not your insurer!


The prices are set in stone so you don’t need to shop around.


You’d be surprised how the pricing system works within our industry.  Unlike other industries, the service providers don’t actually get to determine how much they charge. So while you may get 10 wildly different quotes if you need a plumber (because each plumber gets to choose what they want to charge), when you need a water damage contractor they’re all going to be working off the same price sheet.

XactimateIn fact, it’s not a price sheet at all but rather a system called Xactimate that allows us to simply enter into the software the amount of flooding damage and the steps that need to be taken in order to fix everything (example, 12 linear feet of baseboard removed, 3 air movers and 1 dehumidifier running for 3 days, etc.) and it will calculate the price using what insurance companies have already agreed to pay.

What that means for you is that if you are hiring a reputable water restoration company, then you can be certain the pricing will be competitive and that they will be able to work directly with your insurer to make sure the claim is settled correctly.

Watch this video to learn how the estimating process works for water damage services:


You have about 48 hours until mold starts growing.


black-moldThere are quite a few things that you should be concerned about when it comes to water damage, but nothing more pressing the black mold.  The speed at which it grows, the risk to your health, as well as the amount of resources (and costs) that go into removing it make it public enemy #1 in the water damage repair space.  At RestorationEze, we understand the extent to which toxic mold can ravage your home, so it’s something we work diligently to prevent.

But the reality is if you don’t move quickly and hire a certified water mitigation company immediately after the flooding, you will get black mold.  In fact, with 48-72 hours, you’re pretty much assured you’ve got mold.  So please do not delay, call us if your property has just taken on water so that we can make sure the loss stops there!


Here is what the water damage cleanup service typically looks like.

What do we actually do?  Great question, glad you asked!  We can’t say for sure what the appropriate water mitigation plan is for your property without actually surveying the loss, but we have created this video to at least help you get a better sense for what we do:


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