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sewage-damage-containmentWater, fire or mold damage can be a very serious thread to your safety. With water and fire, the structural integrity of your property could be weakened causing it to collapse. With mold, spores can cause a series of health issues that can be difficult to treat. Whatever the disaster, it should always be addressed by a certified Columbia restoration company. At RestorationEze, our technicians are the best in the business and we have the resources to respond to your call immediately and can be at your home or office within 1 hour of your call, if not sooner!


Call us for all of your water or fire damage cleanup needs!


Property disasters can take a heavy toll.  Physically, the damage can seem too much to deal with.  While we understand what you are experiencing, we also can not stress enough that the flooding damage to your property can be fixed and we can get your home or business back to its original state.  We handle these types of events daily and have everything necessary to mitigate the loss cost-effectively and quickly.


Be certain you’re getting a fair estimate!


Free_EstimatesWe use Xactimate to quote your loss.  Why should that matter to you?  Because it means the estimate is always calculated using costs accepted by insurance companies who are usually the party paying for our service.  When it comes to getting water damage restoration services, you always want to make sure the estimate is generated using Xactimate so that you know it’s a fair rate that will be accepted by your insurance company once the claim is filed!

Watch this quick video to find out why a RestorationEze water damage estimate can be trusted:


Want to learn how we mitigate water damage?


IICRCS500When it comes to emergency restoration services, there aren’t a thousand ways to skin a cat.  Within our industry, any reputable water damage company should be following the IICRC S500 manual which lays out the appropriate protocols for any situation we might run into.  But for far too many restoration contractors in Columbia, the S500 is an after-thought.  With us, it’s the basis for everything we do.

One thing every mitigation contractor will tell you is that every job is unique.  It isn’t the case that the same equipment and process will work for every job.  So while that means each job requires a unique approach, there are some aspects of water damage cleanup services that you can usually expect.

In the video below, we highlight the main steps taken during a water mitigation job:


We can help you through the insurance claim – don’t call your adjuster!


costs of restorationBecause most water and fire losses are covered by an insurance policy, most people’s initial step is to call their adjuster.  While you certainly might want to bring your insurer into the fold, doing so at the very beginning of the process can be a mistake for a couple of reasons:

1) It can result in delays which put you at risk and increase the amount of water damage. Your adjuster might not be available to help you for a couple of days. They can take a while to get you a claim leaving you in a position of living in a home that isn’t safe to be in while your home suffers more damage.

2) They might refer you to a restoration company that has agreed to charge the lowest possible rate for their services.  You’ve heard the term ‘you get what you pay for’?  In this case, you get to live with the results of shoddy work while the insurance company pays as little as possible for your claim.

So call us first and let us make sure your insurance claim is handled correctly and that you receive the best possible service!

If you live in Columbia and have a water, flood or fire damaged property and aren’t sure where to turn, please call us now! We specialize in rapid emergency responses to any Columbia disaster. Whether it’s a flooded basement or backed-up sewage, our Columbia restoration company has seen it all! Call us now for a free Columbia restoration quote and an immediate response!

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