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flood-damage-companyWater damage losses occur on average once every 11 years for a property.  So while it’s rare, it actually represents the single largest category of insurance claims.  This means that you might be dealing with it for the first time, but we deal with it every day.  Call us and you don’t to worry about the work being done right or the price being competitive.  We guarantee all work and the quote is always free!


We hope you’ll choose us for your emergency restoration needs…


When speed counts, we’re ready to help!


24-7-emergency-serviceA speedy response to your call isn’t a bonus…it’s a requirement.  But all too often there are water damage companies in Greenville that can’t make that happen.  That means you’re often left at their mercy without any clarity as to when help will arrive.  But choose us and we’ll be there within 20-60 minutes ready to cleanup water damage!

Emergency services & fast response are guaranteed!


toxic-moldWhy is a quick response so important? When it comes to home water damage, the worst possible outcome is the response is delayed and the home gets a bad mold problem. This is virtually assured if you try the water cleanup process yourself, or you wait a couple of days to get the work done. When this happens, it gives toxic mold spores the time they need to grow. When that happens, the cost of the cleanup process skyrockets and the time it takes to get things fixed grows considerably. Not only that, there is the potential your insurer won’t pay for the work to be done as they don’t cover mold issues.


Don’t get bamboozled – our rates are honest & affordable!


photo_free_estimatesWhen you call us we’ll send out a project manager and field technician to perform a complete assessment of the flooding damage repair services needed.  We price our rates using Xactimate, which is used by all insurers.  It gives you confidence that the total cost we’re quoting is fair to you & the insurance company!

Free estimates – there’s no pressure, just an honest price!


Don’t worry about getting the right price for any mitigation services you may need when you call us. While there are some Greenville water damage contractors out there that don’t use the proper pricing systems to estimate their loss, all of our technicians are trained to quote losses using Xactimate. This guarantees that the price we quote is totaled using accepted insurance rates and that we’re never trying to price gouge or otherwise charge an un-acceptable rate for our services. Still not sure how it works? Watch the video below!


Unqualified technicians need not apply here!


CertificateIconGreat emergency water cleanup services start with the people providing them.  We’re simply not going to let someone into your property that we wouldn’t trust in ours.  That’s why everyone goes through random drug screens and background checking.  And of course you can rest easy knowing they’re insured & certified to do the work.

We’re only as good as our people…and they’re awesome!


Don’t choose a company that is not certified!


checklistGiven the urgency required during the flood cleanup process, you’re left with no choice but to pick a company quickly.  Sometimes that can come back to bite you, unfortunately.  Never choose a restoration company that isn’t IICRC certified.  If they haven’t done the proper training, then they are not the right choice!

Our providers are IICRC certified water damage specialists!


iicrc-logoWe really can’t stress this enough. If you pick a restoration company that doesn’t certify their technicians, you’re really rolling the dice. And that’s not to say you’re going to get the outcome you want and deserve even if you pick a certified company, but going with a non-certified company virtually guarantees there are going to be problems. Our industry, like all industries, is in a constant state of change, with new research, information, and technologies radically changing how we do things and why. Without maintaining the proper certifications, it’s virtually impossible to keep up with these changes and continue to provide competent service to customers!


100% insurance billing is available!


bill-directWhether it’s sewage removal services we’re offering after a backed-up sewer line overflows, or any other water loss, the majority of incidents are covered by homeowners insurance.  So if that’s the case for you, make us, not your adjuster, the first call.  We can cleanup the mess and bill them for the work that we do.

Don’t be bothered with the claim process – let us handle it!


What is covered and what isn’t?


insurance-claim-formWithin the insurance realm, water damage claims are the largest single claim type they see, and it paying out losses represents a massive chunk of their expenses. As such, insurers are less than enthusiastic when it comes to getting a call for water damage. But ultimately you have an insurance policy and they’re obligated to honor that policy. So what’s usually covered? It really depends on the policy, and whether or not you have additional riders on your policy, but a typically policy covers the following event:

A sudden water loss in which the source is within the property’s walls.

What could that include? Pretty much any type of loss you could encounter, from an accident where you left a sink or bathtub running and it overflowed, to an incident where a supply line to a toilet, washing machine, or other appliance malfunctioned and leaked. Pretty much any type of home water damage in Greenville in which the damage is sudden and immediately recognizable.

water-heater-corrosionWhat wouldn’t it include? Slow leaks and instances where they decide you should have prevented the loss. Negligence, in their minds, is when you should have replaced a system long before it caused the water damage you’re asking them to pay for. Was your loss a result of an appliance that is long past it’s expiration date? You could be at risk of a denied claim.

What can you do to ensure the best outcome with your insurance claim? Before you call your insurer, call a certified emergency water damage cleanup company that can assess the loss first. When it comes to dealing with your adjuster, the absolute best thing you can do is make sure you have a knowledgeable expect in your corner and advocating for you!


If you live in Greenville long enough, chances are your home or office will experience a disaster that requires professional help. Our Greenville restoration professionals are fully licensed, insured & certified to provide the highest level of Greenville disaster restoration services, no matter how much damage has been done!

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